20 Amazing Places In USA to Celebrate A 50th Birthday (2023)


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A few years ago, I turned 50 years old. As this milestone birthday event slowly approached, I thought about what I wanted to do. I was in good health, loved and was loved by others, and still ready to take on the world. However, I knew that I needed to go to my dream destination, and see and do things that I had always placed on my “one day I am going to do…that!” list. And I did. My whole family went to India and we went on a tiger safari. I even bumped into a Bengal tiger one night in the darkness at my lodge and somehow survived. It was the trip that I had always hoped and dreamed to have (well, minus the almost being eaten by a tiger part).

Of course, you don’t have to go to India to cross off bucket list experiences. In fact, spending excruciatingly long hours on a plane might be the last thing that you want to do. Luckily, there are endless possibilities in the United States for a special 50th birthday trip. Here are 20 of the best places to visit and best things to do in the USA to celebrate a 50th birthday.

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Best 50th Birthday Trips In The United States

Here are 20 of the best places in the USA to celebrate your 50th birthday. They include big and small cities, beautiful beaches, and destinations that immerse you in the thrill of the outdoors, like state and national parks and beyond.

For each destination, I feature some of the best things to do, like watching beautiful sunsets, lounging on gorgeous beaches, going on heart pumping adventures, enjoying amazing shows and sporting events, eating at world renowned restaurants, and of course, discovering the perfect cocktail at the coolest bar while dancing the night away or your new favorite wine on a wine tasting tour.

One thing for sure, if you are looking for bucket list or once in a life time experiences, you will have countless choices from these 50th birthday getaways in America.

In addition, beyond highlighting the best things to do for your 50th birthday, I also mention the best times to go or avoid. A perfectly planned trip could be ruined if you go during weather that you weren’t expecting or a special event that makes the location unbearably busy.

So, start a list. Invite your closest group of friends, soul mates, or loved ones. Figure out your dream destination and things that you have always wanted to do. Make sure by the time the clock strikes midnight at the end of your fiftieth year, you have gone on a trip of a lifetime and have experienced the best of what the United States offers.

Best US Cities To Visit To Celebrate A 50th Birthday

best places in the USA to celebrate a 50th birthday
New York City (Photo courtesy of Colton Duke from Unsplash)

New York City, New York

Between the endless high rises and infinite forms of entertainment, a 50th birthday in New York City is a truly unforgettable experience.

Explore The High Line

Take a tour along the famous High Line, taking in the breathtaking views and all the public art exhibitions is one of the best ways to get a feel for the city and its vibrant culture.

Indulge in all the delicious street food offered at the kiosks located along the way. Pop into The Shops And Restaurants at Hudsons Yards for some exceptional shopping at luxury shops and boutiques both familiar and unique to New York City.

Go Up The Edge And Do The Climb

Gaze over all of New York City from The Edge, the highest outdoor sky deck in the Western Hemisphere. At over 100 stories high, hang on as you step out onto the glass bottom patio while your breath is taken away.

Grab a glass of champagne and toast your past and your future with those you love most in the world.

For those adrenaline junkies, do the City Climb, the World’s highest building ascent. Climbers scale the outside of the skyscraper more than 1,200 feet above the ground, then lean out over The Edge.

Afterwards, head even higher to the Peak, an exquisite modern American restaurant that soars above New York City.

Be In A Play

Sleep No More is an eerie and surreal retelling of Shakespeare’s Macbeth. Wander over several floors, halls and rooms of a macabre 1940’s hotel while following different actors who tell the story from their own perspective. It is a dark, immersive and mind bending experience that is unlike anything that you will have ever done before.

Best Time To Go Or Avoid

New York City is the ultimate bucket list destination for many people from all over the world. For your birthday trip, avoid New York City during any major statutory or school holiday, and in summer, or be prepared to face crowds and high prices.

The best time to go is in spring and fall for lovely weather with fewer crowds. For the best savings, go in winter.

Best Place To Stay

Stay at The Marlton, a charming and historic boutique hotel near Washington Square Park. They have a massive lobby and lounge area where you can sink into the couches and catch up about the day’s events or warm yourself by the roaring fire in cooler weather. Order a cocktail or espresso and unwind before heading out on your next adventure.

Choosing a hotel in New York City can be an overwhelming process. To get a more authentic New York City experience, avoid hotels in mid town Manhattan and choose a hotel in neighbourhoods like Chelsea, West Village or Flat Iron.

Another New York City tip – When choosing bars and restaurants, try to avoid ones in or near touristy areas where you will pay more. The best food and drinks are located where the locals live and work.

For more hotel, food, transportation and cost saving tips, check out 50 Best New York City Travel Tips For First Time Visitors.

Best 50th birthday trip in United States
San Francisco, California (Photo courtesy of Pixabay)

San Francisco, California

San Francisco is home to steep hills, exotic foods, and a rich atmosphere that makes for the perfect 50th birthday getaway in the USA.

Stroll Across The Golden Gate Bridge

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of salty fresh air on your face while appreciating the stunning city skyline from the top of San Francisco’s most iconic landmark.

For those looking to justify their next decadent meal, another great way to experience the Golden Gate Bridge is to bike across it. You can take a bike tour across the Golden Gate Bridge to Sausalito for lunch or rent your own bikes from Blazing Saddles. They even have electric assist bikes if you’re thinking of also exploring the beautiful hilly neighborhoods of San Francisco.

Dinner and Dance Cruise

With celebratory cocktails on deck as you watch the sunset, and a delicious dinner with live music and dancing to follow, a dinner and dance cruise would put a special twist to the end of your day.

Go To Michelin-Star Restaurants

What better occasion than your 50th birthday for an excuse to dine at one of the best restaurants in the world? San Francisco has a whopping 28 different Michelin Star restaurants, from the incredible Italian Acquerello, to the beloved Mexican Californios.

Best Time To Go Or Avoid

In San Francisco, the warmest and best weather is in September, October and November, although temperatures stay pleasantly mild all year round. There are some rainy days from November through to March, with very little the rest of the year.

Best Place To Stay

The city’s skyline is majestic – just like turning 50 years old. The best way to take in the views and celebrate this special birthday is from a room at the Four Season Hotel at the Embarcadero.

best 50th birthday destination in America
Miami, Florida (Photo courtesy of Antonio Cuellar from Unsplash)

Miami, Florida

With its awesome shows, exciting Cuban culture, and beautiful sunny weather all year long, Miami is a fabulous destination for a 50th birthday vacation.

Dancing And Nightlife

If you love to dance, Miami is the place to be. Salsa dancing in Little Havana is a blast, and gives you a true taste of Miami’s Cuban influence. Ball & Chain has live music, salsa lessons, and drinks, and food.

You can also book a complete salsa experience and meet lots of new people.

Rent A Cabana At Fontainebleau

For the ultimate poolside luxury experience, rent a cabana at the iconic Fontainebleau. The cabanas offer unparalleled comfort, and the attentive staff will serve you with delicious drinks and food all day long.

Visit the Coral Castle

The Coral Castle is a garden of beautiful sculptures made from coral rock, sculpted by Ed Leedskaldin in 1920, without the aid of any modern building equipment. Some of the most unique sculptures in the garden include functioning rocking chairs, and the world’s only sundial with seasons- all made from stone.

Both tourists and scientists alike are drawn to the Coral Castle not just for its beauty, but also for the mystery of its construction. While Leedskaldin was alive, he claimed to have built the 1,100 ton Coral Castle using the same secrets the Egyptians used to build the ancient pyramids. Can you crack the code?

Best Time To Go Or Avoid

If you like the heat, then Miami is the place to be. The coolest winter months still sees average temperatures between 63 °F and 77 °F with temperatures only climbing throughout the rest of the year. However, you will have lots of rain from June through September and lots of humidity from May through October.

Best Place To Stay

Loews Miami Beach Hotel is a great hotel for couples, families or friends. It’s location is amazing! Its very close to the Collins Avenue shopping area, the Miami Beach Boardwalk and Ocean Drive.”

best 50th birthday vacation in the United States
Denver, Colorado (Photo courtesy of Pixabay)

Denver, Colorado

Nestled in the Rocky Mountains, The Mile High City offers not just incredible mountain views, but also plenty of exciting activities for a special 50th birthday trip in America.

Red Rocks Amphitheater

There’s nothing quite like seeing a performance in the Red Rocks Amphitheatre, surrounded by gorgeous red rocks in the fresh Rocky Mountain air. Even if you don’t go for a show, it’s still fun to tour the historic amphitheater, climb around the steps, and take in the views.

Craft Beer Scene

Denver is one of the most famous “Beer Cities” in the US, and it really lives up to the name. Denver Chophouse & Brewery has some of the best hoppy ales out there, and it’s hard to beat Wynkoop – Colorado’s first ever brewpub. Alternatively, take a craft beer tour led by a local.

Go See a Sporting Event

Denver is home to five major professional sports teams – Denver Broncos football team, Denver Nuggets basketball team, Colorado Avalanches hockey team, Colorado Rapids soccer team, and the Colorado Rockies baseball team.

Denver sports fans are fierce, and watching one of the city’s professional sports teams battle it out against your hometown favorite while surrounded by passionate, screaming fans would be truly exhilarating.

Best Time To Go Or Avoid

Winters are cold with snow and the summers are hot with some rain. Make your ideal itinerary and then, figure out which weather best suits it. You will more likely get better hotel deals in winter.

Best Place To Stay

If you are staying in downtown Denver, the Curtis Hotel is a uniquely themed boutique hotel.  It has a different theme for each of its 13 guest room floors. The lobby is also themed and very entertaining.  It is a great location for walking around the 16th Street Mall and downtown Denver.”

best US cities to visit to celebrate a 50th birthday
Charleston, South Carolina (Photo courtesy of Leonel Heisenberg from Unsplash)

Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston, South Carolina is a fun and beautiful city with distinct southern charm, and amazing architecture. It is one of the best cities to visit in the United States for a 50 year old birthday party.

Take A Ghost Tour

Charleston has a fascinating yet complicated history. Learn about its colonial past on a ghost tour and discover the most frightening yet cool places this city has to offer.

Explore the Historic Downtown Charleston by Horse Drawn Carriage

Transport back in time and tour downtown Charleston with a Horse Drawn Carriage tour. Bring your favorite bottle of champagne – don’t forget some glasses – and your own style to this romantic and special experience.

Visit Middleton Place

Middleton Place is a 110 acre historical plantation located right along the Ashley River that is a National Historic Landmark. The plantation is home to the largest manicured gardens in the United States, along with a museum, stable yard, nursery, restaurant, and even an inn.

Middleton Place is beautiful, and it’s one of the most unique places to spend the day in Charleston. While touring the grounds, you’ll learn about the complicated history of the plantation, and hear the unique and heartbreaking stories of the American people who lived there.

Best Time To Go Or Avoid

Charleston offers pleasant temperatures in winter with average highs in the low 60s F. As it gets closer to summer, it slowly heats up. Summer sees average temperatures in the high 80s F but with lots of humidity from May through September and rain from June through August.

Best Place To Stay

For a stay to remember consider the John Rutledge House Inn, the former home of John Rutledge. The building has been designated a National Historic Landmark, with period features throughout and some truly charming touches to the rooms. Canopy beds, marble fireplaces, and whirlpool tubs make this hotel a special place to enjoy your special birthday trip.

Best Beaches In The United States For A 50th Birthday Trip

If you dream of lounging on beautiful beaches, or sitting poolside feeling the rays of the sun while you sip your favorite cocktail, then you are in luck. There are lots of stunning places to go in the USA for a special 50th birthday escape.

best beaches in America for a 50th birthday holiday
Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts (Photo courtesy of Pixabay)

Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts

The pristine island of Martha’s Vineyards offers up endless beach days, relaxation, and opportunities for exploration, all the while surrounded by an air of luxury in the place where both famous politicians and movie stars love to vacation. It is an ideal summer beach holiday destination and the perfect place for a relaxed 50th birthday getaway.

Lovely New England Beaches

The best part of Martha’s Vineyard is the abundance of gorgeous beaches. Aquinnah Beach is perfect for fishing and lounging, while Lambert’s Cove Beach has the best sunset views on the island.


For the ultimate taste of luxury on your 50th birthday, you can embark on a sailing adventure around the island of Martha’s Vineyard. Sit back and sip a glass of wine while your captain guides your boat across the ocean. You will never want to travel on land again.

Incredible Seafood Restaurants

Positioned right off the coast of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard is in the perfect island location for fresh seafood. With stellar ocean views and the best lobster rolls on the island, Lookout Tavern is one of the best places to enjoy the delicious seafood of the region.

For amazing cocktails and a delicious raw seafood bar, check out 19 Raw Oyster Bar.

Best Time To Go Or Avoid

If you want to enjoy the beaches, you should go between May and October, although it won’t be until the summer months before it will be warm enough for sunbathing and a dip in the ocean. After that, the temperatures turn wintery cold.

Best Place To Stay

Nobnocket Boutique Inn is a fabulous bed and breakfast in Vineyard Haven, a design piece in the middle of the island’s most local town. While the rooms are fabulously comfortable, the creative breakfasts are what you’ll remember forever.

best beach destination in united states for 50th birthday getaway
Kauai, Hawaii (Photo courtesy of Pixabay)

Kauai, Hawaii

For somewhere extra special in the USA for your 50th birthday celebrations, head to Kauai. It is one of the most rugged, lush, and naturally beautiful islands in Hawaii.

Take A Helicopter Tour

The best possible view you can get of Kauai is from the air. On a helicopter tour, you’ll pass over the gaping Waimea Canyon, nicknamed the “Grand Canyon of the Pacific”, as well as waterfalls, dense tropical forests, and dramatic cliff sides. The views and overall experience are surreal. It is filled with unforgettable moments to mark this special milestone birthday.

Kayak and Snorkel Hanalei Bay

Hanalei Bay is a serene, gorgeous bay with crystal clear waters and surrounded by lush mountains. Kayaking down the Hanalei River into the bay is a blast, and one of the best ways to enjoy this area.

Thanks to the calm and clear waters, Hanalei Bay is also perfect for snorkeling and kayaking. You can spot Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles and tons of unique looking fish. It’s also a really great opportunity to learn all about the bay’s delicate and diverse ecosystem.

Best Time To Go Or Avoid

If you are looking for a tropical birthday vacation in the USA, then Kauai is the ultimate destination. Temperatures are beautiful and hot all year round. It rains throughout the year, normally for only part of the day. The rainiest time is in the winter months whereas you will find the most humidity in Kauai in the summer months.

Best Place To Stay

The best hotels in Kauai are:

  • Hotel Hanalei Bay or Hanalei Colony Resort (North Shore)
  • Sheraton Kauai or the Grand Hyatt (South Shore); and
  • Sheraton Kauai Coconut Berach (East Side).
best places in the usa to celebrate a 50th birthday
La Jolla, California (Photo courtesy of Pixabay)

La Jolla, California

La Jolla is a small beach town in the San Diego area, with some of the most gorgeous coastal features and amazing weather that California has to offer. It is one of the best places in the USA to celebrate a 50th birthday.

Relax At La Jolla Cove

No trip to La Jolla is complete without a visit to the beautiful La Jolla Cove. The picturesque cove is sheltered by La Jolla Point, which provides calm and clear waters that are perfect for swimming, snorkeling, and kayaking. Even if you’re not feeling up for a swim, the beach itself is perfect for laying out and soaking up the sunshine.

Explore At La Jolla Shores

From La Jolla Shores Beach, explore San Diego-La Jolla Underwater Park, a protected ocean area full of marine life, including leopard sharks, rays, and more.

You can swim, snorkel, scuba dive, stand-up paddle board, or kayaking around the park. Certain areas permit fishing (with a fishing license). Bring your GoPro to capture those amazing adventure photos. Kayak tours and snorkeling tours also depart from La Jolla Shores.

Jump Off A Cliff

If you are looking to shake up your relaxing days at the beach, paraglide or hang glide off the cliffs at Torrey Pines Gliderport. They offer tandem rides for those without experience who want to try and instructors to teach those who want to fly solo.

It’s beautiful on the cliffs with panoramic views and worth a visit even if you do not wish to fly. You can also catch some pretty spectacular sunsets from here.

Upscale Dining In Downtown La Jolla

For an amazing birthday dinner surrounded by twinkling lights and 100 year old olive trees, check out Herringbone, one of La Jolla’s best seafood restaurants. 

Eddie V’s Prime Seafood is another La Jolla favorite, with an elegant atmosphere and an emphasis on freshly caught seafood. Plus, their ocean view is to die for!

Best Time To Go Or Avoid

San Diego offers beautiful warm yet mild temperatures all year round. The summer months see consistent highs in the 70s, whereas the winter months may have a few cooler days. There is very little rain or humidity any time of year.

Best Place To Stay

The Grande Colonial is an excellent boutique hotel in La Jolla village. It’s conveniently located in the center of town and just a block from the shore. The bonus—its restaurant Nine Ten offers delicious upscale California fare.

best beach holidays for a 50 year old birthday party
Clearwater Beach, Florida (Photo courtesy of Pixabay)

Clearwater Beach, Florida

Clearwater Beach is one of the most pristine beaches on the Gulf Coast, with miles of white sand and warm blue waters. With its incredible beaches and energetic atmosphere, Clearwater Beach is a very fun place in the United States for 50 year old birthday celebrations.


Soaring a few hundred feet above the bright blue waters of Clearwater beach while parasailing is one of the most fun and exhilarating ways to spend your birthday in Clearwater Beach.

Hop On A Pirate Cruise

Channel your inner Jack Sparrow and embark on Captain Memo’s Pirate Cruise. Captain Memo’s ship and spirited crew will sail off toward the horizon in search of dolphins. The atmosphere is fun and lively, and the crew does a great job keeping you and your group plied with beers.

Beach Bars

Whether you’re looking to sip cocktails in a trendy tiki bar or dance the night away, Clearwater has some fantastic beach bars. 

Shephard’s Tiki Bar and Grill is one of the most lively bars in the area, with live music day and night and a venue overlooking the ocean. 

Surfside Tap House is another great beachfront location with live music and delicious beers from local breweries all over the area.

Best Time To Go Or Avoid

This tropical destination in the USA offers year round beautiful weather. Average highs in winter are in low 70s°F, creeping up to low 90s °F in summer. There is lots of rain in July and August with high humidity from May through October.

Best Place To Stay

Sea Jay Motel & Marina is a colorful, well-kept, and comfortable place to stay when visiting Clearwater that won’t break the bank.” 

best small town destination in usa for a milestone birthday
Carmel-by-the-Sea, California (Photo courtesy of Pixabay)

Carmel-by-the-Sea, California

Carmel-by-the-Sea is an enchanting California coastal village on the Monterey Peninsula full of gorgeous architecture and winding, cobblestone streets, perfect for lazy days by the ocean.

Carmel Beach is located in town and offers a beautiful white sandy beach with a scenic path along the breathtaking bluffs. It’s popular with surfers and sunbathers. For those who could never celebrate a milestone event without their fur baby, the beach is also dog friendly.

Carmel is rated “One of America’s Top Beach Towns” in America. It is the perfect haven for a 50th birthday vacation with family and friends.


The beautiful, rugged cliffs of the Monterey Coastline sets the stage for the perfect skydiving experience. With Skydive Monterey Bay, you’ll reach your jumping point in the Super King Air 200, the world’s biggest and fastest skydive plane. Then, you’ll begin the most thrilling 90 seconds of pure free fall, with one of the most incredible views in the world.

Fairytale Cottages

The best thing to see in Carmel is the collection of pretty houses designed by Hugh Comstock. As you walk down the cobblestone streets, delight in the atmosphere. You’ll feel like you’re in the middle of a fairytale. You can also learn about their history with a self guided audio tour.

Wine Tasting

Carmel-by-the-Sea is mere steps from some of California’s best wine country. Within one square mile of downtown Carmel, you can do the “Wine Walk” and visit 11 different tasting rooms. Manzoni Cellars and Caraccioli Cellars are two of the best to check out.

Alternatively, you can also do a half day wine tasting tour in the Carmel Valley.

Best Time To Go Or Avoid

Carmel-by-the-Sea offers beautiful spring like weather all year round. Average highs rarely go into the 70s. The evenings are cool and will require a jacket. There are some rainy days in winter, but hardly the rest of the year.

Best Place To Stay

La Playa Carmel is a 75-room historic luxury boutique hotel, newly restored while updating it to modern-day standards. Located two blocks from the beach and village shops, art galleries and restaurants, the hotel is situated in the heart of Carmel. It is a wonderful spot for a home base while exploring Carmel and the surrounding areas.

Best Outdoor Adventure Destinations For A 50th Birthday Holiday

City life and relaxing on the beach not your style? These five American outdoor destinations should do the trick. From stunning mountains, rainforests, red rock canyons, and underwater national parks, you have the choice of fantastic adventure holidays. Whether you prefer the sun warming your face, or to be knee deep in snow, you will find peace or heart stopping excitement in these best 50th birthday vacations.

best outdoor adventure places in united states to celebrate a 50th birthday
Denali National Park, Alaska (Photo courtesy of Pixabay)

Denali National Park, Alaska

Denali National Park is one of the wildest, most beautiful, and untouched areas of land in the entire United States. It is the perfect 50th birthday holiday destination for those who love the outdoors.

Dog Sledding

This amazing dog sledding experience will lead you deep into the heart of the Denali wilderness by a team of expertly trained Alaskan sled dogs, while taking in the sights of the last frontier.

White Water Rafting

An exhilarating way to celebrate your 50th birthday is to go white water rafting down the roaring, Class IV rapids of Denali’s rivers. If that sounds like too much, you can also raft down the calmer, albeit equally beautiful, Nenana River.

See the Northern Lights

Seeing the vivid, outlandish hues of the Aurora Borealis is an experience unlike anything else in this world. Denali National Park is one of the best places in the US to see the Northern Lights. Book a private tour to try and capture this magical experience.

Best Time To Go Or Avoid

If you want to experience Alaska as a snowy winter wonderland, then head to Denali in winter. Average temperatures will range between 9°F to 25°F with 6-7 hours of daylight.

Summer sees temperatures rise to the mid 60s with over 17 hours of daylight in June and July. The snow has melted except from high mountain peaks.

Best Place To Stay

Visitors can stay in one of the various accommodation options close to the entrance, before venturing deep into the National Park on one of the organized daily tours.

A fabulous spot is Mckinley Chalet Resort. They will give you a wake up call in the middle of the night for the Northern Lights. The hotel is conveniently located to everything and very welcoming.

best national park in america for a 50th birthday trip
Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Tennessee (Photo courtesy of Pixabay)

Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Tennessee

Great Smoky Mountains National Park is home to dense, lush forests, pristine lakes, and magnificent mountains. It’s a peaceful yet breathtaking place to turn 50 years old.

Enjoy Fontana Lake

Fontana Lake is the largest lake in North Carolina, and the perfect place to spend the day. You can rent paddle boards or canoes for a leisurely paddle around the lake, exploring all of its inlets and beaches.

It’s equally fun to rent a motor boat and spend the day riding around on the gorgeous emerald waters, taking in the scenery with your friends and family.

Go Spelunking in Tuckaleechee Caverns

Underneath the misty mountains of the Great Smoky Mountains lies 10,000 different cave systems. A journey into the Tuckaleechee Caverns takes you past magical seismic formations, along with the majestic 210-foot underground Silver Falls.

Scenic Drives

One of the best ways to take in the beauty of this National Park is by completing one of its scenic drives either by booking a tour or doing a self guided driving audio tour.

The Newfound Gap is an amazing, 30-mile road that winds past some of the most amazing outlooks in the park.

The Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail is also great because it takes you past historic cabins, old-growth forests, and rushing mountain streams.

Best Time To Go Or Avoid

It is hot in summer and cold in winter. If you want to experience all four seasons, and all that nature offers, then this is the Park to go. However, it is the most visited National Park in the USA. Accordingly, if you want a more peaceful 50th birthday holiday, try not to visit during summer or school holidays.

Best Place To Stay

You’ll want to stay in the nearby small town of Gatlinburg. It’s a great town with a busy main street, perfect for shopping, restaurants and plenty of other things to do. For accommodation, check out Margaritaville Resort Gatlinburg or the Bearskin Lodge on the River.

best national parks to visit in America for a 50 birthday
Dry Tortugas National Park, Florida (Photo courtesy of Pixabay)

Dry Tortugas National Park, Florida

Dry Tortugas National Park is the perfect place to soak up the year-round sunshine, see tons of marine life, and celebrate your 50th surrounded by beautiful beaches and nature.

Snorkel the 3rd Largest Reef System in the World

If you want to see a large variety of tropical reef fish and colorful coral reefs, you’re in luck, because Dry Tortugas National Park is home to the Florida Keys Reef Tract, the 3rd largest reef system in the whole world. You can snorkel right off the shores, and tons of vibrant fish and sea animals will swim right by you.

Charter a Fishing Boat

The ocean at Dry Tortugas is teeming with marine life, making for some of the best sport fishing in all of Florida. Delph Fishing departs from Key West, and has all of the permits required to take you and your party fishing. You’ll have your pick of the sea, and it’s not uncommon to discover completely untouched waters. 

Tour Fort Jefferson

Surrounded by sparkling turquoise waters, Fort Jefferson is a sight to behold. It has a unique history, and a tour of the fort teaches you all about this abandoned military fort while offering spectacular views of the island.

Best Time To Go Or Avoid

If you are looking for a hot tropical destination, then Dry Tortugas is an excellent option. Throughout the year, average highs reach 89 °F and average lows reach 66 °F with predominantly summer like weather all year round.

It is best to avoid Dr Tortugas from mid August to the beginning of October during hurricane season.

Best Place To Stay

For a great hotel option, check out the Marquesa Hotel. It is a highly rated 4-star hotel that is close to many of the fun activities and nightlife.

best places for outdoor adventure on a 50th birthday holiday
Moab, Utah (Photo courtesy of Pixabay)

Moab, Utah

Moab is full of stunning red rock formations as far as the eye can see, and has endless opportunities for an adventurous 50th birthday celebration.


Canyoneering in Moab is the best way to get off the beaten path, and explore some of the most magnificent geological features in the region. On a canyoneering tour, you’ll learn how to safely rappel into deep, water-carved slot canyons and explore the underground world of Moab.

White Water Rafting

There’s nothing quite like white water rafting down the rapids of the Colorado River, surrounded by red rock country and the roar of the rapids.

Best Time To Go Or Avoid

In June, July and August, temperatures can reach over 100 °F. Spring and fall offer the most pleasant weather best suited for outdoor adventures. Winter time is cold with snow.

Best Place To Stay

Depending on your budget, there are plenty of great places to stay in Moab. For those with a higher budget, take a look at the Wingate by Wyndham Moab. There are also more budget friendly options, such as The Lazy Lizard Hostel and Moab Under Canvas.

best outdoor setting for a 50th birthday holiday
El Yunque Rainforest, Puerto Rico (Photo courtesy of Paul Torres from Unsplash)

El Yunque Rainforest, Puerto Rico

El Yunque Rainforest is the only tropical rainforest in the US national forest system, and a very unique place for a 50th birthday getaway.


One of the best ways to see the rainforest is from above, and it doesn’t get much better than whizzing through the canopy layer of the tropical El Yunque Rainforest on a zipline. You won’t just go on one zipline either- this aerial jungle tour doesn’t hold back, with a collection of eight different ziplines!


El Yunque Rainforest is home to three different incredible waterfalls. The 85-foot La Coca Falls are the most impressive of the three, but La Mina Falls has the best pool for swimming at the base.

Take a hiking and waterfall tour or get in touch with your inner child and discover waterslides and natural pools.

Best Time To Go Or Avoid

This tropical paradise offers hot and humid weather all year round. If interested in going in August and September, remember to check the status of hurricanes. Otherwise, pack up your bathing suit and your courage and away you go!

Best Place To Stay

The best place to stay is in San Juan. There are many hotel options, restaurants, and nightlife. You can choose to be in the historical section of the old town, or on the outskirts on the beach at the luxury hotels. Conveniently, many tours operate and depart from San Juan, including tours to El Yunque. 

Splurge on a stay at the landmark Hotel El Convento, which is housed in a former Carmelite convent. It is located just across the street from Catedral Basilica Menor de San Juan Bautista.

Best Small Cities And Other Areas In USA For A 50th Birthday Getaway

best places to usa to celebrate 50th birthday
Telluride, Colorado (Photo courtesy of Pixabay)

Telluride, Colorado

For a memorable birthday in the Colorado Rockies, spend your 50th birthday in the historic mining town Telluride.

Black Bear Pass Off-roading Adventure

Dubbed the “Switzerland of America”, Black Bear Pass is one of the most scenic yet terrifying drives in the US. The best way to experience the views and thrills of the pass is with a seasoned expert. Jeep Tour company will take you on a wild adventure as you traverse the incredible Rocky Mountain terrain, switchbacks, and Bridal Veil Falls.

Snowmobile in the San Juan Mountains

Ripping through the snowy San Juan Mountains on a snowmobile tour is one of the most fun and exciting things to do in Telluride in the winter. You’ll not only get incredible views of the surrounding forests, but also of beautiful meadows and Wilson Peak.

Best Time To Go Or Avoid

The winters are cold and snowy whereas the summers offer warm spring weather with average daytime temperatures in the low 70s Fahrenheit.

Best Place To Stay

Consider Madeline Hotel and Residences which offers contemporary elegance with a welcoming year-round mountain environment. If you are looking to spoil yourself, this is the place to be.

best US cities for a 50th birthday celebration
Sedona, Arizona (Photo courtesy of Pixabay)

Sedona, Arizona

Between the luxury spas and gorgeous red rock landscape, Sedona is one of the best places in the USA to celebrate a 50th birthday.

Hot Air Balloon Ride

For a truly magical 50th birthday, gently float through the air in a hot air balloon tour, high above the red rock canyons and formations of Sedona. The panoramic views from above provide a great opportunity for wildlife spotting, along with a whole new perspective of the surrounding landscape.

Visit a Luxury Spa

The Wilde Resort and Spa has gorgeous, desert-inspired suites and gardens, along with pools, firepits, and hot tubs for guests to enjoy. The Amara Resort & Spa has an amazing pool with a view, and a great variety of massages and facial treatments.

Best Time To Go Or Avoid

Sedona offers beautiful mild weather most of the year. The best time to go is in spring and fall when temperatures fall in the 70s and low 80s. The winter months offer average highs in the 50s. Summer can be quite hot in the semi-desert sun.

Best Place To Stay

Check out the Enchantment Resort which will offer you breathtaking views as well as plush luxury amidst the area’s most iconic hiking spots like Boyton Canyon.

best places in america for 50 birthday party
Bozeman, Montana (Photo courtesy of Luke Schlotthauer from Unsplash)

Bozeman, Montana

Located in the Rocky Mountains of southern Montana, the “Queen City of the Rockies” is famous for its outdoor activities like fishing, rock climbing, mountain biking, snow sports, and hiking. It is a fantastic 50th birthday holiday destination in the United States.

Fly Fishing

The rivers and streams in Bozeman are chock full of trout, making for excellent fishing. The Gallatin River is one of the closest popular spots for fly fishing, and the Bozeman is less than an hour away from other great spots like the Hyalite Reservoir and the Madison River.

If you want to fish some of the best streams, lakes, and rivers in the area, you might consider booking a fly fishing guided tour where local experts can take you to the best undiscovered spots.

Explore Downtown Bozeman

Bozeman isn’t just great for outdoor enthusiasts. The downtown area of Bozeman is littered with restaurants, breweries, art galleries, and boutiques. 

Open Range is one of the best restaurants for a quintessential, Montana steak dinner, and Ale Works has a more casual atmosphere with one of the best craft beer selections in the area.

Best Time To Go Or Avoid

Bozeman, Montana offers visitors all four seasons. July and August are stunning with average highs at 82 °F. Winters are cold and snowy with average highs at 32 °F. Spring and fall remain cold except June and September.

Best Place To Stay

A newly-renovated retro motel, the RSVP Hotel, is one of the town’s hippest places to stay. It’s located right downtown, just 15 minutes from Bozeman-Yellowstone International Airport.”

best places in usa for 50th birthday trip
Hood River, Oregon (Photo courtesy of Pixabay)

Hood River, Oregon

Hood River is a breathtaking place to celebrate your 50th birthday, whether you’re looking to enjoy the great outdoors, or relax and enjoy this cool town at the base of majestic Mount Hood.

Kitesurfing Lesson

Nothing gets the blood pumping like racing across the river being propelled by a kite. Hood River is one of the best places in the US to learn to kitesurf.


After an invigorating day out on the water, trying some of the region’s best craft beers hits perfectly. Full Sail is a fun, sailing-inspired brewery with a huge IPA selection. Double Mountain Brewery offers tasty ciders and delicious, unfiltered brews in their lively taproom.


For a pristine course with spectacular views of Mount Hood, don’t miss Indian Creek Golf Course, one of the best golf courses in the Pacific Northwest.

Best Time To Go Or Avoid

If you want to choose a destination that enjoys all four seasons, then Hood River is the place to go. Summers are stunning with average temperatures in the mid 80s Fahrenheit. Spring and fall offer mild temperatures with average highs in the 60s and 70s. Winter time is cold with either rain or snow.

Best Place To Stay

Westcliff Lodge is a nice hotel in Hood River, overlooking the Columbia River Gorge.

best places for a 50th birthday celebration in united states
Ojai, California (Photo courtesy of Pixabay)

Ojai, California

Tucked away in the foothills of Los Padres National Forest, Ojai is one of southern California’s little-known treasures- and it’s one of the best places in the USA to celebrate a 50th birthday.

Wine Tasting

While Ojai might not be as famous as other California wine regions further north, this rustic town has its fair share of incredible wineries. 

Topa Mountain Winery has wonderful views of the Topa Mountain range, and a lovely outdoor tasting patio. The Ojai Vineyard Tasting room, located right in downtown Ojai, is another popular tasting room.

Alternatively, have your very own private picnic with wine tasting hosted by a sommelier.

Horseback Riding

Ojai was originally settled as a cattle ranch in the 1800s, and this small village still has a booming ranch culture. Going for a trail ride through the pristine trails of the Ventura River Valley is an amazing way to connect with nature, and feel grounded from the connection you’ll develop with your horse.

Best Time To Go Or Avoid

The weather in Ojai is beautiful all year round. Winter, spring and fall offer mild temperatures in the 60s and 70s with cool nights. Summer is stunning with average highs in the mid to high 80s Fahrenheit.

Best Place To Stay

Ojai Valley Inn is a beautiful luxury hotel with a spa and golf course. It offers a tranquil setting with exceptional service helping to make a special 50th birthday trip.

Last Word

The United States is a fantastic place to go for your 50th birthday. Whether you want to lounge on beautiful beaches, find exhilarating adventures, or explore exciting cities, you will find the best things to do in a stunning destination.

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