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11 Best Nike Walking Shoes For Comfort And Style (2023 Review)


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None of Nike walking shoes describe themselves as walking shoes – you see running shoes, trail runners, and athletic footwear. But what makes a walking shoe a walking shoe? Does what you call a thing matter? As the old saying goes, if it walks like a duck…  Not that the best Nike walking shoes will make you walk like a duck. 

The entire purpose of walking shoes is to protect and support your feet as you go about that natural activity of walking. Walking is the way humans get about, and we master the skill early on because our brains are hard-wired to get us on our feet and moving sometime before our second birthday. 

Then we put shoes on our feet, and the shoes we choose can either assist or hinder us in our walking ability. Different shoes serve various functions, all of which fall within the category of walking.

Table of Contents

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How The Reviews Are Organized

In the first section, I discuss the best Nike walking shoes for comfortable walking from sight-seeing in city streets or hiking along an exciting trail. I highlight the Nike technology found in each shoe and other important qualities that make it an ideal walking shoe for various environments and terrains.

In the Buyer’s Guide, I discuss in detail the different Nike technology found in Nike walking shoes so that you can fully appreciate what each offers to your walking experience.

Anyone walking on the most extreme trails in severe winter should always opt for a traditional hiking boot style, but Nike walking shoes suit a range of leisure walks from urban fitness to reasonably challenging trails. You match your needs to the Nike walking shoes that give you the performance you need for your walking type. 

Other Options

In the following article, you will discover that Nike walking shoes offer you a lot of sophisticated footwear technology, in addition to some exciting colors and styles. However, that is not to say that it will suit everyone.

If you have not found exactly what you are looking for, I would recommend the following:

  • 14 Best RYKA Walking Shoes – These walking shoes are specifically designed for the unique features of a woman’s foot. Most manufacturers’ footwear, including Nike, simply shrinks down a shoe designed for a man to a woman’s size. However, Ryka changes the design of its’ footwear to fit a woman’s foot.

You may also be interested in hiking shoes or boots. Several manufacturers make hiking shoes that fit below the ankle similar to a good walking shoe. They give additional structure and extra grip on the outersoles that may be better suited to your type of walking. If interested, please take a look at these:

Best Nike Walking Shoes For Casual Walking On Roads, City Streets, And Trails

Here are 11 of the best Nike walking shoes. Some are just for men or women, but most are unisex. That means they are either exactly the same and offered to both men and women but with different sizing, or the same style but in different color options and sizes.

In addition, some styles still offer sizes in earlier versions with only modest alterations. If they do, I have highlighted those. Sometimes, you might be able to find a good deal or they are offered in colors and patterns that make them different than the newer model. Please note the newer models may only be available on and the older versions may only be available on

Nike Flex Experience 11 For Men

Nike flex experience for men

Nike Flex Experience 11 For Women

Nike flex experience for women

The Nike Flex Experience 11 is the updated version of Flex Experience 10 (and the previously recommended Flex Experience 8 described below). 

What Is New For Nike Flex Experience 11?

  • Made from minimum 20% recycled material.
  • Flex grooves and less foam in outsole for more natural push off and lighter feel.
  • Mesh in the upper for a cooler and softer fit.
  • Lightweight cushioning in heel added.

What Was New For Nike Flex Experience 10?

  • Redesigned upper to give it a smart appearance suitable for casual wear. 
  • Stretchy material in the toe improves the already natural and comfortable foot feel. 
  • Enhanced durability with hard carbon rubber components strategically placed in the toe and heel area.
  • Phylon foam in the midsole for superior cushioning. 
  • Improved breathability with mesh panels over the toe and heel area.
  • Removable insole and enhanced arch support.
  • No-sew overlay over heel. 
  • Additional support in the midfoot area with a sewn reinforcing panel.
  • Padded tongue.
  • Tristar outsole cuts down on the impact of small stones lodging in the grooves and provides traction and grip. 
  • Metal eyelet reinforcing.

Nike Flex Experience 8 For Men

Nike walking shoes

Nike Flex Experience 8 For Women

Nike walking shoes

Best Features

  • Lightweight with combined midsole and outsole.
  • Knit fabric upper conforms to the foot for comfort and flexibility in movement.
  • No-sew overlay reinforces lace holes and toe tip.
  • Hexagonal, flexible grooves on the outsole give a natural barefoot foot movement with extreme flexibility. 
  • Flat, comfortable laces and a slight heel and toe rocker for smooth transmission in walking gait.


The Nike Flex Experience 10 and the earlier model, Nike Flex Experience 8, both offer a lot for a long day on your feet. A flexible sole allows you to walk as close to barefoot as possible while still retaining under sole cushioning and protection. They are lightweight because they combine the midsole and outsole cushion, thus reducing the amount of heavy rubber in the sole. You get a tread pattern that gives plenty of grip and a comfortable knit fabric upper in a range of colors to match your style.

These Nike sneakers are lightweight casual wear that lets you spend the day walking around town or in the park, running and playing around with your family.

As for the additional features offered in the Nike Flex Experience 10, they give you more style and comfort as an all-around activity sneaker for everyday use. These Nike walking shoes will take you sightseeing and on a trip to the gym. 

Best Nike Walking Shoes For All Terrains

Nike Wildhorse range of walking shoes continue to evolve and improve on an already excellent base.

Nike Wildhorse 8 For Men

Nike wildhorse walking shoes for men

Nike Wildhorse 8 For Women

Nike wildhorse for women walking shoes

Changes From The Nike Air Zoom Wildhorse 7

  • Midfoot saddle to secure foot to prevent torquing on uneven ground.
  • High abrasion rubber and mitton rubber on outsole for improved grip.
  • Rock plate added to heel to help cushion foot.

Nike Wildhorse 7 For Men

Nike wildhorse shoes for men

Nike Wildhorse 7 For Women

Nike wildhorse shoes for women

Changes From The Nike Air Zoom Wildhorse 5

  • Ditched the Air Zoom unit in favor of React Foam cushioning.
  • Improved breathability in the upper design.
  • The ankle collar hugs the foot to keep out trail debris.

Features Of These Nike Hiking Shoes

  • Rock plate in midsole to protect against sharp stones and other trail hazards. 
  • Multilayer mesh with flexible overlays combines breathability with targeted waterproofing. 
  • Skin overlays for durability.
  • Protruding lug pattern gives excellent grip on unstable surfaces and designed to shed mud.

Nike Air Zoom Wildhorse 5

Nike walking shoes

Best Features

  • Zoom Air heel cushioning for shock absorption.
  • Rock plate in midsole to protect against sharp stones and other trail hazards. 
  • Multilayer mesh with flexible overlays combines breathability with targeted waterproofing. 
  • Skin overlays for durability.
  • Protruding lug pattern gives excellent grip on unstable surfaces and designed to shed mud.


Nike walking shoes intended as trail runners are more robust and allow you to walk on more challenging trails with comfortable feet. The rock plate gives underfoot protection, protecting your underfoot from punctures found on mountain trails.

The deep lugs give you traction on an uphill or downhill trek and the multidirectional pattern allows them to shed mud and debris, thus keeping your feet light and retaining traction on slippery surfaces.

Replacing the Air Zoom units in the Nike Air Zoom Wildhorse 5 with React Foam in the Nike Wildhorse 7 shoes gives these walking shoes a bouncier and comfortable ride over all terrains. The improved breathable mesh upper keeps your feet cool, and the slick overlays provide strategic waterproofing.  Both of these are the best Nike walking shoes if you intend to tackle some difficult walks. 

Best Nike Walking Shoes For Long Walks On Hard Surfaces

The Nike Downshifter 12 has been released for both men and women and offers these changes to Nike Downshifter 11:

  • Made from a minimum 20% recycled materials.
  • Mesh throughout upper for cooling.
  • Midfoot fitband to secure foot with tighter laces.
  • More cushion in midsole that increases height and gives a softer landing.

Please see if interested in the latest edition of this popular model.

Nike Downshifter 11 For Men

Nike downshifter walking shoes for men

Nike Downshifter 11 For Women

Nike downshifter walking shoes for women

Best Features

  • Affordable, lightweight, and flexible for all-day comfort.
  • Soft foam cushioning.
  • Translucent window highlights mid-foot support. 
  • Durable rubber outsole curves up around the toe. 
  • Breathable mesh panels in the toe and heel area.
  • Comfortable flat laces.
  • Heel and toe rocker for smooth transitions.
  • Grooved outsole for flexibility and traction.


Nike classes the Downshifter 11 as an entry-level Nike road runner. You don’t get the high-tech React Foam, but the cushioning and support are more than adequate to keep you walking around all day. You benefit from Nike design with breathable panels and flexible soles at a considerable saving compared with other Nike walking shoes.

If you like to spend a lot of time on your feet, you may prefer to invest in two of these so you can alternate your shoes rather than one of the more expensive models. These Nike walking shoes are great for family activities and casual wear in the evening. 

Best Nike Walking Shoes For All Types of Walking

The Nike Air Zoom Terra Kiger 8 has been released for both men and women and offers these changes to Nike Air Zoom Terra Kiger 7:

  • Heel is locked in place for increased stability.
  • Multi-directional lugs in outer sole.
  • Air Zoom unit in the forefoot for additional cushioning and spring.

Nike Air Zoom Terra Kiger 7 For Men

Nike air zoom terra kiger for men

Nike Air Zoom Terra Kiger 7 For Women

Nike air zoom terra kiger for women

Best Features

  • Enhanced traction lugs for enhanced grip.
  • Air Zoom unit in the heel for additional cushioning combined with React Foam in the midsole. 
  • Padded tongue and flat laces for comfort as your feet get hot and swell.
  • Segmented rock plate (midfoot) gives underfoot protection and flexibility. 
  • Two-layer mesh upper (breathable) with overlays for additional support and targeted water – resistance. 
  • Deep angled lugs for traction.
  • High abrasion rubber in the outsole.
  • Sticky rubber pad in the midsole part of the outsole to improve traction on wet surfaces.
  • Seamless construction of the mesh upper with a dynamic fit that conforms to your foot shape.


Another example of trail running shoes making excellent Nike walking shoes because you get better traction and underfoot protection. Nike walking shoes that perform on rocky and slippery trails are equally at home in the more refined but equally punishing concrete jungle.

You get two of Nike’s best cushioning systems. First, an air pocket under the heel to cushion this vulnerable area. Next, a layer of shock-absorbing, energy-returning React Foam gives you all-day comfort wherever you choose to walk. The mesh uppers conform to the shape of your feet making sure that your feet adjust and stay comfortable on uneven terrain.

Best Nike Walking Shoes For Non-Challenging Surfaces

The Nike React Infinity 3 has been released for both men and women and offers these changes to Nike React Infinity 2, including the ability to “Design Your Own” on

  • Sole has unique rocker design to support your foot from heel strike, roll, and push off of toes.
  • Bottom is wider from more stability on contact.
  • Higher placed cushioning directly under foot to increase responsiveness.
  • Hybrid tongue combines sock-like feel with adjustability.
  • Padding along collar.
  • More rubber on outsole for durability.

Nike React Infinity 2 For Men

Nike low top walking shoes

Nike React Infinity 2 For Women

Nike low top walking shoes

Best Features

  • React foam cushioning for shock absorption and energy rebound.
  • Refreshed upper with Flywire support.
  • Flyknit upper provides breathability and a sock-like snug fit.
  • Flywire provides extra support and stability in the midfoot.
  • Strategically placed durable rubber on high wear areas in the outsole. 
  • Midsole shape is a smooth rocker for a smooth stride.
  • Wide midsole and stable heel ensure all-day comfort. 
  • Wide toe box.


These Nike walking shoes will allow you to walk all day for work or leisure, and your feet will stay supported and comfortable. They include Flywire technology which uses lightweight, flexible, and strong Vectran fibers in the upper to wrap around the foot at strategic points to provide additional support without excess weight. In addition, they supply a smooth walking gait with a heel-to-toe rocker movement and lots of supportive cushioning with a breathable upper.

These Nike walking shoes would not be ideal for challenging terrain. They do not have deep lugs on their treads, or any rubber overlays in the soft uppers to protect against abrasion.

Best Nike Walking Shoes For Walking On Road Surfaces Or Reasonable Trails

The Nike Pegasus 39 has been released for both men and women and offer an exceptional number of upgrades making them fantastic walking shoes. The changes to Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38, including the ability to “Design Your Own” on, include:

  • Lighter than Pegasus 38.
  • One more Zoom Air unit for extra responsiveness in your step.
  • Engineered mesh instead of regular mesh added which is stronger and more flexible for lightweight breathability.
  • Flywire technology added in midfoot band to secure foot for increased stability.
  • Nike Reach technology added to Air Zoom unit at forefoot and heel for increased cushion.
  • Redesigned heel to maximise landing.
  • Tongue separated from upper to adjust to different shape of feet.
  • Waffle outersole for excellent traction.
  • Grooves on rubber sole for more natural motion.

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38 For Men

Nike air zoom pegasus shoes men

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 38 For Women

Nike air zoom pegasus shoes women

Best Features

  • Zoom Air units in the heel and the forefoot.
  • Wide forefoot.
  • Enhanced breathability in the mesh upper.
  • Nike React Foam for enhanced shock absorption and energy return.
  • Added padding in the tongue. 
  • Mesh uppers with skin overlay for durability.
  • Deep outsole lugs for multi-surface traction.
  • Heel collar tapers away from your Achilles tendon, and the upper feels like it fits like a sock.


The combination of air pockets and React foam cushioning gives these Nike walking shoes a bouncy-walking-on-air feeling that reduces leg fatigue. The outsole lugs improve traction on wet and dry roads, but they don’t have the mud-shedding capabilities of a more aggressive trail runner.  

The mesh uppers allow airflow around your feet and the reinforcing overlays provide some water resistance in critical areas, so shallow puddles are not a deal-breaker. The upper drys out quickly, so a wet walk isn’t that much of a problem. Ideally, these are the best Nike walking shoes for reasonable trails and exploring the urban cityscape. 

Best Nike Walking Shoes For Casual Walking On Roads And Sidewalks

Nike Air VaporMax 2021 FK For Men

Nike Air VaporMax 2021 FK for men for best nike walking shoes

Nike Air VaporMax 2021 FK For Women

Nike Air VaporMax 2021 FK for women for best nike walking shoes

Best Features

  • Includes 40% recycled materials by weight.
  • Air cushioning (full length) provides lightweight support and bounce.
  • Supportive floating TPU cage around your foot.
  • Outsole features rubber pods in areas of maximum wear, increasing durability and traction.
  • 10 mm heel drop.
  • Whale-tail shank in the midsole for support against twisting.
  • Vintage style with modern cushioning.


In these Nike walking shoes, the pressurized nitrogen air pockets give you support under your heel and forefoot, and you experience the fast responsiveness of walking on air – a Nike trademark. 

The upper hugs the foot and feels warm and comfortable in use. You will pay upwards of $200 for a pair and for that, you won’t be taking them out on challenging trails. Still, these are stylish, comfortable, and ideal for exploring a new city all day on foot and then, enjoying some nightlife. 

Best Nike Walking Shoes On Hard Surfaces and Light Trails

There are two Nike walking shoes that give extra cushion and a lot of style for casual walking.

Nike Joyride For Women

Nike walking shoes

Best Features

  • Tiny foam beads in two sealed compartments under the heel and midfoot provide custom support and cushioning.
  • Extra cushion in the forefoot for comfort in roll through.
  • Breathable mesh upper promotes excellent airflow.
  • Durable rubber strategically positioned on the outsole at points of maximum wear. 
  • Heal and toe rocker for a natural gait. 
  • Visible windows to make the bead cushioning visible as a style feature.


The Nike Joyride cushioning is ideal for pampering tired legs and feet – the sensation is like walking on wet sand with custom support underneath. The flexible upper hugs your feet and gives you the comfort of wearing supportive Nike walking shoes that are light.

These Nike low top walking shoes are excellent for walking long miles, but the soft uppers are not protective against rough terrain. In addition, there isn’t any significant traction on the outsoles to deal with slippery or uneven ground so keep these Nike walking shoes for covering distance on city streets or civilized trails.

Jordan Delta 3

Nike walking shoes

Best Features 

  • Unique hand-crafted styling with multiple layers and technical materials.
  • React foam midsole for a comfortable ride and energy return.
  • Molded rubber guard on midsole keeps the mud on the ground and provides enhanced midsole support.
  • Strategic placing of different rubber pods on the outsole provides extra traction.


There are plenty of components on the upper which add stability and support to your foot around the heel, toe, and midfoot.  The outsole extends to the toe area providing additional abrasion resistance. The midfoot mudflap is supportive and helps keep the upper clean. 

The Jordan delta 2, despite being a style icon sneaker, is a durable and comfortable Nike low top walking shoe. Most reviews talk about the looks, the style, and the brand image, but this Nike walking shoe is comfortable, supportive, and a joy to wear. It will put a bounce in your step and a smile on your face. 

Best Nike Walking Shoes For Casual Summer Walking

If you are looking for comfortable, no-nonsense affordable Nike walking shoes, then these are the ones for you.

Nike Tanjun For Men

Nike low top walking shoes for men

Nike Tanjun For Women

Nike low top walking shoes

Best Features

  • Flexible and breathable synthetic mesh upper.
  • Streamlined design with combined midsole and outsole. 
  • Lightweight cushioning. 
  • Stylish sung fit molds to your foot.
  • Decent traction for unchallenging terrain.
  • Wide color range.


Tanjun means simplicity in Japanese, and these Nike low top walking shoes go back to basics as a streamlined pair of sneakers that are comfortable and stylish. You can wear them all day as casual shoes and enjoy exploring city highlights or parks. The uppers are breathable, and the cushioning is light but comfortable.

You wouldn’t use these Nike walking shoes for a marathon trek across the mountains or anything similar, but they are excellent for walking about on a city break.

Best Nike Walking Shoes For Wet, Cold Weather On Roads Or Reasonable Trails

Nike React Miller 2 Shield For Men

Nike low top walking shoes for men

Nike React Miller 2 Shield For Women

Nike low top walking shoes for women

Best Features

  • Warm upper with weatherized coating for dryness.
  • Insulated and gusseted tongue.
  • Outsole design includes treads to move water away from your foot.
  • Storm tread outsole based on winter tire treads. 
  • Microgrooves enhance traction in wet conditions.
  • Strategically positioned skins stop water seeping into the upper.
  • PFC-free waterproofing
  • React foam provides underfoot cushioning for shock absorption and energy return.
  • Heel and toe rockers for a natural, smooth transition from heel to toe.


These Nike walking shoes can cope with less-than-ideal weather conditions if you are the type of walker that doesn’t confine their activities to the drier or warmer months of the year.

You get all the Nike trademark features of responsive cushioning and an upper that snugly fits your foot. Plus, you get water resistance and some additional insulation. The weatherproofing doesn’t stop at the upper. The outsole design mimics the tread on winter tires with microgrooves to help traction and lugs that actively shed water. 

Buyer’s Guide To The Best Nike Walking Shoes

Different shoes serve various functions, but the shoes that work the best for walking have the following.

Cushioned Platforms

The midsole and insole of your shoe provide the walking surface for your bare feet. The most pleasant surface for barefoot walking is soft and spongy. Your feet are happiest on a soft texture that gives you some energy when you push off on your toes. 

If you spend your day walking on a hard, unyielding surface, your feet, back, and legs take a pounding from your body weight’s repetitive strike against the concrete. The proper cushioning minimizes that impact and reduces fatigue and physical stress on your bones and soft tissues. 

The best Nike walking shoes use an impressive range of cushioning technologies.

Air Soles

Nike was the first sneaker manufacturer to use pressurized air in the midsole to provide superior cushioning for your feet. Today Nike uses environmentally friendly recycled and pressurized nitrogen in some shoes, and the Nike Air VaporMax shoe removes the foam midsole. Losing the foam means reducing the end waste in landfills.  

The air cushions can be under the heel, the forefoot, or both to give you the sensation of walking on air regardless of the terrain you cover. 


Zoom combines elastic fibers and pressurized air for a fast response cushioning system that is ideal for the high-impact runner. It also makes the best Nike walking shoes.

The lightweight foam cushioning gives you energy return which is super for distance walking or hard surfaces. The weight reduction offers performance with a lighter shoe, again helping you have more energy at the end of the trail. 

The first Nike walking shoes using Zoom – Nike Vaporfly and the latest – Nike Zoom Pegasus Turbo both suit walkers and runners.

React Foam

The two conflicting demands of runners and walkers are cushioning that is shock absorbing and then, gives energy back. Soft shock-absorbing materials, by their nature, absorb energy, rigid foams return it, so the two processes are in opposition. 

It took 400 different combinations of chemicals to develop React Foam – a cushioning material that is shock absorbing and returns energy. After 2,000 hours of training under the punishing feet of basketball players, the foam was still responsive. After that, it was ready to be apart of a better running shoe and excellent Nike walking shoes. The bonus feature is that it is durable and gives you more miles from your Nike walking shoes. You find it in Nike Epic React Flyknit.


Remember the song that talks about “walking on the moon” and taking giant steps? Lunarlon is Nike’s approach to giving you the soft, bouncy ride that a reduced gravity walk would give you and your feet. 

React Foam is replacing Lunarlon in Nike walking shoes, but you can currently get some older Nike walking shoes with this midsole and save a few dollars compared with a newer model. 


Did you ever have a beanbag cushion? You flop into it, and the beads mold to your body shape giving you a custom fit. That is the principle behind the Nike Joyride shoes. Instead of air pads, you get cushioning panels of beads that respond to your body weight and impact with supportive cushioning that molds to your foot – it is 14% more effective at shock absorption than Zoom and available in bright color mixes. Most runners love them for their recovery runs, and that’s great news for walkers. 

Flexible Soles

The human foot is a marvel of natural engineering. When you walk, your entire bodyweight moves smoothly from the heel through to the ball of your foot, and finally, your toes act as five mini launching platforms to spring your foot into the air. The repetition of heel strike, followed by a roll-through and push-off, makes walking possible. 

Now think about what happens when you wear skis, snowshoes, or ice skates and try to walk – it’s physically tiring because your foot can’t go through the natural motion that makes your natural gait. 

Comfortable walking relies on outsoles that flex in the right way. You don’t want to twist in the midfoot area because that is the wrong movement and results in foot damage. On the contrary, you want walking shoes with flex in the forefoot – the best Nike walking shoes achieve this with innovative materials and tread design. Support for the midfoot comes from using fibers with a high tensile strength to reinforce the upper and wrap around your foot. 

There is a balance between a thin, flexible sole like the Nike Free Trainer, which is excellent for a walk under three miles, and the need for more protection and comfort on a longer distance.

When you are going for a walk exceeding three miles, you are better with a curved sole like the Nike CruzrOne, which helps a steady, but slower pace over many miles. Alternatively, Nike walking shoes with lots of cushioning like the Nike React Infinity will eat up mile after mile and still leave a spring in your step.

Challenging Trails

Walking on hard concrete is tough on your feet, but it is not as challenging as trails where you encounter rocks, roots, mud, slippery surfaces, and other natural hazards.

You want a tread pattern that gives you some extra grip and potentially a reinforced rock plate for some underfoot protection for this kind of walking. Nike Wildhorse 5 and 6 have React Foam cushioning coupled with many hiking boot traits like breathability and traction. Look for the ATG description for all-terrain gear if you want to go for a walk on the wild side. 

Uppers On The Best Nike Walking Shoes

The uppers on your Nike walking shoes play many valuable roles:

  • Support – your uppers help protect your foot from twisting or sliding off the cushioned platform provided by the sole. High tensile strength fibers increase support without adding weight.
  • Waterproofing – if you intend to walk along wet and muddy trails, waterproofing may be a key feature, but you may also want some ventilation. Shield is the description that Nike uses indicating water-repellant uppers. 
  • Breathability – hot, sweaty feet are prone to slipping and abrasions. They are also vulnerable to fungal infection. Breathable mesh panels help improve airflow around your feet without sacrificing support. Flyknit describes an upper that hugs your feet like a sock and flexes as you move. 
  • Style – the upper displays your color choices, attractive overlays, contrasting or toning laces, and the trademark swoosh. They can make a fashion statement if that is what you want.

Last Word

As expected, Nike offers a lot of exceptional walking shoes to fit different terrains, environments, and expected uses. Before purchasing, try and figure out how you think you will be using them so you can select the ones that supply the best cushion, support, breathability, and tread for you.

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