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The 7 Most Sleek and Versatile TUMI Backpacks


Tumi makes outstanding and practical bags for the discerning traveler and businessperson. But is a Tumi backpack worth the premium price? Does a Tumi laptop bag or Tumi laptop backpack perform better than the competition?

The simple answer is “Yes, absolutely”.

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What Makes a Tumi Backpack Different?

A Tumi backpack incorporates dozens of its own innovations, designs, and processes to create an outstanding and practical bag. Tumi has over 125 patents registered and continues to develop more.

For the money, it is remarkable what you get in each Tumi backpack.

How The Reviews Are Organized

In the following article, I highlight 7 Tumi backpacks, all of which are classified as a Tumi laptop bag, Tumi laptop backpack, or a Tumi computer bag. Nevertheless, each one of them has various pockets, compartments, and other features that make them fantastic for many different uses.

Each Tumi backpack is beautifully stylish and can be used to store your computer and important business documents, personal items for a casual walk around town, or clothes for a weekend business or pleasure trip.

The order in which I discuss each Tumi laptop bag is from the smallest and least expensive to the largest and most expensive. Regardless, each Tumi laptop backpack is under $500. At every level, it is amazing what each Tumi backpack offers to the businessperson, or the business or casual traveler.

Features Of The Best Tumi Laptop Bag

After each of the seven Tumi backpacks is discussed, I provide a buyer’s guide to help you understand the different features that you may find in the best Tumi laptop bag, best Tumi laptop backpack, or best Tumi computer bag. Some of them are standard features while others may only be found in certain Tumi backpacks. Nevertheless, this buyer’s guide should help you decide what key features are important to you regardless of the manufacturer you ultimately choose.

The Best Tumi Backpack

Voyageur Dori

Tumi backpack women

Best features of this Tumi backpack?

  • Most affordable buy at under $250.
  • Padded adjustable straps.
  • Double zip entry points in several spots.
  • Monogram options.
  • Tumi tracing.
  • Dedicated phone pocket with a magnetic clasp.
  • Dedicated water-resistant water bottle pocket, suitable for an umbrella.
  • Black, brown, or red color options
  • Card pocket and leather key ring.
  • Sleeve on back to stack on luggage.
  • Plenty of secure pockets, both large and small, for accessories in addition to padded computer pocket. 
  • Lightweight at 1.2 lbs.
  • FXT ballistic nylon fabric with leather handles.

Why buy this Tumi laptop backpack?

This Tumi backpack is neat and stylish and can easily substitute for a purse with plenty of compartments for everything you need. For business, travel, or school purposes, you can fit a small laptop or tablet into the 12-inch laptop compartment. 

Despite its small size, you get all the Tumi features of multiple secure pockets, track and trace, monogramming (optional but free), and stacking with a small wheeled suitcase. 

Tumi Voyageur Dori is light, functional, and is the best Tumi backpack for everyday use or a weekend away. It’s an excellent Tumi laptop bag costing under $250 with all the great features of this high-end brand. 

Best Tumi Backpack – Voyageur Hartford

Tumi backpack women

Best features of this Tumi laptop bag?

  • Convenient double zip entry to major pockets. 
  • All pockets close securely.
  • Padded laptop section will accommodate a 13-inch screen.
  • Quick-access phone pocket closes with a magnetic fastening. 
  • Card and pen pockets with a detachable leather key ring.
  • Water-resistant pocket takes a water bottle or an umbrella, and you can access it from inside or outside the bag. A drainage hole takes care of any leaks or drips. 
  • Tumi Tracer for peace of mind.
  • Adjustable padded shoulder straps.
  • Durable nylon fabric with a leather top handle. 
  • Lightweight at 1.5 lbs
  • Comes in black nylon, black leather, and purple/black pattern
  • Includes a free monogram to the bag and the key tag.

Why buy this Tumi computer bag?

You can fit a larger laptop in this Tumi laptop bag or more of everything else. The Voyageur range of Tumi backpacks are lightweight (under 2lbs) but still give you all the Tumi design features: purpose-built pockets to accommodate your possessions, durable materials and construction, and adjustable padded shoulder straps that stay in place, letting you get on with your day. 

The Voyageur Hartford does triple duty as a smart business bag, purse substitute, or stylish Tumi backpack for a city break to soak up the sights and culture. 

Best Tumi Backpack – Voyageur Carson

Tumi backpack women

Best features of this Tumi backpack

  • Padded compartment for a 15-inch laptop and another compartment for a tablet or other daily essentials. 
  • Side-zip water-resistant pocket for a water bottle or compact umbrella.
  • Dedicated phone pocket with magnetic catch for quick access.
  • External sleeve for luggage stacking.
  • Multiple double zip compartments.
  • Locking zipper pulls on the front pocket for added security.
  • Monogrammable and detachable leather dangler/keyring.
  • Tumi tracer.
  • Lightweight at 1.55 lbs.
  • Lots of colors available.
  • Padded adjustable straps.

Why buy this Tumi laptop bag?

The Tumi Voyageur Carson is a smart Tumi laptop bag that accommodates a 15-inch laptop with ease. Despite the increase in size, it is still light (well under 2 lbs) and has all the standard Tumi secure pockets to make your life easier. It is one of the best Tumi backpack styles for the daily commute, taking you around the city to multiple meetings and packing up for some time at the gym, or an overnight stop for business or pleasure. 

Locking zipper pulls are a handy feature letting you secure documentation in an easy access pocket. There are pockets for your phone, cards, water bottle, and anything else you need to carry. The “add a bag” sleeve lets you stack your Tumi laptop backpack on top of a suitcase for easy maneuverability on a more extended trip. 

Note: For less expensive options in a Tumi backpack, opt for nylon versus leather material, and colors and patterns other than plain black.

Best Tumi Backpack – Alpha Bravo Sheppard

Tumi laptop bag

Best features of this Tumi laptop backpack

  • Ballistic nylon body with leather accents.
  • “Add a bag” external sleeve to combine with other luggage.
  • Plenty of external pockets and internal compartments.
  • Tumi Tracing.
  • Secure card pocket and detachable monogrammable key tag.
  • 15-inch laptop compartment plus an additional compartment for an iPad.
  • Weighs 3.2lbs – more durable, but heavier than other Tumi computer bags.
  • Comes in black, graphite/black, khaki/black, and grey/red.
  • Comfortable and adjustable straps.
  • Dedicated E-reader pocket.
  • Includes waterproof pocket with air vents for wet or damp items.
  • Back slip pocket with hidden magnetic snap
  • Accommodates lots of digital supplies and some clothing.

Why buy this Tumi computer bag?

You spend closer to the $500 budget with this backpack (in black), but you get a more robust construction, some leather, and a large bag, all of which is reflected in the increased weight.

The patented ballistic nylon is abrasion-resistant – handy for a bag that could see a lot of business and personal use. The compartments in this Tumi backpack reflect that most people carry multiple electronic devices when they travel for work or leisure. You get dedicated spaces for a laptop (15 inches), tablet, E-reader, and smartphone. 

There is plenty of room leftover in the Tumi Alpha Bravo Sheppard backpack for some personal essentials for a night or two away, and the waterproof pocket has many uses, from a water bottle to damp clothing after a trip to the gym. 

Best Tumi Backpack – Tumi Tahoe Westlake


Best features of this Tumi laptop backpack

  • Abundant external pockets, including an elasticated earbud pocket on the shoulder strap.
  • “Add a bag” sleeve on the back to stack on top of luggage.
  • Generous laptop internal pocket for a 15-inch laptop or a 16-inch MacBook.
  • Front and back slip pockets with magnetic snaps.
  • Multiple internal and external secure pockets and compartments, including 2 hidden front vertical-zip pockets.
  • Waterproof rain cover (plus reflective stripes) zips into the bottom pocket when not in use. 
  • Tumi Tracer.
  • Comes with two detachable zipper pull loops
  • Weighs 3.2 – durable but not ultra-lightweight. 

Why buy this Tumi computer bag?

You get all the standard Tumi backpack features with a rain cover that incorporates extra reflective strips – one of the best Tumi backpacks for the winter commute in dark rainy weather. The elasticated earbud pocket on the shoulder strap is a useful feature because it gives you quick access to this essential item without having to remove the backpack. 

You can get all your business or leisure supplies stowed away in this stylish Tumi backpack with plenty of room for personal items and clothes for a workout or a weekend getaway.

Best Tumi Backpack – Alpha Bravo London Roll

Tumi laptop bag

Best features of this Tumi backpack

  • Ballistic nylon, some models have leather accents. 
  • Roll-top gives extra room to pack enough clothes for a weekend break – however still secure from top zip closure. 
  • Plenty of useful external pockets.
  • Internal compartments accommodate a 15-inch laptop, iPad, and an E-reader. 
  • Zipped internal wall for more options.
  • Tumi Tracer.
  • Heavy at 4.2lbs, but more durable and large. 
  • “Add a bag” external sleeve for combining luggage.
  • Adjustable and padded shoulder straps.
  • Pocket with waterproof lining and an air vent to separate damp items. 

Why buy this Tumi laptop bag?

You pay more for this Tumi backpack, but you get the bonus of expanding the bag to fit in overnight clothing or gym kit as well as your standard business needs. The size and organizational structure of the Tumi Alpha Bravo London Roll mean that you don’t need to carry two bags on your commute when you have a busy day and night ahead – one bag does it all. 

You get compartments for multiple devices, and the roll-top closes with a robust zip for extra security when traveling. The best Tumi laptop bag for any businessperson or regular business traveler, it flexes to meet your storage needs. 

Best Tumi Backpack – Alpha 2 T-Pass Business Class


Best features for this Tumi laptop backpack

  • T-pass feature – you can leave your laptop inside your Tumi backpack while passing through security scanners. 
  • Plenty of external and internal pockets, including one for a water bottle and a ticket pocket.
  • “Add a bag” external sleeve for stacking multiple bags.
  • Good use of interior space – includes a padded compartment for a 15-inch laptop.
  • FTX ballistic nylon with embossed leather wrap carrying handles.
  • Tumi Tracer.
  • Heavier but durable construction at 3.95 lbs.
  • Adjustable and padded shoulder straps. 
  • Omega closure system – reduced risk of zipper damage and easy zipper pull replacement.
  • DuraFold (patent pending) corners – better durability and impact resistance.

Why buy this Tumi laptop bag?

This Tumi laptop backpack is a combination of an overnight backpack and business briefcase. The T-pass compartment is FAA compliant and saves you time going through security scanners by allowing you to leave your 15″ computer in your Tumi backpack when clearing security. However, you need to pay attention to correct bag packing to use it.

The high-end omega closure system provides extra security and protects your zippers from damage. In the event that the zipper snags on something, the zipper pull easily tears off while leaving the zipper intact.

The FTX ballistic nylon ( a Tumi patent) of the Alpha 2 T-Pass Business Class is super-resistant to abrasion and surface damage making this a durable and hardwearing Tumi backpack. 

Buyer’s Guide To The Best Tumi Backpack

You now know seven of the best Tumi laptop bags under $500 with all of the amazing and industry-leading Tumi features. It’s time to learn more about the Tumi product, their special features, and what makes them worth the premium price.

Tumi Backpack Materials

You can buy a Tumi leather backpack or a Tumi laptop bag created from recycled materials. Still, most people buy a Tumi laptop backpack with a combination of ballistic nylon and leather.

Ballistic nylon is a densely woven product developed by DuPont for the military. This fabric is exceptionally hardwearing and abrasion-resistant, almost to the point where it is abrasion proof.

Leather adds that luxury touch and allows personalization with a monogram.

Design Features Of The Best Tumi Laptop Bag

A Tumi backpack has carefully thought out and tested design features not normally found on less expensive bags. These include:

  • Multiple pockets with secure closing features like magnetic clasps or Omega closure systems (where a zipper pull detaches from the bag instead of the whole zipper) for your business or travel day. 
  • Dedicated quick-access phone pocket.
  • Versatile waterproof pockets with internal and external access for water bottles, damp clothing, or an umbrella. These pockets often feature drainage holes.
  • Articulated and padded shoulder straps (patented) with metal loop joint attachments keeping your straps in place on your shoulders. 
  • “Add a sleeve” – an external flap that fits over luggage handles so you can stack your bags together. 

Although a Tumi laptop bag can feature bright colors and patterns, most Tumi backpacks are dark blue, grey, or black. For the most part, Tumi focuses on an understated, functional product that lasts.  

Tumi T-Pass

This feature enables you to leave your laptop inside your Tumi computer bag while going through airport scanners – saving you time and hassle.  You don’t find this feature on every Tumi laptop backpack, but if you regularly have to clear security, this feature will help get you through with the minimum of fuss.

Tumi Tracing

Every Tumi backpack has a metal plate and a unique barcode with a 20-digit registration number. In the event you and your Tumi laptop bag are separated, Tumi can track and trace your bag. However, you need to register your Tumi computer bag before you can take advantage of this service. 

Tumi Laptop Bag Testing

A Tumi laptop backpack goes through a rigorous testing program – around 30 special tests to assess quality, durability, and safety.  Your Tumi laptop bag passes tests to ensure it is:

  • Safe to use.
  • Colorfast from cracking, water, sweat, and UV.
  • Resistant to oil, abrasion, and sea spray. 
  • Durable and well-constructed.

Every feature of your Tumi backpack, from the seams to the handles to the zips, is tested to confirm its performance limits so you can be confident that your Tumi laptop bag won’t let you down. 

Personal Touches

Tumi offers a free personalization service where you can monogram your initials on your Tumi backpack.

Customer Service

Tumi has a reputation for excellent customer service, and you can pop into any of its hundreds of outlets across the world for minor repairs to zips and handles. Tumi commits to maintaining their products for long and useful life. 

Ethical Values

Following a tour of duty with the Peace Corps in Peru, Charles Clifford founded Tumi in 1975 to produce high-quality luggage. Developing the Tumi laptop bag to meet mobile computing needs was a natural extension of the business. 

Tumi (named for a Peruvian sacrificial knife) remains committed to upholding ethical values like:

  • No child slavery or people trafficking.
  • Low carbon footprint.
  • Repair and recycle.
  • Giving back to good causes. 

Accordingly, you can confidently invest your money in a Tumi backpack without compromising your values. 

Who Buys A Tumi Backpack?

You don’t get a new Tumi backpack for under $200, so who buys a Tumi laptop bag when you can buy another one for under $30? Is it the name that attracts label snobs? 

Most people buy a Tumi backpack because they want a well-made, functional backpack that gives them decades of use and won’t let them down after a few months of use. When you look at the cost per year, a high-quality Tumi backpack is less expensive than a shorter-lived competitor and doesn’t take up space in a landfill. 

Tumi backpack fans include:

  • Businesspeople – A Tumi backpack fits your laptop, tablet, lunchbox, water bottle, and all your other business essentials. It lets you carry it efficiently and comfortably in a back-friendly way for your busy working day. 
  • Travelers – A Tumi backpack with multi-pockets is an essential travel companion. It fits neatly with your luggage (if necessary) or carries all your essentials for a short trip. 
  • Business traveler – If you get the right Tumi backpack, you can carry a change of clothing and your business supplies in one handy place designed to make your life easier. The track and trace system provides added security. 
  • Casual day out – All those useful pockets in a Tumi backpack make packing for an outing a breeze.

The best Tumi backpack provides a practical and functional way to carry all your necessary possessions for a personal or a business trip and gives you reliable service for years. 

Last Word About The Best Tumi Backpack

Tumi is generous with innovative features regardless of the size or cost of the bag. Most of the best features, whether you are looking at the modestly priced to the luxurious Tumi leather backpack with a $1000 plus price tag, are standard and exceptional.

Initially, the price tag may seem high, but balance that across the years of use and the excellent customer service, and the asking price is more than reasonable for the quality and features supplied. 

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