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11 Best Nike Flip Flops, Sandals And Slides For Women


Having a great pair of comfy flip flops or slides is essential in any wardrobe. In summer, they are perfect to wear at the beach, to run errands, or go for a walk. On a trip, they are lightweight and easily fit into a weekend getaway bag. At the gym, they keep your feet protected in the locker room, shower, or pool deck. While there are many manufacturers from which to choose, Nike flip flops and Nike slides for women are some of the best available on the market. 

Nike is one of the premier shoe manufacturers in the world, and its selection of stylish or sporty slides and flip flops for women is fantastic. They supply cushion and support, offer durability, and provide wide-ranging styles and colors to suit your athletic or casual day-to-day wardrobe.

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How The Reviews Are Organized

Nike’s slides, flip-flops and sandals for women come in countless styles. They all feature Nike’s flagship quality and construction, making them a great durable investment. Each shoe that we have reviewed offers some of the best qualities from Nike. 

In the following article, I divide up my reviews into three sections. The first section, I discuss the three best Nike flip flops for women. Next, I highlight the six best Nike slides for women. Finally, I discuss two of the best Nike sandals available.

In each of the reviews, I discuss what each shoe offers and what may be missing in order to help you determine which shoe best meets your needs.

Afterward, I discuss some of the general advantages that Nike flip flops and Nike slides supply women that make them an ideal choice for many different uses.

Other Options

Nike offers a long list of flip flops, slides and sandals that are comfortable, durable, and supportive. However, if you are not sure whether you have found the best shoe for your needs, then I would recommend taking a look at a couple others.

First, I would explore Adidas flip flops and slides. Adidas offers a vast selection of slides and flip flops with their own technology to make them very comfortable and supportive. In addition, they have other colors and patterns from which to choose.

Second, I would take a look at New Balance slip on shoes, which also include a choice of flip flops and slides.

Best Nike Flip Flops For Women

Here are the 3 best Nike flip flops for women. They all have a sporty look, but differ in the thickness and durability of the outer sole. Related to this, they provide various levels of cushion and shock absorption in the midsole.

As you review these flip flops, it is important to assess how much walking you may wish to do and over what kind of surfaces to help you decide which flip flop would be best for your needs.

Celso: Nike Flip Flops Women

Nike flip flops women


  • EVA midsole cushion and foam footbed for comfort.
  • The straps are made from a soft, synthetic material that is durable and offers protection from chaffing and blistering.
  • The outsole includes Phylon foam for shock absorption and cushion.
  • Slight toe rocker design that helps feet roll forward as you walk to create a more natural walking movement.

Useful Information:

  • No half sizes.
  • Limited color choices.
  • Some traction on the sole but will give limited grip on slippery or wet surfaces, especially after the sole is worn down a bit.
  • Limited arch support.
  • Recommend buying a size up if naturally a half size so that your toes can splay out comfortably on the bed of the shoe.


The Nike Celso Girl Flip Flops would be a fantastic choice to pack for a trip, a day at the beach, or working around the house. There is plenty of cushion packed into these Nike flip flops with the EVA comfort technology and Phylon foam outsole. This ensures your feet feel comfortable and have shock absorption while walking.

The slight toe rocker is an added benefit and different from traditional flat-sole flip flops. They help to mimic the natural walking gait of your foot by rocking you forward from the heel strike to the toe. The soft synthetic straps avoid blistering that comes from conventional rubber thongs and will allow for longer walks in comfort.

These Nike flip flops for women are lightweight and have a sporty look with the Nike swoosh emblem subtly added on the straps and the toe on the sole of the shoe. They are simple and versatile and the platform sole is durable.

Solay: Nike Flip Flops Women

Nike flip flops women


  • Thick foam sole for lots of cushioning.
  • Firm outsole for better support.
  • Toe rocker to help with natural foot movement when walking.
  • Grooved footbed to prevent foot from sliding and with massaging effect.
  • Wavy outsole grooves for enhanced traction on loose or slippery terrain.
  • Thin, soft rubber straps that wrap around the mid-foot.
  • Slight arch support from shape of footbed.

Useful Information:

  • Waterproof and easy to clean. 
  • No half sizes.
  • Limited color selection.


These Nike flip flops for women offer more features than a standard flip flop. There is a thicker studier contoured sole for better support and extra cushion for shock absorption and comfort. In addition, the outsole supplies deeper grooves for enhanced traction on uneven or slippery conditions.

The Nike Solay Flip Flops are durable, lightweight, and provides extra comfort from the pocketed footbed making sure your foot stays in place while walking. They have a sporty look, are waterproof, and would work well around the pool, locker room, or shower at the gym.

Solarsoft: Nike Flip Flops Women

Nike flip flops women


  • Plush foam midsole for cushioning and comfort.
  • Grooves on footbed massage feet, provide grip to keep feet in place and provide airflow to keep feet cool and dry.
  • Outsole is sturdier with less flex for support and durability.
  • Square groove pattern on the outsole for decent traction.
  • Slight arch support in the midsole.

Useful Information:

  • Easy to care for and quick drying
  • No half sizes and limited color choices.
  • Rubber straps are soft and flat but may rub and blister if wear for long walks.


These Nike flip flops for women are designed to provide comfort in hot weather. The grooved footbed allows airflow under the foot while also ensuring your foot can grip the shoe. There is superb comfort from foam in the midsole and massaging grooves on the footbed.

The outsole has flex for easy walking but is designed to be stiffer for support. The outsole supplies a decent tread for grip on wet surfaces. They are quick-drying and would be great in the locker room or the beach. They are also lightweight and easy to pack and carry around.  

Nike Slides For Women

Here are six of the best Nike slides for women. Most of them supply similar features but differ in color choices and sporty styles. Distinguishing differences among them include tread surfaces offering different levels of traction, and in some cases, contoured footbeds or arch support.

Nike Benassi Slides

Nike benassi slides


  • Synthetic upper with jersey lining and foam package for comfort.
  • Foam in midsole and outsole offers lightweight cushioning and excellent shock absorption.
  • Rubber outsole with herringbone tread supplying limited traction.
  • Textured footbed for a massaging feel and extra grip.
  • Slight arch support and shaped footbed.
  • Toe rocker and flex grooves on the outsole to enhance natural walking gait.
  • Thick outsole for durability.

Useful Information:

  • Available in multiple colors and fun patterns for a sporty or stylish look.
  • Half sizes available in some colors.


Nike Benassi slides are one of the best Nike slides for women. The cushioned upper gives a comfortable fit, and the textured footbed massages your feet as you walk.

The design with the thick contoured sole, toe rocker, and flex outsole should make longer walks more comfortable and less fatiguing on the legs. In addition, the synthetic upper is soft, with a unique towel-like feel, to hug the mid-foot without chafing and offer a plush experience for the feet.

The outsole supplies some tread but not a significant amount so it would be best not to wear the Nike Benassi slides in slippery or wet conditions.

Nike Benassi slides are available in a sporty look or fun patterns that could make a fashion statement or compliment an outfit.

Beach And Pool: Nike Slides Women

Nike slides women


  • Thick contoured sole with arch support. 
  • Foam midsole and outsole for cushion.
  • Textured footbed for grip and comfort.
  • Flex strips in the outsole for some traction and to allow for midfoot flex while walking.
  • Features double foam padded synthetic straps to keep feet in place and avoid chafing.
  • Thick outsoles for better cushioning, shock absorption, and durability.

Useful Information:

  • Available in multiple colors and full sizes.
  • Retains a sporty look with “Nike” and swoosh emblem on upper.
  • Not intended to be submerged in water.
  • Easy to wipe clean.


The support offered by these Nike slides for women is excellent. The soft plush double straps keep the feet secure and snug without chafing and the contoured footbed provides arch support. The thick cushioned midsole and outsole provide shock absorption while walking.

Although these Nike slides for women come in multiple bright colors, they still retain a sporty look with “Nike” and the swoosh emblem prominently displayed on the upper.

These Nike flip flops would be ideal to pack for a trip as they are lightweight and you can comfortably wear them all day. However, they do not have a deep tread on the outsole so you should choose another shoe if you think you will be walking on wet surfaces or terrain that require traction.

Nike Victori One

Nike slides women


  • Synthetic plush and soft upper for superb comfort.
  • Improved midsole cushion for excellent shock absorption and energy rebound when walking.
  • Thick flattish outsole for durability.
  • Improved contoured outsole in the shape of the foot for better traction.
  • Footbed has a contoured foot shape to support the foot, massage, and help with grip.
  • Slight arch support.

Useful Information:

  • Extra space around the wider strap accommodates wider foot sizes and shapes.
  • Available in lots of colors and patterns.
  • Lightweight.
  • No toe rocker.
  • Not ideal for a narrow foot.


These Nike slides for women are the perfect go-to footwear for athletes after a hard workout or anyone who is looking for a soft contoured footbed that helps cradle your feet while standing or walking.

These Nike flip flops have been redesigned and there are significant improvements in many key areas. The upper has been expanded with improved softness so that wider feet can easily fit and there is less possibility for chafing. In addition, more foam for extra rebound in the midsole and outsole helps with shock absorption and cushion. Finally, the outsole has an upgraded tread for increased traction on slippery or uneven ground.

The traditional sporty style is ideal and with bright colors and fun patterns, it allows for some stylish choices for your athletic or beach wear.

Kawa: Nike Slides Women

Nike slides women


  • Synthetic sole and upper.
  • Soft synthetic open-toe padded strap that moves naturally with your normal walking motion.
  • Solarsoft foam cushioned footbed for comfort and shock absorption for a soft feel underfoot.
  • Contoured footbed with some arch support and grooves for grip.
  • Lightweight injected Phylon foam midsole that adds another layer of cushion for energy rebound when walking.
  • Thick durable outsole with some traction.
  • Wavy tread on the outsole with flex grooves for natural foot movement.

Useful Information:

  • Not suitable for wide feet.
  • Only full sizes available. If you tend to fit on the half size, order a size higher.
  • Available in many colors.
  • Not designed to be submerged in water. Avoid using in the shower.


These Nike slides for women are a very comfortable option. They offer a contoured footbed that cradles the feet, and then, lots of cushion in the midsole and outsole to allow for long walks. The upper is soft with a flexible strap that easily moves with the natural motion of your stride.

The grooves in the footbed massage the soles of your feet as you walk or stand and the grooves in the outsole allow for flex when walking while also providing some traction on the ground.

These Nike flip flops are designed with walking in mind. If you are unsure about how your day is going to play out, whether it will include lots of walking on different kinds of surfaces or running errands all over town, then the Nike Kawa Slides would be a good choice.

Nike Offcourt Slides

Nike slides women


  • Dual-layered Revive Foam is included to create a super soft footbed and excellent shock absorption.
  • Contoured footbed including toes nestles foot along the soft foam lining and adds support.
  • Strap is finished with a soft towel-like finish for comfort and to remove blistering.
  • Outsole includes flex grooves to allow the foot to bend naturally while walking.
  • Sneaker technology on the tread supplies multi-surface traction.
  • Slight toe and heel rocker, and some arch support.

Useful Information:

  • Available in multiple colors and materials, including leather and fake fur, and a range of full sizes.
  • Subtle monochromatic large “Nike” lettering elevates these shoes to outfits beyond athletic or beachwear.
  • Lightweight and durable.


Featuring Nike’s Revive Foam technology, these Nike slides for women have premium features for a reasonable price. They are extremely soft on both the top and bottom of the feet from the uppers and linings of the shoe. In addition, the soles are thick with double the amount of midsole foam for extra cushion while walking.

For a slide, Nike Offcourt for women also offers lots of support for your feet from a contoured footbed with grooves for your toes and arch support.

One of the best features of these Nike flip flops for women are the outsoles with concentric grooves that are a nod to the Iconic Air Force 1 sneakers. Beyond the cool styling reference, they offer more impressive traction on wet or uneven surfaces than standard slides.

Nike Asuna Slides

Nike slides women
Nike slides women


  • Two-part upper with soft mesh style straps and foam panel.
  • Easy slip-on design with adjustable bungee lace system.
  • Open toe dual-density insole for excellent cushion while walking.
  • Durable thick outsole with strong traction.
  • Core carrier midsole for a secure fit.
  • Slight toe rocker to enhance natural walking gait.

Useful Information:

  • Available in a couple of colors and full sizes.
  • Subtle “Nike” lettering and swoosh emblem.


The combination of fashion and sport is fully realized with these Nike slides for women. You can wear them in various settings – from the beach to running errands around town, or to lunch or dinner.

In addition, the rugged tread pattern offers excellent traction on sand, water, or uneven ground, like country trails. The quick lacing bungee system is unique compared to other Nike slides or flip flops for women and ensures a secure and stable fit according to the distinctive shape of each women’s foot.

These Nike slides offer dual-density foam for cushion and comfort while walking. Their lightweight and durable nature will allow you to walk and enjoy wearing them all day long.

Best Nike Sandals Women

Here are two of the best Nike sandals for women. Both of them offer a sporty, more secure, and better fitting traditional shoe option when compared to Nike flip flops or slides. They each give you more choices in your day, allowing you to go from beach to lunch and then, off on a long walk along a dirt trail.

Nike Owaysis Sandals

Nike sandals women


  • Synthetic breathable upper that is soft to the touch.
  • Adjustable Velcro heel strap to create a personalized and snug fit.
  • Dual-density foam in the midsole for cushion and energy rebound.
  • Flex grooves on the insole for grip and additional comfort.
  • Durable and thick outsole. 
  • Superb traction with deep lugs in the tread.
  • Arch support.

Useful Information:

  • Available in a couple of colors in full sizes only.
  • “Nike” lettering and swoosh emblem on front upper keeps sporty look.


These Nike sandals for women are simple and versatile, and ideal for someone looking for a sporty sandal with a little bit of edge.

There is plenty of cushion and shock absorption in the midsole, and with the secure heel strap, you will be able to spend many hours on your feet in comfort in these shoes. The tread on the outsole is thick with lots of deep grooves for excellent traction on many different kinds of surfaces, including wet ones. Beyond that, they are lightweight, waterproof, and easy to clean.

Nike Tanjun Sandals

Nike sandals women


  • Outsole is from sneaker technology. There is flex in the ball of the foot with a sturdier heel for the initial impact.
  • Outsole is thick at the heel with deep treads for excellent traction.
  • Three strap design with slingback velcro ankle strap designed to secure the foot to the shoe.
  • Supportive heel cup to stabilize foot.
  • Soft neoprene uppers. 
  • Midsole features foam for soft cushion and shock absorption.
  • Soft fabric lining and padded straps

Useful Information:

  • Available in a few colors.
  • No half sizes.
  • Order size up if you can fit half sizes.
  • Ankle strap may cause chafing if walk for excessive distances.


“Tanjun” means “simplicity” in Japanese. If you are looking for sporty Nike sandals with a simple design and offering a secure fit, then these are a great option.

Fashion and comfort are supplied in these shoes. They have a foam midsole and a thick outsole with flex for effortless walking. In addition, you have the option to walk on many different surfaces with the tread and its cut-out rectangular lugs. They are lightweight with plush padded straps and would make an excellent summertime choice whether you are walking to the beach or on trails.

Buyer’s Guide To the Best Nike Flip Flops And Slides For Women

Nike’s slides, flip-flops, and sandals for women come in countless styles. They all feature Nike’s flagship quality and construction, making them a great durable investment. Each shoe that we reviewed offers some of the best qualities from Nike. 

Nike Flip Flops Women

Nike flip flops for women feature low-profile and slightly thicker outsoles, each possessing unique levels of traction, durability, and cushion. Most of them have Nike’s trademark sporty appearance, although occasionally they come up with styling that creates a more fashionable look. Functionally, Nike flip flops are mostly fitted with synthetic uppers such as neoprene or polyester, making them extremely lightweight and easy to pack and carry around.

Each flip flop is fitted with midsole cushion of various degrees, supplying different comfort and shock absorption for your feet. They don’t supply great arch support – it would be best to look at some of the Nike slides or sandals for more- so if you plan to walk long distances in your flip flops, you will need to assess whether they offer enough.

In addition, pay attention to the material in the uppers. Pure rubber straps will rub or get warm in hot weather. It would be best to have synthetic and soft flat straps to avoid irritation.

Nike Slides Women

If you are in search of ultimate comfort and a more secure fit, then Nike slides for women are what you should explore.

Most slides offer ample room around the upper band and in the toe area and are often fitted with contoured footbeds or soles with grooves to improve grip. The upper is either a single wideband or, in some cases, a double-wide band, which also secures the shoe onto the foot without relying on your toes for grip.

Nike slides for women also include an excellent midsole cushion with either a single layer of foam or dual-density midsole and outsole foam for superb shock absorption and energy rebound when walking.

Outsole traction is supplied, but at different levels so if you would like to use your Nike slides on slippery or uneven surfaces, then you should make sure there is sufficient traction. The deeper the indents, lugs, and pattern on the outer sole, the better the traction and the longer the slides will last before they lose their tread and require replacing.

Nike Sandals Women

Nike Sandals are some of the best fun and sporty shoes to own. The designs are usually trendy and unique with funky or fancy straps, comfortable midsoles, and liners, and great outsole traction to give you a better grip. Most importantly, Nike sandals for women, compared to flip flops and sandals, give your feet the best secure fit with lacing or adjustable velcro straps. If you see yourself wanting to wear your shoes over multiple surfaces – sand, dirt, concrete – and on your feet for long hours, then Nike sandals would be the best option.

Final Word

Whether you go for a traditional flip flop or for a stylish modern and bold design, Nike flip flops, slides or sandals for women are a great choice. They offer comfort and protection with varying colors and designs.

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