24 Best Places In USA For Most Beautiful Sunsets (in 2023)


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A beautiful sunset is an extraordinary thing to witness. You could be having a horrible day and watching a stunning sunset will make you feel wonderful. This is especially true if you are on vacation and in the United States, that is, without a doubt, the case. Pretty sun sets from beautiful sandy beaches, cool rooftop decks, or on top of spectacular mountains are all a possibility on a holiday in America. In fact, there are so many amazing spots to watch the sun go down on a US vacation that you could spend every night watching one! Here are 24 best places to see the most beautiful sunsets in the USA.

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Best Places To See Prettiest Sun Sets in The United States

Here are 24 best American destinations to see the prettiest sunsets. They can be seen in cities and small towns, from beaches and tops of tall hills or mountains, surrounded by other people or practically alone.

In the following article, where to see the most beautiful sunsets in the USA is described as well as any insider tips, such as when to arrive, where to park or stand, and whether you need to bring anything to improve the experience.

In addition, how best to reach the destination and the expected weather are also included so you can properly plan ahead. Finally, other things to do are set out as well as recommended accommodation if you would like to spend more time exploring what each places offers.

best vacation destinations to watch the sunsets in USA
Cannon Beach, Oregon (Photo courtesy of Jessica from the Uprooted Traveler)

Cannon Beach, Oregon

By Jessica from the Uprooted Traveler

Cannon Beach is a small and charming coastal town along the Oregon Coastline, famed for its 235-foot tall sea stack, Haystack Rock, jutting out of the Pacific Ocean below. It is a fantastic vacation destination in the US to watch beautiful sunsets.

Insider Tips

The best place to watch the sunset is right on Cannon Beach itself. Between Haystack Rock, the surrounding sea stacks and the sun sinking into the ocean water, it’s quite a spectacular sight.

To really kick up the experience a notch, consider making a bonfire right on the sand—there’s nothing better than feeling the warmth of the campfire, while the cool breeze of the ocean whips against your face.

Other Things To Do

Besides epic sunsets, there’s plenty of things to do in and around town. For example, explore any of the amazing hikes near Cannon Beach, like in the neighboring Ecola State Park. Here, you can hike through a coastal forest to the secluded Crescent Beach (seriously, you have a good chance of getting the beach totally to yourself!) or to the popular Indian Beach.

If you’re feeling adventurous, consider booking a surfing lesson at Short Sands Beach, just a short drive away from Cannon Beach and widely considered one of the best places to surf in the state. If you’re not into submerging your body in frigid water, you can alternatively just lounge on the beach and simply watch the brave surfers take on the waves.

Best Way To Reach Destination

To get to Cannon Beach, fly into Portland and make the hour and 20 minute drive west. There’s also a limited number of daily buses from Portland to Cannon Beach which will take a bit over two hours.

Best Time To Go Or Avoid

The best time to visit Cannon Beach is in the summertime, when the temperature is warm and pleasant and the sky is clear.

While the town has moderate temperatures year round, there can be some pretty intense fog and low-hanging clouds, from late fall through springtime, which might obscure your sunset views. Then again, it can also make the rugged Oregon Coast look that much more moody and beautiful.


Jessica says, “For a fantastic place to stay in Cannon Beach, consider the Hallmark Resort and Spa, which is the closest hotel to Haystack Rock, literally steps away from the beach, and provides warm cookies upon check-in.”

best cities in United States to watch beautiful sun sets
Brooklyn, New York (Photo courtesy of Pixabay)

Brooklyn, New York

By Martha from

New York City doesn’t need much of an introduction: it is one of the most exciting cities in the world and a popular destination for travellers worldwide.

Its’ iconic skyline is eye-catching at any time, but at sunset, it is especially spectacular.

A great place from which to watch the sunset over Manhattan is Brooklyn. In the Dumbo area, around the foot of the Brooklyn Bridge, there are various viewpoints which offer waterside views of downtown Manhattan as the sky changes colour and the lights of the city turn on.

Insider Tips

The Michelin-starred River Café is perfectly located to observe the sunset as you dine – it’s really magical.

For a view of the sun setting behind the mid-town skyscrapers, try a rooftop bar in Brooklyn, such as Westlight in the William Vale hotel (a good place to stay if you want city views, by the way).

Twice a year, around May 28 and July 13, you can also catch ‘Manhattanhenge’, a phenomenon where the setting sun aligns perfectly with the grid streets of midtown Manhattan.

Other Things To Do

While you’re in New York, there are many world famous sights like the Empire State Building, Times Square and Central Park. However, you could also check out some more unusual and unique things to do in NYC, like the Color Factory or a Coney Island sideshow.  

If you are a first time visitor to New York and are looking for important tips on where to stay, how to save money, how best to get around the city, how to avoid tourist traps and how to stay safe, then this is a must read: 50 Best New York City Tips For First Time Visitors.

If you are traveling with teenagers and are looking for a fantastic weekend itinerary, or a list of amazing things to do, please check out 10 Great Things To Do With Teens In New York City In Summer and An Action Packed Weekend In New York City With Teens.

Best Way To Reach Destination

You have three airports from which to choose if you want to fly into NYC: John F. Kennedy International (JFK) is the main international airport for NYC and is based in Queens. Newark Liberty International (EWR) is relatively easy to get to and from if you’re staying in Manhattan. Finally, LaGuardia (LGA) is more popular for domestic flights and is also based in Queens.  

Best Time To Go Or Avoid

You can visit NYC year-round – there are attractions that come with each season, but Spring and Autumn are especially nice. In these shoulder seasons, the weather is mild enough to explore on foot and the city gets a makeover: blossoms and blooms in Spring and warm tones as the leaves change in autumn. 


If you would prefer to stay in Manhattan, the fashionable Arlo SoHo is an ideal spot with rooms with a view. If you prefer to linger in the coziness of your hotel, refuel at Arlo SoHo’s rooftop lounge or speakeasy-style cocktail bar.”

best holidays for pretty sunset in united states
Horseshoe Bend, Texas (Photo courtesy of Pixabay)

Horseshoe Bend, Texas

By Bernadette from Explorer Chick

Horseshoe Bend is Instagram-famous for its namesake shape that the Colorado River carved out of sandstone over millions of years. Watching the sunset over this geologic wonder is a bucket-list item that is easy to do on a US holiday.

Once in Page, it is painless to reach the overlook. All you have to do is take a 10-minute drive up to the park, pay the $10 entrance fee, and leave your car in the lot. The trailhead’s well-marked path is simple to follow and it is one of the most accessible walks you will do.

Insider Tips

Sunset is prime time for tourists. If you are into photography, bring a wide-angle lens to get the whole canyon. It really is beautiful during sunset, so you will undoubtedly take many pictures. 

Only part of the 1,000-foot-high rim has a guardrail, so be aware of where you are stepping! 

The walk back to the parking lot has a bit of incline that may have you huffing and puffing.

Other Things To Do

There are a lot of hiking and outdoor activities to do at Glen Canyon National Recreation Center.

Today the Glen Canyon Dam controls the water flow of the Colorado River and you can kayak or take a guided boat tour of Horseshoe Bend to see the view from below.

Antelope Canyon is nearby, and you’ll have to book a guided tour to walk through the vermillion-colored slot canyon.

Best Way To Reach Destination

While there is an airport in Page, Arizona, it is small. Most commercial flights come into Phoenix, Arizona, or Las Vegas, Nevada. A road trip is par for the course, and it is a gorgeous drive filled with endless vistas and impressive stone formations. The drive from both cities will roughly be five hours, depending on how fast you drive, road conditions, and traffic.

Best Time To Go Or Avoid

It is the desert – summertime is extremely hot and winter cold. Always check the weather before heading out and bring water when it is hot and bundle up if it’s cold. Avoid visiting during the hottest parts of the day since the path is uncovered.


Bernadette says, “Most likely than not, Page, Arizona will be your homebase for a trip to the area. The area has lots of cheap accommodations and camping is an option too.

best west coast city in usa to watch sun going down
San Francisco, California (Photo courtesy of Pixabay)

San Francisco, California

By Caroline from Pictures And Words Blog

There’s much to love about San Francisco, with its stunning natural beauty, vibrant neighborhoods, and diverse culture. It’s also home to the Golden Gate Bridge – one of California‘s most iconic attractions – which is also one of the best sunset spots in the city and on the west coast of the United States.

While there’s no bad view of the Golden Gate Bridge, there are a few special places that make for a spectacular sunset view. One of the best is Battery Spencer, from where you will find a postcard-worthy view of the bridge with the city skyline in the background. 

Other places to catch an incredible sunset view of the Golden Gate Bridge include Golden Gate Overlook, Marshall’s Beach, and from the Batteries to Bluffs trail.

Insider Tip

San Francisco has microclimates, so even if it is a beautiful clear sunny day where you are, check out the live webcam to check the bridge weather conditions before you go.

Other Things To Do

Other popular attractions in San Francisco include Alamo Square where you can catch a view of the Painted Ladies (pretty Victorian houses), Golden Gate Park, Chinatown, and Fisherman’s Wharf for shopping and restaurants down by the water.

Best Way To Reach Destination

San Francisco International Airport (SFO) is located 14 miles south of the city. You can rent a car or take a BART train to downtown San Francisco.

You can access the Golden Gate Bridge by taking a Muni or Golden Gate Transit bus.

Best Time To Go Or Avoid

Fog is notorious for covering the bridge – it even has a name – Karl! To have the best chance of witnessing a gorgeous Golden Gate Bridge sunset, visit in October, when you’ll find the warmest weather and the most sunny days.


Caroline says, “You’ll find plenty of accommodation options in San Francisco, from hostels, boutique hotels, luxury hotels, and more. Consider staying near Union Square or the Financial District for the best hotel options and easy access to public transit.”

best mountain top in America to watch sun go down
Maui, Hawaii (Photo courtesy of Pixabay)

Maui, Hawaii

By Anu from Destination Checkoff

Maui is world famous and one of the best places in the United States to catch beautiful sunsets. In particular, watching the famous Maui sunset on top of Haleakala is one of the most popular things to do in Maui.

Haleakala summit is at the top of Haleakala National Park, 10,000 feet above the clouds. The colors of the sky during sunset are magnificent!

You do not need reservations to go to the Haleakala summit for sunset, but you do need to pay the National Park entrance fee at the gate. It takes about 2-hours to drive to reach the summit from West or South Maui where most of the resorts are.

Insider Tips

The drive up to Haleaka is adventurous with curvy mountain roads. Plan to arrive at least one hour before sunset so you can find parking and a spot to view the sunset.

You can view the sunset from either the summit or the Visitors Center parking lot. If you choose to go outside, it gets very cold so bring layers! 

Other Things To Do

Maui is a great vacation destination. It is also famous for the Road to Hana drive, a 52 mile’s drive that has 620 curves and 59 bridges. It leads you through spectacular rainforests, gorgeous waterfalls, plunging pools and incredible seascapes.

Maui is also chock full of beautiful beaches, snorkeling, and whale watching from November to March.

Best Way To Reach Destination

To reach Maui, you would typically fly into the Kahului International Airport on Maui. Public transportation is limited so you will need to rent a car.

Best Time To Go Or Avoid

Maui offers stunning tropical weather all year round. There really isn’t a bad time of year to go.


Anu says, “Kula Lodge in Kula is a great place to stay near Haleakala summit. Paia Inn is also a fantastic place in the coastal town of Paia.”

best beach destination in usa to watch a gorgeous sunset
Clearwater, Florida (Photo courtesy of Lanie from Make More Adventures)

Clearwater, Florida

By Lanie from Make More Adventures

Located on Florida‘s Gulf Coast, Clearwater Beach has a soft white sandy beach that offers spectacular sun sets on the east coast of the US.

The water in the Gulf of Mexico is warm enough for swimming and depending on the season, many visitors are still swimming as the sun goes down. From in the ocean, on a boat, or anywhere on the beach, it is easy to view the nightly sunset.

Insider Tip

Toasting the sunset in Clearwater is a tradition that can’t be done on the beach, but often occurs on sunset boat tours and in nearby bars with views such as Jimmy’s Crows Nest.

Tate Island Grill at Sandpearl Resort is a great place to watch the sun go down. Tables are located right near the beach and live music is often playing. In addition, hammocks and seats around a fire pit are located on the beach outside of the restaurant.

Other Things To Do

There are many things to do both day and night on Clearwater Beach. Clearwater Marina has a wide range of boat trips including dinner cruises, dolphin-watching cruises, and a pirate ship ride in addition to fishing charters, jet skis, and parasailing.

Nearby, Pier 60 has a playground and large inflatables. Each night, Sunsets at Pier 60 take place for 2 hours before and 2 hours after, and include an artisan market and street performers.

Best Way To Reach Destination

Two airports are near Clearwater Beach, both St. Pete/Clearwater Airport (PIE) and Tampa International Airport (TPA). Clearwater Beach is 25-30 minutes away from each airport. Once on the beach, visitors can easily walk or ride on the Jolley Trolley up and down the 2.5-mile-long beach.

Best Time To Go Or Avoid

Spring break is a popular time to visit Clearwater Beach. It is hot in the summer and usually rains a little bit each day. Both locals and visitors show up to Clearwater Beach year-round. Even in winter, Clearwater Beach sunsets are celebrated.

best west coast places in united states to see a beautiful sun set
Seattle, Washington (Photo courtesy of Pixabay)

Seattle, Washington

By Lisa from Waves And Cobblestones

Seattle, Washington is one of the most popular cities in the Pacific Northwest. It’s famous for its iconic landmark, the Space Needle, and for being the birthplace of grunge music and the location of the first Starbucks. Since Seattle is located on the west coast, it is also one of the best cities in America to watch sunsets.

One of the best places to watch a sunset in Seattle is from the Olympic Sculpture Park. Sit back and watch the sun dip into the waters of Elliott Bay from its terraced hillside overlooking the water.

Insider Tip

There are some benches and chairs scattered around Olympic Sculpture Park, so get there early to grab a seat. Alternatively, just bring along a blanket and stake your claim on the lawn.

The best location is by ‘Eagle’, a huge red abstract sculpture atop the hill.

Other Things To Do

There are plenty of other amazing things to do in Seattle. The Space Needle is one of the most iconic landmarks in the world. Take the elevator up to the top and enjoy fabulous 360-degree views of Seattle. 

No visit to Seattle is complete without a trip to the famous Pike Place Market where you can find the freshest local produce and tasty eats, and pick up a unique souvenir.

Best Way To Reach Destination

Visitors fly into the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. It’s about a 13-mile drive to the Olympic Sculpture Park.

You also can take the light rail from the airport to downtown Seattle, and then take a bus to get close to the park.

Best Time To Go Or Avoid

The best time to visit the Emerald City is in the months of May through October. You’ll avoid the rainiest months, but you’ll have to contend with more tourists, especially in July and August. 


Lisa says, “Stay at the Palihotel Seattle. This boutique hotel has a fun retro vibe and is only a two-minute walk from Pike Place Market.”

best national parks to watch pretty sunsets in America
Arches National Park, Utah (Photo courtesy of Pixabay)

Arches National Park, Utah

By Jamie from Photo Jeepers

Delicate Arch is one of the most iconic and recognizable natural arches in the world. Located in Arches National Park in southeast Utah, it stands at a height of 65 feet and spans 46 feet across.

Delicate Arch is THE best place to see and photograph the sunset at Arches National Park to capture the red-orange glow on the arch and surrounding landscape.

From the National Park entrance, it’s about a 15 minute drive to the trailhead parking lot. 

To reach the arch itself requires hiking 3 miles roundtrip and climbing 480 feet in elevation. This hike is mostly uphill and takes 1 to 1 ½ hours, if you are reasonably fit. 

Insider Tips

Due to the popularity of Delicate Arch at sunset, it’s best to get to the trailhead 2 or 3 hours before sunset so there’s time to find a parking spot.

It will also allow time to walk around the arch area to take pictures before sunset. The best photo spot is with your back to the setting sun to capture the golden hour light on the arch with the La Sal Mountains in the background. 

Be sure to pack a headlamp for the hike down after sunset!

Other Things To Do

While at Arches National Park, be sure to explore the scenic drive, hike a trail or two, and have your camera ready to take amazing photos of the unique formations in the park.

Best Way To Reach Destination

The nearest major airports to Arches are Salt Lake City International or Harry Reid International in Las Vegas, both are a 4 hour drive away. 

Best Time To Go Or Avoid

The summers are hot and temperatures can reach 100 degrees F. Plus there is no shade along the trail.

In winter, the crowds are gone, but there could be snow or ice on the trail making it more difficult to navigate. However, the contrast of white snow against the red rock arch is very pretty.


Jamie says, “There is one small campground at Arches National Park. About 5 miles from Arches in the small town of Moab there are a variety of hotels, vacation rentals, and RV parks.”

best us beaches on east coast with most beautiful sun sets
Cape Cod, Massachusetts (Photo courtesy of Samantha from New England Wanderlust)

Cape Cod, Massachusetts

By Samantha from New England Wanderlust

One of the best places in the United States to watch a sunset on the east coast is Cape Cod, Massachusetts, a peninsula along the Atlantic ocean with over 500 miles of stunning coastline. With 15 lovely towns to explore, and New England charm at every turn, this is one of the top beach holiday destinations in the Northeast.

One of the best and most famous sunset locations in the area is at Race Point Beach, which is located in Provincetown at the very tip of the peninsula. This beach offers a panorama view of the sunset along the water, and you can often see seals swimming along the shoreline.

While Race Point is one of the most beautiful sunset spots on Cape Cod, anywhere along the Cape Cod Bay side of the area is truly spectacular to watch the sun go down. Some of the other amazing sun set spots are Herring Cove Beach, Skaket Beach, Rock Harbor Beach and Breakwater Beach. 

Insider Tip

Race Point is part of the Cape Cod National Seashore, which requires a parking fee during the day. But if you arrive after 4:30pm for the sunset, it’s free!

The parking area here is large, and even during peak times, it never fills up during sunset, making it an easy one to visit. 

Other Things To Do

When you’re not chasing sunsets, you’ll want to be sure to visit some of the best towns on Cape Cod. Chatham is known for being one of the most picturesque in the area, and here, you’ll find an awesome Main Street with shops and restaurants, more beautiful beaches and a lighthouse to explore. 

And of course, you’ll want to visit the rest of the beaches during your trip! Cape Cod is known for having some of the most beautiful beaches in the country, so be sure to check out Coast Guard Beach, Nauset Beach and Cahoon Hollow beach.

Best Way To Reach Destination

Boston Logan International Airport is the best way to get to Cape Cod. From the airport, you’ll want to rent a car, and drive about 1.5 hours to the Cape. Having a car to get to all the beaches and top attractions is a must in this area.

Best Time To Go Or Avoid

Peak season on Cape Cod is the summer, and that’s also the best time to visit. July and August offer the best weather for swimming, and all the restaurants and shops will be open for the season.

This is also the most crowded time to visit, so if you’re looking to avoid some of the crowds and still have good weather, you should visit during shoulder season in June or September. 


Samantha says, “If you’re looking for a bit of luxury during your stay, the Chatham Bars Inn can’t be beat. They have their own private beach with cabanas, restaurants and a spa on-site, and a perfect location that’s walkable to Main Street.”

best west coast trips in usa to watch sunsets
San Diego, California (Photo courtesy of Pixabay)

San Diego, California

By Kristin from Global Travel Escapades

San Diego is another destination in the USA that always makes for a lovely vacation no matter what time of the year. This west coast Southern California city has a wide array of activities and sights that are perfect for a much-needed getaway. And what makes San Diego especially great for a holiday is its amazing sunsets.

Insider Tip

A fantastic spot to watch the sunset is at Del Mar beach, around 15th street. Although the area near Seagrove Park is often crowded, if you park on the side streets and make your way to the end of one of the cul de sacs, you’ll hardly find anyone there. Then, you will can catch an intimate viewing of the sunset over the water.

Other Things To Do

There are plenty of other activities to do in the area. For example, surfing is always a local favorite as the area has surf breaks that are suitable for every level of surfer. Plus, you’ll find a good amount of rental shops in the area that offer surfboards for quite affordable prices.

If surfing doesn’t appeal to you, a relaxing beach day with reading a book or sunbathing is never a bad idea.

Alternatively, you can make your way to the Carlsbad area to explore the quaint towns filled with funky shops. If you visit during the spring, you can visit Carlsbad Ranch and absorb the beauty of the millions of flowers that blossom every year!

Best Way To Reach Destination

Visitors who are ready to make their way to San Diego can fly into San Diego International Airport. Del Mar is a short 25-minute drive away.

Best Time To Go Or Avoid

San Diego has beautiful warm weather all year round making it an ideal vacation destination anytime of the year.


Kristin says, “Consider staying at Paradise Point Resort and Spa. It’s a 4-star resort located right next to Mission Bay, so you’ll also be able to enjoy a gorgeous sunset viewing right from your room!”

best places on east coast of america at dusk to watch the sun going down
Outer Banks, North Carolina (Photo courtesy of Pixabay)

Outer Banks, North Carolina

By Samantha from Roam NC

A location that is not often spoken about when it comes to a beach vacation on the east coast of the USA is the stunning Outer Banks in North Carolina.

The Outer Banks is home to a multitude of scenic beaches where you can easily watch the sun go down. However, Jockey’s Ridge, a State Park, is a fan favorite for this activity.

Here you will often find people hiking trails, picnicking, and even sand boarding along the dunes. It offers a friendly atmosphere and visiting is one of the best free things to do in the Outer Bank.

The State Park is surrounded by traditional seaside towns, including Kill Devil Hills and Kitty Hawk, both of which provide endless views to soak up the evening sun. 

Other Things To Do

During the day, you can occupy yourself with nearby beaches and piers and spend time on the beach searching for shells.

If you love traveling, learn more about the history of flying at the Wright Brothers Memorial, which is just a short drive from Jockey’s Ridge. This is where they flew the first flight.

Best Way To Reach Destination

When traveling around North Carolina, renting a car is a must and will allow you to easily travel from place to place so you can experience everything there is to offer. 

Best Time To Go Or Avoid

When considering what time of year to visit, there is no denying that The Outer Banks thrives in the summertime. This is when you will find the most sunny weather and when most of the attractions are open.

That being said, the weather in the Outer Banks can be fickle. Towns often will experience light rainfall even during the warmer months, so remember to bring a light raincoat, just in case.


Samantha says, “The majority of the hotels in the Outer Banks are delightful seaside accommodations. One of the best is the Townhouse Place Marriott, conveniently placed, and they even allow dogs.”

best places in usa to watch most beautiful sunsets
Gettysburg, Pennsylvania (Photo courtesy of Jessica from Past Lane Travels)

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

By Jessica from Past Lane Travels

Most people don’t think of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania when thinking about a vacations in the USA to watch the sun set. However, there is one iconic spot that draws visitors and locals alike to watch that big yellow ball dip below the horizon.

Located in south central Pennsylvania, the small town of Gettysburg became famous when armies from the North and South fought in the fields and farms around the town for three days in July of 1863.

The battlefield is peaceful and serene now with more than 6,000 acres of rolling hills, fields and forests preserved to commemorate the battle.

The best place to watch the sunset is Little Round Top, a small rise that stands 650 feet above sea level. There is even a small stone castle that can be climbed for an even better view of the vast farmland and mountains in the distance.

Insider Tip

Parking has always been a problem in the summer months and the National Park Service is currently doing renovations to expand available space. While it is being completed, leave lots of time to find parking.

Other Things To Do

There are plenty of other things to do in Gettysburg as well, including double-decker bus tours of the battlefield and downtown walking tours that describe the effect of the battle on the civilians in the town.

Special events include the annual Civil War reenactment in July and Remembrance Day weekend in November.

Best Way To Reach Destination

Gettysburg is about an hour away from Harrisburg International Airport, and 90 minutes from Baltimore Washington International Airport and Dulles. Public transportation is very limited. Even Uber rides are hard to come by so a renting a car is necessary for this rural area.

Best Time To Go Or Avoid

The best time to visit Gettysburg depends on what you want to see and do. The summer months are the most crowded, but there are also more special events.

The winter months are cold and possibly snowy, but crowds are thinner. Spring and Fall are both lovely months in Pennsylvania, but the weather is unpredictable.


Jessica says, “Gettysburg has lots of campgrounds that offer cabins and cottages, and dozens of Bed and Breakfasts that are located in buildings that served as hospitals during the Battle of Gettysburg.

You can also get a hotel room within walking distance of museums, restaurants and shops at the historic Gettysburg Hotel and Federal Pointe Inn, among others.”

best east coast trip to see prettiest US sun sets
Naples, Florida (Photo courtesy of Lori from

Naples, Florida

By Lori from

Naples, Florida is known for its beautiful beaches and the kind of blazing sunsets that make southwest Florida such a popular year round tourist destination in the United States.

Whether you’re here for a weekend getaway or a longer vacation, watching the sunset is a daily ritual for every tourist and most locals.

In Naples, it’s a tradition that’s celebrated with umbrella cocktails, fire dancers, and a hearty round of applause at the end.

Naples has many vantage points and beaches on the Gulf of Mexico to watch the sunset, but there is no better place to watch the sun disappear under the horizon than at the Naples Pier.

The 12 feet wide Naples Pier extends 1100 feet out into the Gulf. The weather gods have not been kind to the structure over the years but it continues to stand despite the occasional hurricane.

Sadly, Hurricane Ian in 2022 was especially destructive and restoration continues. However, you can still visit the Pier to watch the fiery sunset for which Naples is known.

Insider Tips

The downtown area of Naples is one of the best places for tourists to stay, so the Pier can get a bit crowded in the early afternoon. It’s best to get there an hour before the official sunset time to find your perfect spot.

If you’re driving, there is a parking lot on 3rd Street South and just a 5 minute walk with your blanket or beach chairs.

Other Things To Do

Naples’ prime location on the Gulf makes it perfect for boat tours, shelling, waterside dining, and tiki bar strolls. There’s even a boat tour ON a floating tiki bar!

Best Way To Reach Destination

Many visitors to Naples fly into Southwest Florida International Airport (RSW). Several major airlines fly into Southwest Florida International, and then, it’s only a 30 minute drive to downtown Naples.

Best Time To Go Or Avoid

Though the sunsets are fiery all year long, your odds of seeing the legendary Green Flash are better earlier in the year, making Naples one of the best places to visit the US for spring break or in the summer.


Lori says, “The luxury Inn on Fifth is in the heart of downtown, while the moderate Inn at Pelican Bay is closer to Mercato.”

best west coast destination to watch the prettiest sunset in america
Orcas Island, Washington (Photo courtesy of Marisa from Postcards To Seattle)

Orcas Island, Washington

By Marisa from Postcards To Seattle

When you’re looking for one of the best places to enjoy a pretty sunset in the U.S., you can’t beat Orcas Island in Washington. This beautiful, quiet island is located north of Seattle in the San Juan Islands.

You can watch the sunset from anywhere on Orcas Island, but the top of Mount Constitution is the best place. You’ll be able to see the other San Juan Islands and even Canada on a clear evening. This is about a 30-minute drive from Eastsound, the main town on the island.

Insider Tip

You’ll want to arrive early at Mount Constitution as the parking lot can fill up quickly.

Other Things To Do

There are many fun things to do on Orcas Island. While in town, you can go wine tasting at Doe Bay Wine Company and then stroll around the local artisan shops.

Mijitas Mexican Kitchen and Hogstone’s Wood Oven are great places to get a meal when you’re ready to fuel up.

Best Way To Reach Destination

The closest airport to fly into is Paine Field in Everett but it is limited in its number of flights. It is better to rent a car and drive 1.5 hours from Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.

Once you reach Anacortes, you’ll take a short ferry to reach Orcas. You can also look into taking a seaplane but you will want a car to explore Orcas Island.

Best Time To Go Or Avoid

Summer is the best time to visit weather-wise, as it tends to be dry and in the 70s or 80s F, but it is also the most popular time. Late spring or early fall can be ideal times to explore the island with fewer people and cheaper accommodation.


Marissa says, “Camping is a popular activity in the summer at places like Moran State Park, for which you’ll need a reservation in advance. You can also treat yourself and stay at the luxurious Rosario Resort & Spa.”

best cities in usa to watch sunsets
Nashville, Tennessee (Photo courtesy of Adobe Stock)

Nashville, Tennessee

By Brittany from Travel By Brit

Nashville, Tennessee, is known for its country music history and southern culture. However, it is also one of the best American cities to watch the sunset.

Nicknamed just the “Pedestrian Bridge”, the John Seigenthaler Pedestrian Bridge is for foot traffic only and connects Downtown Nashville and Broadway Street to Nissan Stadium, where the Tennessee Titans play.

There are plenty of benches and seating areas on the bridge, so if you arrive early, you can snag one for yourself to watch the sun sink over the gorgeous skyline.

Insider Tip

Parking around the bridge (and on Broadway Street) can be chaotic and often expensive so walk, or take a taxi or ride share.”

Other Things To Do

While in Nashville, don’t miss the chance to check out some of the best bars in Nashville on Broadway Street, like the Wildhorse Saloon and Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge.

You should also visit the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum to learn more about the city’s country music history. Alternatively, go on a mural tour to see the city’s vibrant and famous murals.

Best Way To Reach Destination

To get to Nashville, fly into the Nashville International Airport (BNA), which is only a short eight-mile drive to Downtown Nashville.

If you are staying in Downtown Nashville, you may not need a car, but if you want to enjoy other spots in Nashville that aren’t within walking distance, like the 12 South neighborhood, a rental car is the best choice.

Best Time To Go Or Avoid

It’s wise to visit Nashville in the spring or fall for the best weather — the summers are hot and humid, and the city is filled with tourists. In the winter, the weather is unpredictable, so you could be stuck in a snow and ice storm.


Brittany says, “It’s wise to stay at a hotel near Broadway Street, like the Cambria Hotel Nashville or Moxy Nashville Downtown, so you can walk to the Pedestrian Bridge from your hotel.”

best national parks in america to watch prettiest sun sets
Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming (Photo courtesy of Erin from Super Simple Salty Life)

Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

By Erin from Super Simple Salty Life

Grand Teton National Park is part of the Rocky Mountain range in northwestern Wyoming. This section of the Rockies is considered to be newer than other mountain ranges, giving the jagged peaks their trademark shape and forming the perfect backdrop for some stunning sunsets. It is one of the best national parks in the US to vacation for beautiful sun sets.

The most popular spot for photographers and sunset-lovers alike inside Teton National Park is at Oxbow Bend. People come early to set up chairs and tripods to take gorgeous photos of the sun setting behind the huge rocky peaks, reflected in the still water below. Some of the most iconic photos of the Tetons were taken in this location.

The Tetons are home to an abundant amount of wildlife such as bison, mule deer, elk, bears, and moose. Visitors that are out during the sunset hours will most likely also catch a glimpse of many of these large animals. Remember to keep your distance and just enjoy viewing them from afar.

Insider Tip

Arrive at least an hour before sunset to get a great spot. Visitors in the summer will want to bring bug spray, and maybe a light jacket for after the sun goes down.

Other Things To Do

Besides the incredible hiking and mountain-climbing options inside the National Park, the nearby town of Jackson at the southern end of Jackson Hole is also a great place to check out.

Jackson is a perfect location to stay in because it is so close to the park. Visitors to the town can shop at boutique and locally-owned stores, grab a bite to eat, and replenish supplies and groceries.

Best Way To Reach Destination

The closest international airports are in Denver or Salt Lake City. However, there is even a small airport inside the National Park.

Best Time To Go Or Avoid

With the elevation, the Tetons can get chilly and icy in the winter and a lot of the hikes are closed.

The best time to visit this area is in the late spring through fall, keeping in mind that the summer months can become crowded. But with over 200 miles of hiking trails available, travelers should be able to find a quiet spot to explore.


Erin says, “The Wyoming Inn is a perfect place to stay in town. This luxury lodge is just minutes from downtown Jackson, and has a large lobby fireplace, spacious rooms, and an on-site restaurant.”

best beach destination on west coast of America for a gorgeous sun set
Malibu, California (Photo courtesy of Catrina from 24 Hours Layover)

Malibu, California

By Catrina from 24 Hours Layover

The picturesque beach town of Malibu in California, 30 miles west of Downtown Los Angeles is known for its celebrity homes, perfect surf and stunning beaches that offer incredible views of the Pacific Ocean.

The best place in Malibu to watch the sunset is at El Matador State Beach. The beach features three small secluded coves that are ideal for sunset viewing, and the beach’s rugged cliffs and large rock formations provide a stunning backdrop – perfect for getting photos.

Another best photo spot in Malibu to catch the sunset is the Malibu Pier which offers amazing unobstructed views of the Pacific Ocean.

Insider Tip

Bring a jacket as the ocean breeze can make it chilly, especially during the winter months. Additionally, it’s best to arrive early as the best spots can get crowded, especially on weekends and during peak tourist season.

Other Things To Do

While in Malibu, visitors can take a scenic drive on the Pacific Coast Highway, which offers breathtaking ocean views and a chance to see the luxurious homes of some of Hollywood’s biggest stars.

The Getty Villa is another must-visit attraction, featuring an impressive collection of ancient Greek and Roman art and architecture.

Best Way To Reach Destination

The closest international airport to Malibu is Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), approximately 30 miles away. It is about an hour’s drive to El Matador State Beach.

Alternatively, you can get a local bus from Santa Monica to Trancas Canyon and then walk to El Matador from there.

Best Time To Go Or Avoid

The best time to visit Malibu is from March to May or from September to November when the weather is mild and the crowds are smaller. The summer months can get quite hot and humid.


Catrina says, “For accommodation, Malibu has several options, ranging from luxurious hotels and resorts to budget-friendly motels and vacation rentals. The Malibu Beach Inn is a top-rated hotel that offers stunning ocean views and luxurious amenities.

Camping is also available at the nearby Leo Carrillo State Park for visitors who want to experience the great outdoors.”

best us destinations to view sun going down
White Sands National Park (Photo courtesy of Alanna from Periodic Adventures)

White Sands National Park, New Mexico

By Alanna from Periodic Adventures

White Sands National Park is located just an hour from Las Cruces, New Mexico and is a spectacular US holiday destination to view the sunset. The Park is very small with only one 8-mile-long road that is bordered by miles of sand dunes.

To watch the sunset at White Sands National Park, it’s best to get there a bit early then drive towards the back of the park for fewer crowds. You’ll want to get out of your vehicle, climb a sand dune and sit at the top for the best views.

Other Things To Do

Other things to do at White Sands National Park include renting or bringing a sled to slide down the dunes, taking a ranger led nature walk, or exploring the Visitor Center to learn more about the ecosystems.

Best Way To Reach Destination

To get there, fly into Las Cruces (LRU), rent a car, and drive northeast on US-70E until you reach the Park entrance, which is right off the highway.

Best Time To Go Or Avoid

White Sands National Park is open year round, but can occasionally close due to weather or nearby missile testing. The best time to visit is winter for fewer crowds, although it can get very cold so bring proper winter attire.


Alanna says, “The nearest major town is Alamogordo, so if you need a place to stay overnight, try White Sands Motel or Holiday Inn Express in town.”

best places for most beautiful sunsets in united states
Big Island, Hawaii (Photo courtesy of Jina from By Jina Lee)

Big Island, Hawaii

By Jina from By Jina Lee

Witness one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world at the summit of Mauna Kea, located on the Big Island in Hawaii. At more than 13,000 feet above sea level, you’ll have an unobstructed view of the horizon as you watch the sunset dip below a sea of clouds. 

Getting to Mauna Kea requires a bit of planning. On your way to the summit, there’s a mandatory stop at Mauna Kea Visitor Center where you’ll spend at least 30 minutes acclimating to the altitude.

There are also attendants who will check to make sure you have a 4WD vehicle and that your tires are cool enough to make the drive up to the summit.

If you choose not to rent a 4WD car for your Big Island road trip, you can rent a car for the day or pay for a sunset tour. 

From the visitor center, it takes about 30 minutes of very careful driving to get to the summit area. Once you arrive at the parking lot at the top, there are plenty of places from where you can watch the sunset.

Insider Tip

The summit is the only place on the island where you’ll need to pack warmly as the average temperature is 32F.

There aren’t that many higher vantage points at the top of the summit so you’ll want to arrive at least 30-45 minutes before sunset to get a front-row seat and an uninterrupted view.

Other Things To Do

Visiting Mauna Kea and Volcanoes National Park on the same day provides a unique opportunity to experience two of Hawaii’s most breathtaking natural wonders – the highest point in the State and the active Kilauea volcano.

Volcanoes National Park is one of the main highlights of the Big Island so you’ll want to get to the Park before 10:00 AM to secure a parking spot, especially if you’re interested in hiking the popular Kilauea Iki Trail down to the crater.

Best Way To Reach Destination

It’s possible to visit Mauna Kea upon arrival, as it’s about 2-3 hours from both Kona and Hilo International Airport.

Best Time To Go Or Avoid

The weather on the Big Island is warm and pleasant all year round.


Jina says, “If you decide to plan for a day trip to Volcanoes National Park before heading to Mauna Kea for the sunset, you’ll want to stay in Volcano Village or Hilo so you’ll be close enough to the park to get an early start in the morning.”

best cities to watch the best sun sets in usa
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (Photo courtesy of Melissa from Parenthood And Passports)

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

By Melissa from Parenthood And Passports

While many places in the United States with beautiful sunsets are often remote and far from urban areas, in Oklahoma City, you don’t have to venture away from the city to experience a wide range of colorful skies as the sun sets. The sky in Oklahoma’s capital often takes on hues of deep orange, pink, purple, and red, creating a breathtaking display of colors.

The city’s relatively flat terrain also offers unobstructed views of the horizon, allowing for a clear view of the setting sun. 

While the sunset can be breathtaking for those just driving down the highway, for a serene escape, head to Lake Hefner on the city’s northwest side, to enjoy the evening as the sun ducks behind the lake’s iconic lighthouse. 

Or relax in the boathouse district, one of the most popular places to visit in OKC with kids, to see the sky behind downtown Oklahoma City turn shades of orange and pink.

Other Things To Do

Head to the boathouse district to test your skills at white water rafting, kayaking, surfing, zip-lining, or dare to try the tallest ropes course of its kind in the world!

Alternatively, go to Bricktown – a must-visit area of OKC. Take a boat ride on the man-made canal or stroll along the water’s edge and enjoy the lively atmosphere in the district which is filled with restaurants, shopping and entertainment venues. Bricktown is an ideal area to base yourself when visiting Oklahoma City.

Best Way To Reach Destination

Oklahoma City is easy to get to, thanks to Will Rogers World Airport, located just 15 minutes outside of the downtown area, and is a fun area to explore on a weekend trip. So, while you may come for the epic sunsets, you’ll be amazed at how much there is to do in this underrated city in the Central Plains. 

Best Time To Go Or Avoid

It’s worth noting that Oklahoma is known for its unpredictable weather. So, for your best chance at seeing a fiery red sunset, plan your trip in late summer or early fall, when the temperatures are usually warm and the skies are often clear. Additionally, the sun angle during this time of year is also lower, which can create a more dramatic and colorful sunset.


Melissa says, “Book a stay at the trendy Aloft Hotel which has a rooftop pool, another great place to catch a sunset.”

best vacations in united states to watch prettiest sun sets
Cape Charles, Virginia (Photo courtesy of Erin from Go Hike Virginia)

Cape Charles, Virginia

By Erin from Go Hike Virginia

You won’t find a weathered boardwalk or surfing-caliber waves in Cape Charles, Virginia. However, you will find kid-friendly beaches, a walkable historic district and vibrant sunsets over the Chesapeake Bay.

Located on the southern tip of the peninsula that is Virginia’s Eastern Shore, Cape Charles draws in sun-seekers in summer with its chill vibes, small town appeal, and quaint locally-owned boutiques and gift shops.

As the sun prepares to set, there is no bad spot to savor the fiery sunsets of west-facing Cape Charles.

Insider Tip

At Cape Charles Beach, snap a selfie with the colorful LOVE sign as you wait for the sun to drop below the horizon.

Other Things To Do

At Kiptopeke State Park, soak in the sun, then kayak out to a convoy of nine crumbling ghost ships that date to World War II. At Savage Neck Dunes Natural Area Preserve, an easy hike on the Beach Trail leads to a gorgeous white sand beach that’s strewn with beautiful driftwood.

When evening comes, The Shanty wows with delicious seafood dishes and hush puppies served with honey butter at the Cape Charles Town Harbor. After dinner, stroll Mason Avenue to Brown Dog Ice Cream for a scoop of Snickerdoodle or Cherry Chocolate Chip.

Best Way To Reach Destination

Cape Charles is less than one hour by car from Norfolk International Airport.

Best Time To Go Or Avoid

Summer is a popular time to visit Cape Charles, particularly for families and beach-goers. Note that some shops close up in the off-season (winter), so keep this in mind before making the drive. However, the sunsets are always in-season, and they are one-of-a-kind. 


Erin says, “A popular nearby stay is the historic Northampton Hotel, which is just one block from the beach.

For those who prefer a campground, look to Sun Outdoors Cape Charles, which has RV sites, cabins, cottages, glamping tents and tent sites. The campground also has five swimming pools, mini golf, fishing piers and its own sandy beach. Located on the Chesapeake Bay, sunset views are all around you.”

best us destinations to see dusk and most beautiful sunsets
Dead Horse Point State Park, Utah (Photo courtesy of Stephanie from History Fangirl)

Dead Horse Point State Park, Utah

By Stephanie from History Fangirl

Dead Horse Point State Park lies just outside of Moab, Utah, near Canyonlands National Park and Arches National Park. However, because it’s a state park sitting adjacent to some of the country’s most prized national parks, it often gets overlooked by travelers. 

This is a shame since it’s one of the most spectacular places to watch a sunset in the entire United States. In addition, the sunset view is one that is overlooking Canyonlands National Park, so it’s the perfect extension of a visit to Canyonlands.

Insider Tips

The Park has a highly rated hike, but you need to complete the loop and head to the Visitor’s Center well before sunset to grab the best spot.

Alternatively, you can simply arrive at the park thirty minutes before sunset and park in the Visitor’s Center parking lot.

The viewpoint from behind the Visitor’s Center offers the best vantage point. Note that sunset hits a bit earlier than the time Google states due to the way the ridges of Canyonlands block the light.

Other Things To Do

Once you’ve had your fill of Moab’s nature and parks, you should spend some time walking around downtown checking out the local murals before enjoying dinner and drinks at Moab Brewery.

Most people will come to Moab as part of a larger Utah national parks road trip.

Best Way To Reach Destination

If you want to fly commercial, you will need to fly into Salt Lake City and rent a car to drive the nearly two-hundred and fifty miles to Moab. Those flying privately can land at Canyonlands Field Airport (CNY).

Best Time To Go Or Avoid

Moab is great year-round, but it can get quite crowded in the summer. You can visit in winter, but you might not enjoy walking back to your car in the dark on snowy or icy days.

The perfect time to visit Moab and Dead Horse Point State Park is in the shoulder season months of April, May, September, and October.


Stephanie says, “The Virginian Inn provides basic accommodations for those on a budget, while those looking to splurge can check into the Hoodoo Moab.”

best vacations to watch the best sunsets in america
Death Valley National Park, California (Photo courtesy of Pixabay)

Death Valley National Park, California

By Catherine from Nomadicated

Located in Eastern California and occupying an area of 5,270 square miles, Death Valley is one of the largest national parks in the United States. It’s a land of extremes, with scorching heat, barren deserts, salt flats, rugged mountains, and amazing sunsets.

When it comes to watching the sunset, two locations in Death Valley are particularly stunning. The first is Zabriskie Point, famous for its panoramic views of the badlands and the surrounding mountains. After a short hike, watching the sunset from Zabriskie Point is a surreal experience, as the light paints the surrounding landscape with warm, golden hues.

The second spot is the Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes, a field of towering sand dunes that are constantly shifting and changing. As the sun sets, the sand glows with an orange-red hue as the angle of the shadows becomes evermore dramatic.

It may take some effort to climb the sand dunes, but traversing a few layers of dunes rewards you with an untouched view free from footprints and any evidence of disturbance.

Other Things To Do

Aside from these points of interest, there are plenty of other things to do in Death Valley. Surprisingly, you can take a dip in a desert waterfall, hike through the colorful canyons of Artists’ Palette, or visit the massive Ubehebe Crater.

Best Way To Reach Destination

To reach Death Valley, the closest airport is Las Vegas’s Harry Reid International airport. There is no public transportation to or within the park, so you will need to rent a car and embark on your own Vegas road trip. Note that driving times can be lengthy due to the Park’s size.

Best Time To Go Or Avoid

The best time to visit Death Valley is during the winter months when the temperatures are mild. Summer temperatures can reach over 110 degrees Fahrenheit, making outdoor activities uncomfortable, if not dangerous.


Catherine says, “Camping in the National Park is your best option to minimize driving time. There are nine campgrounds to choose from, ranging from primitive to more developed sites.

Book your campground ahead of time! The Park is massive, and if one campground is full, you’ll have to drive a long way to find another.”

best us beaches to observe prettiest sun set in usa
Sand Point Beach, Michigan (Photo courtesy of Rebecca from Veggies Abroad)

Sand Point Beach, Michigan

By Rebecca from Veggies Abroad

When you find yourself in Michigan’s gorgeous Upper Peninsula, there is no better place to catch the sunset than Sand Point Beach. The beach is ideally located — just four miles from the charming town of Munising and at the start of the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. It’s so lovely that the Weather Channel named it one of the “Top Five Summer Beaches in America.”

During the day, this is a popular beach as the waters are shallow, making it a perfect swimming location. When night falls, the crowds leave, and the unobstructed views over Lake Superior provide the best opportunity to catch a sky full of brilliant orange and pink.

Insider Tip

If you’re visiting in the spring, fall, or winter, watch the weather and pack layers.

Other Things To Do

While visiting the area, you can’t miss going for a hike in the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore or jumping in a boat or kayak and viewing the park’s iconic cliffs from the water. Multiple local tour companies run a range of tours from May to October.

Best Way To Reach Destination

The easiest way to reach the area is to drive, but if you’re flying, the closest airport is Sawyer International Airport in Marquette, about an hour away. You will need to rent a car as the area is rural (expect dirt roads and one-lane highways).

Best Time To Go Or Avoid

The spring and fall can average in the 40s and 50s (snowfall can happen in October), and expect a lot of snow in the winter. For the best weather, visit between June – August.


Rebecca says, “It’s best to base yourself in Munising to explore the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore and hang out on Sandpoint Beach. There are multiple hotels and campsites — some recommendations include The Roam Inn and The Sunset Motel on the Bay. If you’re visiting in the summer, make your reservations early, as hotels and campsites sell out fast!”

Last Word

The best places in America to watch some of the most beautiful sunsets in the world include exciting cities, charming towns, spectacular sandy beaches and soaring mountains. Choosing where to go will be difficult but regardless of your ultimate destination on your US vacation, you will find some of the prettiest sun sets in the world.

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