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My blog is focused on adventure travel with my family. I have four children and they currently range in age from 12 years to 20 years old. But, I have always been a traveller. I have been heading out on adventures for the last 40 years. When I was a teenager, I backpacked around Europe twice. I lived on $18 USD a day! Can you imagine? That was for everything – food (I ate a lot of bread), accommodation, entry fees, and even local transportation! I just needed to explore and it didn't matter to me that I had barely enough to keep me fed or put a roof over my head! Today, my budget is a lot bigger but my passion to see the world is as same as it was 40 years ago.

When my children were really little, our travels were very simple for awhile. We travelled a few times a year, mainly to hot destinations with a pool or a beach, and with lots of child friendly activities nearby. Back then, the kids' sleep patterns determined the structure of our day. We spent a lot of time making sure the kids' needs were going to be met before we left on our holiday and during our trip. Our adult needs were secondary (as they usually are with children) and our travel goals were temporarily on hold.

Once our youngest turned 7 years old, we decided that our family was ready for more than beaches. Since 2012, we have had the good fortune to travel multiple times to countries all over the world. We have been to Europe, Africa, Asia and South America. Our trips have ranged from 16 to 35 days. Within those trips, we have either visited several countries, or places within a country. For each holiday, I have spent countless hours excitedly researching where to go; where to stay; and what to do for each of our trips.

Today, many of our trips are to poor developing nations. Our trips are exciting and adventurous. Before we leave, I do my best to plan as much as possible so that we arrive to these countries properly prepared to deal with any challenges that you would not normally face in your home country. I don't think it matters if your children are young or old, or where you go, everyone will enjoy their holiday more if there is proper planning before you leave.

Over the 20 years that I have travelled with my children, I have learned so much about

  • What destinations work and why;
  • Which accommodations are best;
  • What tours and activities will maximize both education and fun; and
  • When we should do those tours and activities.

Below are blogs that I have written setting out my various travel tips that I have assimilated over the years. I hope that they are helpful to you! 

Latest Tips

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