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The Most Stylish And Best Nike Hiking Boots (Review)


You love hiking and now, you are looking for a great pair of hiking boots. One of your favorite footwear brands is Nike. Whenever it’s time to find a new pair of shoes for running, jumping rope, or lifting weights, the first thing you do is look for a pair of Nike shoes because you know they are one of the best. However, is that true for Nike hiking boots? And if it is, which Nike hiking boots should you buy and why?

In the following article, I discuss what makes a great hiking boot and whether Nike hiking boots fit the mark. Next, I highlight the 3 best Nike hiking boots and discuss each of their pros and cons. By the time you finish reading this article, you should have a good idea of whether those cool looking Nike boots are worth your hard-earned money or not.

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Are Nike Hiking Boots Good?

The short answer is “yes”, but Nike hiking boots would be most appropriate for easier hikes in moderate temperatures than more intense and longer ones in cold weather.

Nike also makes Nike hiking shoes which are also an excellent option. Please see The 7 Coolest And Best Nike Hiking Boots.

Nike Hiking Boots

Nike Xarr

What Are The Features?

  • Deep thick tread for excellent traction and grip on most terrains.
  • Gusseted tongue keeping stones and grit out of the boot.
  • Durable metal eyelets for lacing.
  • Raised rand around the sole and upper junction.
  • Water-resistant leather upper.
  • High lacing and ankle support. 

What Is Missing?

  • Gore-Tex – the trademark waterproof membrane that wicks sweat away from feet and gives breathability and comfort. 
  • Simple lacing system for quick on and off.
  • Crampon ready soles.
  • Thermal insulation

Are They Good Hiking Boots?

Yes, the Nike Xarr are good hiking boots. 

The Nike Xarr is part of “the10th” collection in honor of the Tenth Mountain Division of the United States Army. Bill Bowerman, one of Nike’s co-founders, served in this regiment. This rugged boot with a full-grain leather upper in brown and olive green looks and feels like a typical mountain boot. 

It has some Nike fashion details – a double row of metal eyelets, a swoosh on the heel, and  “the10th” marking on the tongue.

This Nike hiking boot is a fashionable boot that is comfortable and functional for hiking in cool temperatures. It’s available in men’s and women’s sizes.

Nike Manoa 

What Are The Features?

  • Mesh lining inside the upper promotes breathability and foot comfort.
  • Padded ankle collar gives comfort for long distance walking.
  • Gusseted tongue (incorporates folds) keeps grit and pebbles out of the boot.
  • Trail specific outsole pattern gives traction on rough terrain.
  • Metal eyelets protect the lacing holes from wear and lets you lace tight for a good fit.
  • Raised rand around the sole and upper junction to improve weatherproofness.
  • Double-stitched reinforced heel cup and a reinforced toe box with toe bumper for support and abrasion resistance. 

What Is Missing?

  • Crampon ready soles.
  • Thermal insulation. 

Are They Good Hiking Boots?

Yes, the Nike Manoa are good hiking boots.

These Nike hiking boots look like a traditional hiking boot with the added plus of Nike’s “sneaker” comfort. In particular, it has a phylon midsole giving the boots a light and bouncy cushioning.

The Nike Manoa has fewer Nike fashion points than other Nike products, but the understated swoosh along the boots’ sides fits neatly with the construction and gives it a cool look.  

The boots come in several shades of black or brown. A limited number of women’s sizes are also available. 

The Nike Manoa is a solid, full-grain leather boot suitable for summer hiking or light snow. It has all the hiking boot features that you would want and is a comfortable walking boot.

It would not be the best choice for bouldering or as a mountain climbing boot, but this boot is good enough for most hiking trails

Nike Air Max

What Are The Features?

  • Lug pattern on the rubber outsole gives a good grip.
  • Full-grain leather upper is durable, waterproof, and easy to maintain.
  • Padded ankle collar for support.
  • Metal eyelets for secure lacing.
  • Gusseted tongue keeps debris out of the boot.
  • Raised rand is typical of hiking boots. 

What Is Missing?

  • Breathable membrane – ventilation is provided by perforations that can also let in water. 
  • Thermal insulation.
  • Crampon ready soles. 

Unusual Feature

  • An air max system running the whole length of the sole –  good for foot comfort. 

Are They Good Hiking Boots?

Maybe not.

Nike Air Max looks like a traditional hiking boot and has many qualities that would make it a good hiking boot.

However, many users have complained that these Nike hiking boots are not durable. Specifically, the sole may have a tendency to separate with the upper after a short period of wear, and that is not something that you want a couple of miles into a trek. 

These boots are comfortable and stylish for leisurewear and working, but there are better Nike hiking boots offering similar features without the durability concern.  

Buyer’s Guide To Nike Hiking Boots

The Story Behind Nike Hiking Boots

Nike, named for the winged goddess of victory, with its trademark swoosh and practical slogan – “Just do it”- ranks as one of the top branded products in the world. If you are active in any sport, there is a high probability that you own some Nike items. 

Nike started in 1971 with running shoes and quickly rose to fame with their athletic shoes gracing the feet of champion athletes worldwide.


Because Nike produces excellent shoes with amazing style. Nike consistently:

  • Adopts early the best new technology available;
  • Focuses on quality with premium materials like full-grain leather;
  • Gives value for money with durability;
  • Designs shoes that perform with flex and support;
  • Builds-in comfort for footwear that pampers feet; and
  • Sets the standard for style for good-looking and desirable footwear. 

Nike spread its wings and expanded into hiking boots in the 1980s. However, hiking is very different from running. So, are Nike hiking boots any good?

What Is Different About Hiking Boots?

Hiking boots are more rugged than street boots and depending on the type of hiking you do, will need a lot more features than other type of boots or shoes. 

If you stick to well-managed, civilized, wheel-chair friendly trails, any decent, comfortable boot or shoe will give you a relaxing walk.

On the other hand, hardcore hiking boots will let you leap across rocks like a mountain goat, cross rough terrain without slipping, splash through streams, and tackle wet rocks, all the while protecting you from injuries and keeping your feet comfortable and blister-free.  

Sounds like a tall order?

It is.

Nike hiking boots

What Are The Key Features Of A Great Hiking Boot?

The best hiking boots feature many of these qualities:

  • Ankle support with high tops and lacing.
  • Plenty of cushioning around the ankle and high impact areas for protection and comfort.
  • Structure and support to make sure heel stays aligned and foot flexes naturally
  • Stiff uppers to protect your feet from rough surfaces.
  • Rubber soles with tread and traction for grip on different surfaces. 
  • Stiff soles for crampons (if mountaineering or heading into winter conditions)
  • Waterproof membrane for dry and comfortable feet.
  • Gusseted tongues to keep grit and stones out of the boot. 
  • Metal eyelets for durability and secure lacing. 
  • Raised buffer (rand) between the sole and the upper to deflect stones away from the boot. 

Which Ones Do You Need?

When trying to figure out exactly what you might need out of a hiking boot, you will need to consider a number of factors.

  • Your hiking season – Summer hiking and the hiking boots that you need are different from winter hiking.
  • Your choice of terrain – Easy going hikes along well laid out forest paths will require less technical hiking boots than more challenging hikes up rocky and steep inclines.
  • Frequency and duration of use – More intense hiking will wear out boots faster if they are not durable for the type of hiking you are doing.
  • Your feet – Everyone is different and has unique footwear needs which may mean one feature in a hiking boot is more important than another. 

Serious hiking boots are a breed apart from casual footwear, even ones that are designed with hiking in mind. Accordingly, it is very important to properly assess exactly what you hope to do with these Nike hiking boots before deciding if they will work for you.

nike hiking boots

Final Thoughts On Nike Hiking Boots

Nike makes excellent footwear for an active life. They research and adopt fresh new technologies that create footwear that is functional and aim for peak performance.

At heart, Nike is a leader in producing athletic shoes, but not hiking boots. If you are a fan of Nike, there are Nike hiking boots that function well for light to moderate hiking in temperate weather. 

However, If you are a passionate and committed hiker looking for challenging trails and environments, you probably would prefer other manufacturer’s hiking boots whose main focus is to produce the best hiking boots for all situations.

Still, if you are looking for a pair of spare boots for evening and leisurewear, you’ll be comfortable and, of course, look good in some Nike hiking boots. If per chance, you also find yourself going on a spontaneous hike, they should also do the trick. 


  • What an excellent review, I appreciate that you look at the key features of a good hiking boot, and also differentiate between was is needed for summer or winter hikes, and for those along easier paths compared to hardcore treks. I didn’t know Nike had any hiking boot products, so I was happy to learn more.

    • Thank you. It surprised me that Nike makes hiking boots but once I saw the designs and how well they function, I fell in love with them.

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