Christmas gifts for men

60 Best Christmas Gifts For Men

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Traditionally, men are pretty tough to buy for. However, that doesn’t have to be the case. When you want to surprise and delight him with your thoughtfulness, try following one of these strategic approaches for finding the best Christmas gifts for men.

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Categories For Finding The Best Christmas Gifts For Men

The best Christmas presents for men fall under one of these categories:

  • Replacing or upgrading something he already owns and enjoys.
  • Personalizing something important to him or providing a sentimental gift.
  • Something to eat or drink, like gourmet foods or luxury drinks – something he wouldn’t ordinarily splurge on for himself.
  • Toys for boys – a man is never too old to have fun.
  • Gadgets – whatever his hobbies, an appropriate device to make things “easier” or “faster” is always welcome.
  • Sporting equipment and accessories. 
  • Things to build – all sorts of kits – or tools for those that just dream about building or fixing.
  • Entertainment – books, video games, music.
  • Practical stuff for hobbies and interests.
  • Clothing and accessories. 
  • Gag gifts – depending on his sense of humor.

Of course, this list of categories applies equally well to your female friends – but the products are often quite different.

Christmas gifts for men

Best Xmas Gifts For Men

The following selection includes ideas and links to get you thinking about the best Christmas gifts for the men in your life. Each type includes a budget (under $25), middle price ($25-$75), and luxury (over $75) suggestion. For simplicity, the product boxes with photos are placed in order from lowest to highest cost.

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Replacing or Upgrading Items

These type of men’s Christmas gifts works best when you know their habits really well. You can spot what they use or something they need that’s better than what they currently own. You need to be careful, though – that worn, old wallet that is falling apart may be a gift from their grandad. It might be held together with tape and glue, but it is priceless because of the emotion associated with it. 


Leather is durable, versatile, and adds a touch of class. Consider a classic leather wallet as one of the best Christmas gifts for men. Available in a range of colors and small enough to fit in a pocket. You can get a pocket-friendly budget wallet that holds fewer cards but slips easily into any pocket. Alternatively, you can splash out for a genuine Montblanc leather wallet to go with his favorite pen (see below). 

Timberland Slimfold Leather Wallet

Christmas gifts for men

Swallowmall Leather Bifold Wallet

Christmas presents for men

Montblanc Wallet With Money Clip

Xmas gifts for men

Classic Pens

Life may be digital, and the occasions when you sign your name in wet ink may be few, but when he does apply ink to paper, make it special. For one of the best Christmas gifts for men, give him a pen that adds a flourish to his signature. Plus, every time he uses it, he will think of you. 

If you need a budget version that’s nice to look at, lovely to hold, and writes smoothly, try a classic wood pen. It’s a step up from a throw-away pen, looks expensive, and is refillable. You can opt for a classic pen with his name in the middle price range – best for busy offices where people tend to walk away with pens. 

In the luxury bracket, you find a pen that stands vertically – the hover pen. It’s a talking point and all done with the aid of magnets – no batteries required.  

Luxury Wood Ballpoint Pen with Gift Box

Christmas presents for men

Engraved Classic Ballpoint Pen

Christmas gifts for men

Novium Hoverpen

Xmas presents for men

Hiking Shoes or Boots

If the man in your life likes to hit the trails, even if it is just for a gentle but long walk along country roads or forested paths, he should wear better shoes than his regular city sneakers.

If you want to buy at budget prices, you need to stalk the sales. In practice, the lowest-priced boots are in the mid-range, and the best boots are frequently in the luxury range. If you are replacing, check the name of his favorite brands. 

The Chinese brands with unfamiliar names tend to be more affordable, and if you scrutinize the description and pictures, you can pick up a decent pair of hiking shoes at a fraction of the cost of a branded pair. For example, these low tops have plenty of excellent features with multidirectional tread. At around $35, teamed with a trail map, they make a practical and thoughtful gift. 

For those of you that can spend a little bit more, but not sure where to start, then take a look at the . Columbia has excellent hiking footwear for reasonable prices. It is a quality name in the outdoor apparel sector.

If you really want to dig down into what Columbia offers, then read 11 Best Columbia Hiking Boots And Shoes. Otherwise, the is an excellent entry level hiking boot for someone who wants to spend the day hiking but not over technical terrain or in severe weather. They would be amazing Christmas gifts for men who love being in the outdoors.

Budget Priced Hiking Boots

Christmas gifts for men

Columbia Newton Ridge Plus II

Christmas presents for men

Sentimental and Personal Gifts

Christmas gifts for men with a personal touch stand out from the crowd because you reference shared values and experiences. Personalization can cover adding a name, phrase, or bible reference to an important item, or printing and framing a favorite photograph. 

Want to wear your heart on his sleeve? This personalized bracelet has plenty of room for a long message or a short one. If you prefer to keep your sentimental side private, a leather cache pot is large enough to store his keys, coins, and other pocket contents on his side table overnight. 

Got a year or a lifetime’s worth of memories with photographs to match? This picture frame is intended to record a child’s progress through the school years to graduation but is an excellent way to display a year’s worth of memories or hopes for the coming year. 

VNOX Personalized Engraved Bracelet

Christmas gifts for men

Personalized Leather Valet Tray

Xmas gifts for men

Northlands Personalized Picture Frame

Xmas presents for men

Eat Drink And Be Merry

As well as actual gifts of food and drink for a Xmas gift, you can combine a couple of bottles of excellent wine with this luxury leather bag containing space for two bottles and including two travel tumblers. The ideal accompaniment for a romantic picnic for two, the bag is insulated and built to last. 

If a hamper is more your thing, the range is enormous: dried fruit and nut basket presented in an elegant tower of boxes that serve as display containers for a party or a Wine Country assortment of sweet and savory treats. At the budget end, biscotti are the perfect accompaniment for any coffee lover.

A budget but gourmet gift of coffee from White Oaks or tea from Tea Forte is perfect Xmas gift for men by itself or combined with a personalized mug

White Oak Coffee Fireside Blend

Christmas gifts for men

Personalized Coffee Mug

Men's Christmas gifts

Tea Forte Tea Samplers

Christmas presents for men

Barnett’s Gourmet Chocolate Biscotti Basket

Mens Christmas presents

Dried Fruit And Nut Gift Basket

Xmas gifts for men

Wine Country Gourmet Gift Basket

Mens Xmas gifts

Tilvini Leather Insulated Wine Bag

Mens Xmas presents

Toys for Grown up Boys

If you can fly it, drive it or crash it, you can guarantee it will provide entertainment (and competition) for all the men in your life. Flying helicopters were super expensive when they first arrived in the shops, but now you can get them budget price, middle of the road or high end complete with camera. In addition, a flying helicopter shouldn’t face the same restrictions as drones do in many cities. As such, they are excellent men’s Christmas gifts.

Syma Remote Control Helicopter

Christmas gifts for men

Syma Remote Control Helicopter

Xmas gifts for men

Aored Remote Control Helicopter

Mens Christmas gifts

Don’t neglect the simple pleasures of a kite or boules. Then you have board games or even a pack of cards with a cribbage board

Sterling Cribbage Board

Christmas presents for men

WindNSun Dual Control Sport Kite

Mens Xmas presents

Ropoda Bocce Ball Set

Christmas gifts for men

Gadgets Make Life Better

The number of gadgets in the world is staggering. The classical definition of a gadget is a device or small machine that does something useful. A helpful gadget can be simple but elegant, like this gorgeous wine opener set or a high-tech assistant like the ever-popular Alexa. If the man in your life already has Alexa or Google Home then that opens the door to other cool Christmas presents like smart lightbulbs or a Halo band to provide health and fitness tracking. 

Kasa Smart Bulb

Christmas gifts for men

M&R Blvd Wine Bottle Set

Xmas gifts for men

Alexa Echo Dot

Mens Christmas gifts

Amazon Halo Band

No products found.

Useful kitchen gadgets include a safer slicer or the humble but practical garlic and ginger grater for the guy who likes to cook up a storm. 

BonCera Garlic and Ginger Crater

best Christmas gifts for men

Dash Safe Mandoline Slicer And Dicer

best mens Christmas gifts

More interesting gadgets for men’s Christmas presents include a wide angled lens for a smartphone – perfect for capturing 45% more of that incredible view or fitting more people into the family photo. Then, there is the classic gadget for men, the ever-popular Swiss Army Penknife – a compact collection of useful tools. 

Victorinox Swiss Army Knife

best Christmas gifts for men

Xenvo Pro Lens Kit For SmartPhones

Christmas gifts for men

This Sporting Life

The trick to buying Christmas gifts for men who take part in sports is to:

  • Ask for a recommendation – most men are fussy about their golf clubs or badminton racket; or
  • Concentrate on accessories related to the sport. 

It doesn’t matter what sport your guy is into; there are many small accessories and other items you can package into a welcome sports-related men’s Xmas gift. If it is expensive, consider lease to own.

Examples include:


Think about tees and club covers.

Zero Friction 5-Prong Golf Tees

Christmas gifts for men

Craftsman Golf Covers

best xmas gifts for men


The racket is out of bounds (without asking), but shuttlecocks are always welcome.

Kevenz Goose Feather Shuttlecocks

best mens Christmas gifts


Try aqua fit gloves or Italian swimming goggles.

Speedo Aqua Fit Swim Training Gloves

best mens Christmas presents

Aqua Sphere Kayenne Swim Goggles

best mens xmas presents

Fishing – you are spoilt for choice with accessories for this sport.

General Xmas presents for men into sports include water bottles, sports towels, and gym bags. 

For guys that love their sports but prefer to spectate rather than participate, you can opt for binoculars to get closer to the action, an upscale beer caddy to have refreshment close in hand, and if he hasn’t bought it already – a season ticket to watch his team. 


best Christmas gifts for men

Legacy Beer Caddy

mens Christmas gifts

All Sorts Of Kits

You can get a kit for almost anything. Metal Earth Kits will let him build anything from a tank to the Mars Rover. It is a press-out and build kit that gives you a museum-quality model at the end of your build. At around $10 a kit, you can put together a set around his interests for an excellent Christmas gift. 

Metal Earth Tank 3D Model Kit

Christmas gifts for men

Metal Earth Mars Rover 3D Model Kit

Xmas gifts for men

Lego is not just for kids. The technical models come at eye-watering prices and limited editions. If you buy one of these, advise your guy to keep the box because these kits frequently resell for more than the original. This year’s “must-have” Star Wars model features the lovable R2D2 at just short of $200. A Lego Technic car like the Bugatti is a collector’s item with a price tag to match. 

LEGO Star Wars R2-D2

Mens Christmas gifts

LEGO Technic Bugatti Chiron

mens Christmas presents

Laser cutting means you can get a wooden kit to build an owl clock or a mechanical music box, along with so many more options for excellent men’s Christmas presents.

ROKR 3D Mechanical Music Box

Christmas gifts for men

ROKR 3D Owl Clock Kit

Christmas gifts for men

Books, Music, Films, and Games

Although electronic readers and subscription screening services are a popular way to enjoy items that provide an endless supply of gifts, real-world media offerings are still available and, in some cases, gaining popularity. 

Sometimes the actual book is infinitely superior to the digital version. Plus, you can leave it out to entertain your friends and visitors. It depends on his interests, but consider 1000 Great Places to see in the US and Canada as an awesome Xmas present – you can get it on kindle, but it is so much better to browse as an actual book. 

Then there are picture-heavy books like the National Geographic beautiful photographs series. Otherwise, if you want to give an entertainment gift in the days of Netflix and Spotify, you are probably better with a gift voucher. 

National Geographic Simply Beautiful Photographs

Christmas gifts for men

1000 Places To See Before You Die

men's Christmas gifts

Hobbies and Interests

If your guy is an expert woodcarver, don’t be tempted to buy him a beginner’s set of chisels. You are wasting your money and setting him up for a disappointing Christmas surprise. When it comes to buying for a specialist interest, always ask him what he wants. Any man with an active hobby or interest will likely have a mile-long wish list for Santa.

However, if he expresses an interest in learning a musical instrument, having a resin art tutorial, or taking up a hobby, you have an open field of potential Christmas presents for him. The harmonica is a campfire favorite, and if you team it with the first 50 song book, you have a pretty neat gift for the budding entertainer. 

First 50 Songs To Play On Harmonica

best Christmas presents for men

Easy Top Harmonica

best mens Xmas gifts

If the man in your life is a keen sketcher, then a potential Xmas gift is a pyrography kit so he can transfer his existing skills to a new medium. 

Catering to a man’s hobbies or interests is an excellent Christmas gift idea, but it is an area where you probably want to ask in advance. You can always try to do this without spilling the beans, or add a gag gift as a surprise (see below for examples) in addition to his main Christmas gift. 

Wood Burning Kit

men's xmas presents

Clothing and Accessories

When in doubt, something he can wear is a good fall back position. You’ve got plenty of clothing options when considering the best Christmas gifts for men. 

You can never have too many winter hats, or you can invest in a luxury Aran sweater in cozy merino wool. Most clothing is welcome but take a good look at the colors he likes before buying something radically different. If your guy sticks to blues and greys, he’s probably not going to wear something in bright orange. 

Ant Expedition Winter Wool Cap

best Christmas gifts for men

Aran Crafts Crew Neck Sweater

Christmas gifts for men

Another option is a good rain jacket. Which kind depends on how often he is outside and what he loves to do. If he is an avid walker, hiker, fisherman, or sailor, then a good quality that supplies excellent breathability and weatherproofing should be a good bet for an excellent Xmas present. On the other hand, if it is more that he is not mindful of the weather when he leaves for the day and often finds himself caught in light showers, then a packable rain jacket would be a good option. He can pack and leave it in his briefcase or laptop bag for emergencies.

Helly Hansen Rain Jacket

Christmas gifts for men

Columbia Packable Rain Jacket

Xmas gifts for men

Gag Gifts

Gag gifts vary from cheap and disposable to moderately priced and surprisingly practical. To successfully purchase a gag Christmas gift, you need to know his sense of humor and have shared experiences.

Consider the beer holster – at first sight, a fun gift with limited use. But the beer holster (also takes soda bottles) is ideal for keeping your beer in hand while barbecuing. 

In the proper context, almost anything can be a gag gift. 

Is he always mislaying his keys? What about tagging them with a tile so he can always find them? It is a bit of a smile about him losing his keys and a practical gift at the same time. Other popular gag Christmas presents for men include mugs with a witty saying, aprons with a message, and motion-activated singing toys like this cactus

Leather Beer Holster

best men's Christmas gifts

Aviento Mug

Christmas gifts for men

Dancing Cactus

Christmas gifts for men

Funny Apron For Men

Christmas gifts for men

Tile Pro

No products found.

Don’t Stress About Buying Men’s Xmas Gifts

Most people (men included) love gifts, but the gifts that wow are the ones that show you care about the person receiving the gift. Often the best men’s Christmas gifts are not the most expensive, but the surprising or intriguing ones. If you have many men on your Christmas gift list don’t panic! Pour yourself a large glass of wine, put your feet up, and spend a few minutes thinking “outside the box” to find that perfect item to put under the Christmas tree. 

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