Whistler Indoor Activities: A Local’s Guide To The 8 Best Things To Do

All reasonably priced, and for people of all ages.


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Whistler is spectacularly beautiful. You could spend every single day of your life outside and you would never get bored. However, not all of us want to spend every day skiing or snowboarding, going on an epic hike, or long bike rides. In addition, sometimes it gets pretty miserable out. I am not a total weather wimp but there are some days that I have absolutely no desire to brave the elements. That is when I start to think about which of the amazing Whistler indoor activities I am in the mood to do.

Whistler indoor activities
Last year, we did this off road adventure tour with the Adventure Group and loved it.


Whistler indoor activities
Green lake is a stunning glacier lake in Whistler with regular float plane access to Vancouver.


Whether you are in Whistler with your significant other, friends or family, there are a lot of fantastic indoor activities to keep everyone engaged. Some involve a whole bunch of sitting while others will get your heart racing. Fortunately, most are reasonably priced. I have done every single one of them, some dozens and dozens of times, and hopefully, I will be doing them for years to come.

Here are 8 of my favourite Whistler indoor activities. I have listed them in order of cost – from least to most expensive.


My Favourite Whistler Indoor Activities


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1.  Whistler Public Library

The Whistler Public Library is a beautiful building in the centre of Whistler Village. It is free and open most everyday. It offers many activities for families and adults, ranging from preschool story time to evening screenings of Best Picture movies from the most recent Academy Awards. Of course, there is so much more than that. For a full list of daily activities, please look to the events page.


Whistler indoor activities
The entrance to Whistler Public Library.


As expected, there are thousands of books and magazines to choose from, board games to play, free wifi to use and desktop computers to share. If you would like to check-out books, magazines or board games, you will need a library card. They are free for British Columbia residents, and a flat fee of $7.50 USD for everyone else.

Over the years, I have spent many days lounging in the over sized chairs enjoying a fabulous book. My kids have grown up exploring the stacks and finding a spot on the floor to look through their finds. I love the large, welcoming and open space, and the kind and helpful librarians.


2.  Meadow Park Sports Centre

Meadow Park Sports Centre is a large indoor sports complex a 5 minute drive, 15 minute bus ride, or 45 minute walk from Whistler Village. It offers many activities and facilities. These include a skating rink, an enormous pool complex, indoor squash courts, modified basketball courts (for one on one play), and a fitness centre and studio. For as little as $3.50 USD for children (between 4 years -12 years old) and $6.50 USD for adults per visit, you can enjoy almost everything. The schedule changes regularly so I recommend checking the website the morning you wish to visit. There are lockers for rent and a pro shop in case you forget something at home.

When my kids were little, my two favourite Whistler indoor activities were the indoor skating rink and the pool as they guaranteed to knock the energy out of them. Even without little ones, I love to go back. Luckily, the schedule is such  that you can often do both on one visit.


Indoor Skating Rink

The Indoor rink is open all year. There are usually daily opportunities for drop-in ice skating or pick up hockey.  In addition, rental skates are available for a nominal fee. Don’t forget to dress warmly, regardless of the time of the year – it’s cold in there. For beginner skaters, there are free helmets and support systems to lean on while learning how to skate.


Indoor Pool Complex

This place is amazing. For serious swimmers, there is a 25 metre, six-lane lap pool, and for the not so serious swimmers, there is an eight-foot slide and a basketball net. For those looking to relax, there is a huge hot tub, steam room and sauna. Furthermore, a separate kids’ pool with a lazy river is just steps away.


Whistler indoor activities
The lap pool with slide and basketball net.


3.  Movie Theatre

The Village 8 Cinema is a multiscreen movie theatre in the middle of Whistler Village. Tickets cost between $8.00 USD for children and $11.00 USD for adults. For some reason, watching a movie, eating popcorn and drinking a massive soda are always better in Whistler than almost any where else in the world. Why? I think because by the time you hunker down into your comfy chair at the theatre with your junk food in hand, you know you have absolutely earned it. Whether you have gone on long walks, challenging hikes, beautiful or exhilarating bike rides, or spent a day or two on epic ski or snowboard runs, by the time you lose yourself in the thrill of a movie, you have already spent many hours enjoying the outdoors.

Whistler indoor activities
We loved our ziptrek in Whistler amongst the trees and the mountains.


4.  The Audain Art Museum

Located across the street from Whistler Village, a visit to the Audain Art Museum is a “must see” experience for every traveller to Whistler whether you are looking for Whistler indoor activities or not. This is so for a number of reasons.

  • The building is award winning and absolutely beautiful. Even if you are not interested in viewing the art, I would still encourage you to walk around the building, into the lobby and through the gift shop. All of that is free. The architect, John Patkau, created an incredible space that blends the indoors with the outdoors. You feel as connected to nature inside the museum as out.


Whistler indoor activities
The Audain Art Gallery tucked amongst the trees.


  • The permanent collection celebrates world famous British Columbia artists. It houses an enormous amount of first nations art, many with momentous historical and cultural significance. In addition, it has the largest Emily Carr collection in the world. All of the art is presented in breathtaking fashion, with lots of opportunity to learn for those interested.
  • Every day at 1:00 pm, there is a free one hour tour. I have done it twice, and will do it again. Each time, I have learnt something else significant about the art, history of British Columbia or the culture of First Nations whose art is celebrated there.
  • There are weekly events offered that are also covered in the cost of admission. These include evening art and yoga classes for people of all ages. Here is a link to the events calendar.

Admission to the Audain Art Museum is $13.00 USD for adults. Anyone 18 years old and younger is free.


5.  Whistler Racquet Club

The Whistler Racquet Club is a tennis facility next to Whistler Village which has 3 indoor courts (as well as several outdoor courts). Most every day, it offers social mixers, drill and play, and casual and competitive play for which anyone can register. Here is a link to the most current schedule. Depending on the activity, each class or social mixer costs between $15 USD – $24.00 USD per session. Tennis rackets are available to rent.

Most recently, pickleball was added. Pickleball is a paddle sport that combines elements of badminton, tennis, and table tennis. It is played on a small court and games are very quick. I recently joined my first pickleball drop-in and loved it. It was easy to learn and brought out an older and very social crowd. Rackets are provided for free. The drop in social mixer only cost $7.50 USD for two hours of play.


Whistler indoor activities
Drop-in pickleball on the outdoor courts with the indoor courts next door.


In the summer, after school and during school holidays, the Whistler Racquet Club also offers tennis camps for children, often with the ability to simply drop in. You should contact the tennis club if you are interested in these.


Accommodation in Whistler

For the best accommodation near any of these Whistler Indoor activities, I would recommend searching below in and using the amazing interactive map to find your ideal location at the best prices.


6.  The Core

The Core is located underground near the the Conference Centre in Whistler Village. It is fundamentally an indoor climbing centre but also has other Whistler indoor activities like fitness rooms with exercise equipment and weights, and a studio for fitness classes.

Whistler indoor activities
One of the exercise studios at the Core.


The Core offers a range of activities, from the ability to drop in and climb on your own, to signing up for climbing lessons. It has separate programs for children and adults, with evening events such as child minding with climbing to allow parents a night out alone. The cost to climb starts around $14.00 USD and increases from there, depending if you need to rent equipment (usually a few dollars depending on what you need) or want a lesson.


Whistler indoor activities
One of the climbing walls at the Core with Olivia showing me “the ropes”!


I recently tried my first climbing session ever. I bouldered which essentially means I climbed up short walls with tricky hand and foot grips, without equipment, but with soft safety mats below. It was pretty tough, but also a lot of fun. My oldest daughter loves climbing so it was an opportunity to experience something that has become a part of her life. One warning though – pretty much every muscle in my body hurt for days after! I consider myself a reasonably good athlete but none of my regular sports prepared my muscles for the workout they got when I climbed. It didn’t seem too crazy when I was actually climbing, but boy, that was not what my body was telling me a couple of days later!


7.  Escape! Whistler

Escape! Whistler is located underground in the Whistler Village near the base of Whistler Mountain. It is a real-life gaming experience where groups of 2 to 6 people are placed inside a themed room. Your group is then presented with puzzles, riddles, and clues related to the themed room for which you must solve together within 45 minutes in order to “escape” the room. There are 4 themes of various difficulty levels from which to choose. Children of all ages are welcome, although children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult. It costs $25 USD per person to play for anyone over 5 years old.

Whistler indoor activities
The Pirate themed escape room.


Four of us recently tried the “Buried Cabin” escape room and had a blast. We managed to escape with 13 minutes to spare but only because each of us was able to solve at least one thing (and that was exactly my contribution – one thing!). It was fast paced and a very exciting way to spend an hour. It requires limited physical ability – someone needs to be able to lean over to lift small items, unlock locks or kneel to examine items on the floor. You are keenly aware that time is flying by and my heart was racing the whole time!

Whistler indoor activities
We “escaped” the buried cabin room and loved the experience.


8.  Forged  Axe Throwing

Forged Axe Throwing is located in Function Junction, a 10 minute drive or 20 minute bus ride away from Whistler Village. It costs $28 USD per person for one hour and you must be a minimum of 10 years old to play.

At first glance, this might seem like a very bizarre thing to do. Most of us do not wake up and say, “Geez, do I ever feel like throwing an axe today”. But, believe it or not, it is a ton of fun, very safe (provided you follow the rules – like always), and depending on how competitive your group is, can be a bit of a work out!

Whistler indoor activities
Getting a lesson before throwing our first axe.


I have done this a couple of times with my whole family (14-22 years old) and we have loved it. It is very challenging to throw the axe, hit the target, and also have it stick in the target. There are different techniques and challenges like two handed throws, one handed throws, and two axes in two different hands, just to name a few. You have your own guide for the hour who teaches you technique, comes up with and monitors games, and generally makes sure that you are having a lot of fun. If you are ready to get in touch with your inner lumberjack, then you are ready for axe throwing.

whistler indoor activities
A family photo celebrating our good time at Forged.



There are lots of Whistler Indoor activities from which to choose. Some are relaxing or interesting, while others are fun or exhilarating. All work for adults and most would work for families. Most importantly, none of them will break the bank! If you are looking for a day inside and a way to entertain yourself or your family, look no further. Some, if not all, of these eight activities should satisfy everyone.

Disclaimer:  Forged Axe provided complimentary and discounted tickets to us. However, this in no way impacted my experience or my review


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Whistler has many fabulous outdoor activities for every age and fitness level. However, sometimes, it's nice to spend some time indoors, especially when the weather isn't great. Over the years, I have figured out which Whistler indoor activities are reasonably priced and the best for me and my husband, or my kids. Here are 8 of my favourites. |Audain, axe throwing, climbing, core, Escape, fitness, Forged, library, Meadow Park, movie, pickleball, tennis, Village 8, Whistler Racquet Club, Whistler Village|

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  • The Core seems to be a really interesting place I would like to go to keep myself fit. I also liked the Sports Club. Also, I see how different interests would be from the viewpoint of a local and a tourist. When I read some usual blogs on Whistler, the sightseeing places are usually different. However, the places of interest are totally different here, and I really like them.

    • Thanks Shreya. There is lots in Whistler to keep everyone interested. And you are right. Not everyone wants to do what Whistler is most famous for – skiing, snowboarding (winter) and biking and hiking (summer).

  • I haven’t visited Whistler before but I’ve heard a lot of good things about the city lately. Even though I prefer outdoor activities, I was drawn by some of the fun indoor activities Whistler has to offer. That forged axe throwing sounds like fun! I would love to try it someday.

    • The axe throwing was a ton of fun and a bit of a work out. The best time is when you have lots of friends or family and you compete.

  • Whistler certainly has a wide range of indoor activities. I’ve been wanting to try indoor rock climbing. Interesting to know that even though you are athletic you were sore. I love target shooting so I think axe throwing sounds intriguing.

  • I’m feeling extremely lazy after reading about the many activities in Whistler! You guys are really an active bunch, I wish I was the same! Funnily enough, I had an invite to come and visit, but didn’t think I’d fit the scene as I’m not so active. However, reading about your cinema and the other indoor activities has made me want to see more 🙂

    • It sounds like I have to start writing about all the amazing spas here! There is lots to do if you are feeling lazy, but you are right. Whistler is best when you want to be a little active.

  • I am such an outdoor person, the idea of staying indoors doesn’t appeal to me. I am looking at your post and thinking, wow, off-roading! Ziplining! Beautiful green lake! Why would I want to be indoors ever? Having said that, in winter, I feel so terribly cold that I curl up in a blanket and refuse to step out haha. That is when such indoor activities are of use. Escape Whistler sounds like great gaming experience, I’m sure I’d enjoy it. Also, the indoor pool complex would be somewhere you’d find me.

    • I agree with you. I’d prefer to be outside in the sun enjoying nature. But in Whistler, there is rain and snow and it can get pretty damp and chilly. On many of those days, I want to be active and not soaking wet! A lot of these activities fit that bill. By the sounds of it, you found the two activities that would work best for you.

  • What amazing information. Some, I did or I heard about, but others like forged axe throwing I never did. The core looks intense too, but I go to the gym every day, almost. It’s nice to know you can have so much fun indoor. Thanks for great content.

    • You are welcome. It sounds like you enjoy being active. I’d try axe throwing the next time you can. It was really fun and kept us moving.

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