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We spend several weeks a year in Whistler skiing in the winter and hiking, playing tennis and other adventures in the summer. It is one of my favourite places in the world and I’ve travelled to a lot! For me, one of the fundamental reasons why I love Whistler is that you can spend all day outside doing what you love and then, in the evening, go out to some exceptional restaurants. This is the focus of this latest blog. When we splurge (which we often do), which are our favourite Whistler fine dining choices?

Whistler fine dining
Riding the Peak to Peak Gondola. (Photo courtesy of Whistler Tourism/Mike Crane)
whistler fine dining
Juliet in the trees doing the Treetop Adventure Course.

What Do These Restaurants Have In Common?

Well, they all obviously have amazing food, drinks and service or they wouldn’t have made the list.  However, there are a couple of other things.

Reservations are needed, sometimes weeks in advance.

All of these Whistler fine dining establishments are very popular.  If you really want to make sure that you get a table, you need to make reservations. How far in advance depends on the time of year. If it is off season (October-November, and May) and mid-week, then you likely don’t have to worry too much. However, on the safe side, I’d try and book a few days in advance. If it is a normal weekend in the middle of high season (January-April, and June-August), then I’d book at least a couple of weeks in advance. If it is over a busy holiday time (Christmas, New Years, President’s Weekend, Family Day Weekend – you get the picture), then at least a month in advance (if not more). Of course, this is being really prudent. You might try a lot closer to your dates and be fine, but this is risky.

If you don’t mind a 5:00 pm reservation or a 8:30 pm reservation (or later), you will likely be fine anytime of year.

Whistler fine dining
What Sidecut does best – a delicious cut of beef.

Be aware of promotions

All of my favourite Whistler fine dining restaurants offer promotions during the year. Sometimes, the value of them are so good, it is well worth it to try and figure out if any of these restaurants are offering them when you will be in town. None of them offer anything during ski season – Dec. 18 – mid April, but they all do at different times during the rest of the year.

Normally, these promotions are from Sunday – Thursday. Your plan might initially be to splurge on an amazing fine dining experience on a traditional date night (like Friday or Saturday night), but I’d encourage you to find out if the restaurant you prefer has any special deals on other days of the week that you will be in town.

Other than that, the following are my four favourite Whistler fine dining experiences. There are many, many great restaurants in Whistler which cater to different tastes and budgets. However, these are simply my favourites – the ones that me and my husband return to again and again and again.

Fine Dining In Whistler

The Rim Rock Cafe

The Rim Rock Cafe is located near Creekside in Whistler. This would be a VERY long walk from the Village, but a quick cab ride – around 7 minutes. Without question, this Whistler fine dining establishment is well worth the journey.

My husband will tell you this is one of his favourite fine dining establishments anywhere. This is high praise from someone who eats out all the time. I agree. It is exceptional.

The Rim Rock Cafe is located in a two story building that has a feel of a ski chalet. It is lovely and cosy inside. This restaurant is a lot smaller than the others on this list. Accordingly, it is one of the hardest to get a reservation. However, it has a small bar area with a few tables that offer seats on a first come, first serve basis. Last summer, it expanded and improved its summer outdoor seating area. 

The menu offers phenomenal fish and seafood dishes, as well as spectacular cuts of meat. If you are adventurous, the Rim Rock usually offers a couple of dishes with untraditional meats, such as reindeer, buffalo, elk and boar, with the more traditional cuts of meat like lamb or beef.

Whistler fine dining
(Photo courtesy of Darby McGill)

The style of cooking is West Coast meets French, but without all the heavy sauces and creams that are normally associated with French food.

Local’s Tips:  

The Rim Rock is one of the most accommodating restaurants at which I have ever eaten.  If there is something that you do not like or would prefer in your dish, do not hesitate to ask. I don’t think they have ever refused one of our requests and have never charged us extra for it.

For example, one of my favourite main courses that is normally offered as a “special” is a trio of fish. In one entree, it offers three different kinds of fish done three different ways. This is an extraordinary option for those who want to try many different menu items at once! The three fish choices constantly change. Hence, why it is a special and not on the regular menu. Normally, there is one other fish offered on the regular menu or in another special that I would love to try. Whenever I ask to swap one of the fish on the trio for the other fish, there is never a problem.

Whistler fine dining
Delicious food ready to be tasted at the Rim Rock (Photo courtesy of Darby McGill)

There are two other menu options that I would  strongly recommend that at least one person at your table tries. The Seafood Antipasto is an ever changing selection of different appetizer options, such as ceviche, smoked salmon, and shrimp cocktail, of which are unbelievable. The Sticky Toffee dessert is also an absolute must.

Il Caminetto

Il Caminetto is a large Italian restaurant in the centre of Whistler Village. With a recent renovation, this restaurant is probably the most gorgeous of my favourite Whistler fine dining choices.

whistler fine dining
The beautiful dining room at Il Caminetto

As the name suggest, the menu is Italian. The food is exceptional.

Il Caminetto also has a very large bar and lounge that offers the full restaurant menu on a first come, first serve basis. This is our go to restaurant when we haven’t been organized enough to book a reservation far enough in advance and want a Whistler fine dining experience. Odds are, you can walk in and get a spot at the bar, or even one of the tables in the lounge, either immediately or with a small wait. In the summer, there is a small patio out front that offers superb people watching on the main pedestrian walk way. If you are looking for a refined, upscale spot to have a delicious cocktail or dinner at the last minute, this is the first place that I would go.

Whistler fine dining
The bar in the lounge at Il Caminetto.

Local’s Tip: 

The Italian Salumi and House-Made Charcuterie is my favourite appetizer. It normally includes house made pate that I literally fantasize about when I’m hungry. This platter is very large so I would recommend either sharing it or choosing this for your main course. Otherwise, be prepared to take home leftovers!

The risotto is one of my favourite menu items. It doesn’t matter how they have chosen to do it on the night that you visit, it will likely be delicious. It always is.

Whistler fine dining
Il Caminetto’s pasta is delicious

As for dessert, it’s traditional but I adore their house made gelato or sorbetto. The flavours constantly change, but the quality is always superb. The servings are very generous so make sure you leave some room, even for this dessert!

Araxi Restaurant & Oyster Bar

Araxi is also in the centre of Whistler Village and only a short walk from Il Caminetto. It is a large restaurant with a reasonable size bar and seating area but nothing as nice or comfortable as Il Caminetto. Araxi also has a large outdoor patio right on the pedestrian walk. It is an amazing place to sit and people watch, with heater lamps and blankets for when the sun goes down, while enjoying some sensational fine dining.

Whistler fine dining
Araxi’s beautiful patio

Like The Rim Rock Cafe, the food at Araxis is a combination of West Coast with a hint of French influences without the heaviness of traditional French cooking. Unlike the Rim Rock, some menu items have an Asian flair to them.

Araxi has some of the freshest ingredients and prettiest food around.  Having pretty food and remarking about it might sound a little crazy, but the plating of the dishes is truly special.

Whistler fine dining
A beautifully plated dish at Araxi.

Local’s tips: 

If you are oyster lover, you should definitely make sure that you head to Araxi’s. It offers several kinds and most, if not all, are locally sourced in British Columbia.

Whistler fine dining
A plate of oysters at Araxi

Sidecut Modern Steak + Bar

Sidecut is located in the Four Seasons Hotel next to Blackcomb Mountain. Both the Four Seasons and Sidecut are beautifully designed. Sidecut is a large restaurant with very comfortable seats and lots of room between the tables. It also has a large outdoor patio available in the summer.

Sidecut is fundamentally a steak house. If you are in the mood for a stunning cut of meat, this is the place for you. In addition, Sidecut has its own selection of custom rubs and sauces that make each entree truly individual, unique and made to order. If meat is not your fancy, Sidecut also has a large seafood selection from which to choose.

Whistler fine dining
What they do best at Sidecut.

Local’s Tips:

One of the best parts of this fine dining establishment is the selection of “Sides” offered at reasonable prices.  From creamed spinach to roasted squash with truffle and sage, Sidecut normally offers around 9 sides to compliment your meal. Depending on your passion for meat, one suggestion is to get one serving of meat to share and then, enjoy as many sides as your appetite allows. They are all delectable

Another favourite of mine is the dessert menu.  It is one of the largest and most delicious dessert menus in town. For a special experience, try having your dessert outside by one of the fire pits in the middle of winter.  Blankets are supplied and with snow all around, it is a pretty magical experience.

Whistler fine dining
Dessert at Araxi


If you have a passion for food, then you have another reason to visit Whistler. With many exceptional restaurants offering high quality food, everyone will enjoy their time here. That is especially true for those who have budgeted for a special night or two for a Whistler fine dining experience. Beyond the four that I have described here, there are many more to discover and enjoy. However, The Rim Rock Cafe, Il Caminetto, Araxi Restaurant & Oyster Bar, and the Sidecut Modern Steak + Bar, are truly spectacular and will offer you a night to remember.

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Whistler has a lot of phenomenal restaurants for every taste and budget. However, for those that love fine dining, you are in for a treat. Here are my four favourite Whistler fine dining experiences #Whistler #British Columbia #Canada #travel #luxurytravel #finedining #foodie #restaurants |Araxi, Asian, dessert, Four Seasons, French, Il Caminetto, Italian, menu, oyster, promotions, reservations, Rim Rock, risotto, Sidecut, sides, West Coast, fine dining|

Whistler is filled with amazing restaurants for all sorts of tastes and budget. If you love fine dining and you have a bit of wiggle room on your budget, then Whistler has phenomenal choices. Here are my four favourite Whistler fine dining options. #travel #familytravel #foodie #Whistler #BritishColumbia #Canada |Araxi, Asian, dessert, Four Seasons, French, Il Caminetto, Italian, menu, oyster, promotions, reservations, Rim Rock, risotto, Sidecut, sides, West Coast, fine dining|

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  • Ok so my mouth is watering and it is 7 am in the morning. The photos are amazing. I have never been to ANY of the restaurants mentioned and often asks friends where to eat when I go to Whistler. Now I feel armed and much more prepared. Not to mention hungry! Thanks for a great blog!

  • the question is are any of these restaurants are affordable for ordinary people? Or only for the upper crust???

    Very good descriptions, I shall start saving immediately. Ivan

    • The restaurants are expensive. That is why I suggest looking for the promotions. Then, you can have a fabulous meal for a very reasonable price.

  • These four restaurants look like they are worth a “vacation splurge” or a place for a celebration if you’re nearby. Great photos! I’ll have to remember this if I ever make it to Whistler – which I would love to do. #weekendwanderlust

  • Thanks for the recommendations. I really appreciate it as a foodie. I know we will get to Whistler at some point, though as not a fan of winter, we’ll probably get there in the summer.

  • First of all, your pictures of the food are really amazing! Everything looks delicious and what a beautiful setting to enjoy fine dining food. I would love to do a hike during the day at Whistler and then enjoy a meal like these in the evening – my to-do list in Canada just keeps growing!

    • Your two goals – a great hike and a fantastic meal at the end of the day – are exactly what makes Whistler a fantastic destination in the summer. It sounds like a perfect place for you!

  • I shouldn’t have read this post around lunchtime. Everything looks delicious! I would be interested in trying the seafood dishes at Rim Rock and Sidecut Modern Steak. Look forward to visiting your recommended restaurants on a future visit to Whistler.

  • Wow those desserts look heavenly! Largest dessert menus is itself a huge reason to visit any place and Whistler with its great outdoors makes for a wonderful destination. Thank you for the informative and hungry-making post 🙂

    • Who doesn’t like lots and lots of desserts to choose from???!! Yes, Whistler is a wonderful blend of the great outdoors and sophisticated restaurants.

  • These restaurants look so high-end. The food must be finger licking good, but I was wondering do they serve vegans also? I would love to visit Whistler and try in one of these if I know that they have few options for vegans as well. The Rim Rock Cafe seems to be really nice among others.

    • Absolutely! British Columbia has a large vegan population so it would be easy to have exceptional vegan food at any of these restaurants.

  • I love the idea of being outside and doing active stuff during the day and then having nice dinner options at night. It seems like the best of both worlds in one place. All the restaurants sound amazing. I really liked that the Rim Rock Cafe doesn’t have a problem with requests. A lot of fine dining restaurants won’t swap out things or make substitutions.

    • This is probably one of the biggest reasons that I love Whistler. There is so much to do during the day and you are surrounded by such incredible natural beauty. Then, at night, you have a choice of some exceptional restaurants. That is the best of all worlds for me too!

  • This is the perfect post for me, as I’m such a foodie! I’ve not yet been to Whistler, but would love to. As an oyster lover, I’d head first to Araxi’s, I can imagine it’s so good. We live half the year in Italy, so I prefer to try something different, like Rim Rock, it looks incredible.

    • I’m so jealous! You live in Italy for half the year. What an amazing life that sounds. The oysters are yummy everywhere in British Columbia. We are so lucky to live so close to the ocean and have access to them and all the seafood we eat.

  • The food looks delicious! But what ticked our “palate” are the first two photos of the adventures that we can do there. Riding cable cars and balancing between trees—those ar awesome activities!

  • So many great choices. So nice to have opportunities as good dining experiences. That’s not always the case when you’re in tourist areas. The food all looks so pretty on the plate and the restaurants are very lovely as well. The desserts from Sidecut look so good. I would have to save room for that for sure.

    • It is nice to have great food in a resort town like Whistler. If you like desserts, there are lots of places in Whistler to ruin your diet! There are lots of reasons to visit!

  • The dessert at Arazi looks yummylicious. Caminetto’s pasta looks delicious too. These are some great options you have mentioned in the post. I always keep food in mind while travelling, one of the things I look forward to in my travels.

    • The nice thing is that the food tastes as good as it looks! Like you, I always look forward to a great meal in my travels. I think you will find that here in Whistler.

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