Over the last 50 years, I have been to over 75 countries. I guess you can say that it all started when my family immigrated from England to Canada when I was one year old!

Below you will find all the destinations about which I have written but it isn’t all the places to which I have been.

Unfortunately, the internet hadn’t yet been born when I started my travels in 1968 and my travel blog only began a few years back. Even then, I don’t always write about every single place that I visit unless I think that I can say something of value.

What does this all mean?

For every article written, I bring decades and decades of travel expertise, insights and knowledge of the world that goes well beyond the destination and topic.

My goal is to bring to you the best advice and travel tips about the places that I have been, and to share my choices and experiences with you so hopefully, I help you create an incredible vacation that you so very much deserve.

North America


Except for my first year of my life, I have lived within one to two hours of the American border. Then, I fell in love with the most amazing guy from Chicago.

Since the 1970s, I have visited most of the states in the USA, sometimes multiple times, and every year, I continue to explore this beautiful and exciting country.

In my website, you will find lots of articles about America. I hope they help guide you in finding the best destinations for your next holiday!


I grew up in Toronto, went to university in Montreal and Vancouver, and have called Vancouver and Whistler in British Columba home for the last 35 years.

Over the course of my life, I have crisscrossed Canada multiple times by car, bus, train and plane. It is a place of astounding natural beauty.


Born in England in 1967 to an English mother and a Hungarian father, I have felt an affinity to Europe my whole life. I first began exploring Europe in the early 1980s when I represented Canada and competed internationally in gymnastics. Then, in 1986 and 1990, I spent several months backpacking all over Europe. Believe it or not, I lived on $20 USD per day which paid for all my accommodation, food, transportation, and activities!

Since 2005, I have traveled to Europe every year either to explore new places or return to the ones that I love. Come discover where you should go on your next European getaway!


My first trip to Africa was to Kenya in 1986 and I fell deeply in love with this continent. I returned 10 years later and visited South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Botswana, and Lesotho. In 2014, once my youngest child turned 10 years old, my family of 6 went for their first time, and we have returned repeatedly since then.

Africa holds a special part of my heart and I can’t wait to explore even more of it in the coming years!

Central America

I adore Central America. We visited Costa Rica in 2014 and loved the beaches and exploring its jungles and wildlife. Since then, we returned each year for a number of years, and explored Nicarague, Guatemala and Belize.

South America

South America is another continent in this world that I love. In 2016, we visited Peru and Ecuador, including the spectacular Galapagos Islands and the Amazon Rainforest. It was simply extraordinary.

We followed it with trips to Colombia, and more recently, Brazil and Argentina, delighted by all the treasures this part of the world holds.


The continent of Asia encompasses a massive part of the world. It covers around 17 million square miles and is divided into 5 extraordinarily diverse, beautiful and exciting regions: Central Asia, East Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia, and Western Asia.

Since 1990, I have been to 4 out of the 5 regions in Asia and continue to be amazed at the different landscapes, cultures, languages, and traditions found not only in each region but in each country.