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11 Best Marmot Rain Jackets: Staying Dry Is A Breeze (2023)


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In 1974, three friends united by their love of the outdoors got together to create and sell outdoor clothing that met their needs. They chose to call themselves “Marmot” after the loveable and hardy ground squirrel that shared their favorite mountains. A starring role in a Clint Eastwood Film (The Eiger Sanction) followed and the next thing you know, the brand’s reputation for cutting edge outdoor gear using the latest technology was launched. The Marmot rain jacket is no exception. It has never looked back.

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marmot rain jacket

How These Reviews are Organized

One Marmot rain jacket is much like another – waterproof, windproof, and breathable with hoods and fully taped seams. Choosing between one model or another comes down to small differences and preferences – do you prefer Gore-Tex or an eco-friendly option? Is a chest pocket essential to you? Do you have a particular color or budget in mind?

In the following article, I have highlighted key features under the “Best Features” heading and the “Why Buy?” section spotlights the reasons why this Marmot jacket may serve you better than another.

Other Options

Marmot produces excellent rain jackets. However, if you have not found what you are looking for, consider the highly technical Helly Hansen brand. For a selection of the best available rain jackets, take a look at 16 Best Helly Hansen Rain Jackets.

Another fantastic brand for high quality outerwear is Columbia Sportswear. It consistently offers excellent value. Please see – 13 Best Columbia Rain Jackets: Budget Friendly And Stylish.

North Face rain jackets are a great choice when trying to find the best raincoats that are waterproof and breathable for people who love to be active outdoors.

If you want something lightweight and easily tucked away in a knapsack or shoulder bag when not in use, there are lots from which to choose. These are a great option for when you travel, or for long hikes and walks, when the weather is unpredictable. Please see Best Packable Rain Jackets For Under $100.

Best Marmot Raincoats

Here are the best Marmot rain coats for men and women. In the case of Marmot Precip Eco Jackets, they also come in children’s sizes. They all supply waterproofing, protection against the wind, and breathability.

Marmot PreCip Eco Jacket For Men

mens Marmot PreCip eco jacket

Marmot PreCip Eco Jacket For Women

womens Marmot PreCip eco jacket

Best Features

  • Outer shell – Marmot® NanoPro™ Eco fabric, both waterproof, breathable, and includes recycled material.
  • Taped seams for superior waterproofing.
  • Attached hood stows neatly into the collar when not in use.
  • DriClime™ lined chin guard for comfort (prevents chafing) and weatherproofing.
  • Two zipped hand pockets and the entire raincoat stores neatly into one of the pockets for easy transport.
  • Tapered sleeves include Velcro closures.
  • Angel wing movement™ ensures the rain jacket is comfortable for walking and other activities.
  • Pit zips offer increased ventilation. 

Why Buy This Marmot Rain Jacket?

  • Marmot Precip is the 20 years best seller in Marmot rain jackets, so it has the public vote of confidence.
  • Range of colors and sizes to suit all the family.
  • Light and easy to pack away.
  • Uses recycled materials and is PFC-free.
  • Widely available.
  • Competitively priced.


Another incarnation of the Marmot Precip jacket is the Marmot PreCip Eco jacket.

The nylon fabric in the outer shell is PFC-free and recycled, and a high-performance waterproof, breathable, and durable fabric thanks to the microporous coating. The fabric is dry to the touch and repels water – it encourages it to bead and roll off. The DriClime™ chin wicks moisture away to leave your face free from chafing. 

You get all the other features of a Marmot raincoat – attached hood that stows neatly away, pockets, taped seams, Velcro fastening, and the ability to fold your jacket into a zip-up pocket for easy transport – and a choice of colors and sizes. 

Marmot Precip Rain Jacket For Men

men's Marmot PreCip rain jacket

Marmot Precip Rain Jacket For Women

women's Marmot PreCip jacket


The “older” but still very popular version – the Marmot PreCip jacket – is still available in limited colors and sizes.

All the features are identical with the Marmot PreCip Eco jacket, except for recycled material in the outer shell. 

Mens Marmot Gore-Tex Minimalist Pro Raincoat

best Marmot gore-tex Minimalist pro raincoat

Womens Marmot Gore-Tex Minimalist Pro Rain Coat

best Marmot Gore-tex Minimalist pro coat

Best Features

  • Gore-Tex® Pacelite® Fabric gives a lightweight, easy-pack, waterproof, windproof, and durable Marmot rain jacket. 
  • Taped seams for enhanced waterproofing.
  • Strategic ventilation with pit zips.
  • Flexible movement with articulated elbows.
  • Adjustable Velcro cuffs.
  • Drawstring and back strap adjustment to the hood to improve peripheral vision.  
  • Large pack pockets under a welt for protection.
  • Water resistant front zipper. 

Why Buy This Marmot Rain Coat?

  • Gore-Tex is generally rated as the gold standard for outdoor gear.
  • Secure large pockets is useful for your valuables while hiking
  • Good choice of colors and sizes.
  • Durable materials and construction.


The Marmot Minimalist Pro raincoat offers superior weather resistance with minimum weight and has all the comfort features – breathable, adjustments on the hood and cuffs, and extra ventilation with pit zips. It offers superior weatherproofing with taped seams, front zip flap, water-repellent coating, and windproofing. Zippered pockets are an ideal place to stash your secure items, and the two zipped hand pockets provide storage space for trail essentials. 

The articulated elbows provide freedom of movement, which is essential for most outdoor activities. The Marmot Minimalist Pro rain jacket is ideal for hiking, climbing, and sports but smart enough for everyday weatherproofing. 

Mens Marmot Gore-Tex Minimalist Raincoat

best Marmot Minimalist raincoat

Womens Marmot Gore-Tex Minimalist Rain Coat

best Marmot Minimalist coat


The “older” but still very popular version – the Marmot Gore-Tex Minimalist jacket – is still available in limited colors and sizes.

All the features are identical with the Marmot Gore-Tex Minimalist Pro coat, except for some seam placements and the location of the external pockets.

Men’s Marmot Gore-Tex Minimalist Component 3-1 Jacket

Marmot Minimalist jacket

Women’s Marmot Gore-Tex Minimalist Component 3-1 Jacket

Marmot Minimalist jacket

Best Features

  • An outer waterproof shell combines with an insulated inner jacket for three versatile wearing options.
  • Gore-Tex® Pacelite® Fabric (recycled polyester) gives a lightweight, easy-pack, waterproof, windproof, and durable Marmot rain jacket. 
  • Thermal R liner jacket zips in for winter insulation or leave it out for summer rain showers.
  • Durable water-repellent coating is free from PFCs.
  • Taped seams for enhanced waterproofing.
  • Three zippered pockets.
  • Cord adjustment for the hood.
  • Velcro cuffs.

Why Buy This Marmot Raincoat?

The three-in-one approach gives you the most appropriate combination for all weathers for one price. 


Many people enjoy having a mix and match approach to weatherproofing – extra warmth or simple cooler waterproofing depending on the climate. This Marmot Minimalist jacket adds a zip-in liner to provide additional insulation in colder months. You can use the inner jacket by itself on cooler dry days, and the outer shell functions as a standalone Marmot rain jacket on warmer, wetter days. 

You get all the Marmot jacket top features with a bonus insulating layer thrown in. Accordingly, it is one of the best Marmot rain jackets for its functional versatility.

Marmot Knife Edge Jacket For Men

best Marmot rain coat for men

Marmot Knife Edge Jacket For Women

best Marmot rain jacket for women

Best Features

  • Gore-Tex® Pacelite® Fabric gives a lightweight, easy-pack, waterproof, windproof, and durable Marmot rain jacket. 
  • Taped seams for enhanced waterproofing.
  • Hood with cord adjustment.
  • Strategic ventilation with pit zips.
  • Flexible movement with angle wing movement.
  • Adjustable Velcro cuffs.
  • Three pockets with waterproof zips.

Why Buy This Marmot Rain Jacket?

  • Gore-Tex is generally rated as the gold standard for outdoor gear.
  • Secure, waterproof chest pocket is useful for your valuables while hiking
  • Durable materials and construction.
  • Brim on the hood to keep the rain away from your face.
  • Excellent range of arm movement for climbing and other sports.


This Marmot raincoat is light and easy to pack with the 2.5 layers Gore-Tex Pacelight fabric, giving you a breathable, waterproof, and windproof shell. The hood has a small (2.5cm) brim and drawcord adjustment so you can keep the rain away from your face. There are pit zips to release excess heat because if you are on a strenuous hike, no breathable fabric can keep up with the heat dissipation necessary to keep you cool. 

An economical hard shell that is lightweight is a challenge, but this Marmot rain jacket meets that need. It is one of the best Marmot rain jacket in this category.

Marmot Essential Jacket For Women

marmot rain jacket

Best Features

  • Gore-Tex® Pacelite® Fabric gives a lightweight, easy-pack, waterproof, windproof, and durable Marmot rain jacket. 
  • Taped seams for enhanced waterproofing.
  • Water repellant finish causes rainwater to bead and roll off the fabric.
  • Strategic ventilation with pit zips.
  • Adjustable Velcro cuffs. 
  • Two zippered pockets for secure storage.
  • Bonded flap over front zipper.
  • Adjustable hood.

Why Buy The Marmot Raincoat?

  • Stylish trench coat appearance is suitable for the daily commute as well as outdoor fun.
  • Lightweight and easy to pack in your luggage or backpack. 
  • Comfortable regular fit with room for layers but not too bulky.
  • Choice of four colors that tone with most outfits and styles.


A slight taper on the waist and a longer length that skims the bottom of your hips gives you a comfortable fit and keeps you dry. The rain rolls off the outer surface (thanks to the DWR coating), which is handy when you reach your destination and need to pack it away. 

If you don’t want to have one coat for the office and one for your leisure activities, this durable, rainproof, windproof, and breathable trench-style Marmot jacket will take you everywhere. It is a woman’s jacket at home on the wilderness trail or the city street because when rain or stormy weather threatens, you just want to grab the best jacket for the day, regardless of what you wear underneath. 

You get all the features you expect in outdoor hiking coats and a friendly, wearable style. It is one of the best marmot rain jackets for its stylish versatility.

Best Marmot Jackets With Limited Supply

You might be able to pick up a bargain if you have the patience to look through available sizes and colors left from earlier models.

Marmot EVODry Kingston Coat For Men

mens Marmot rain jacket

Marmot EVODry Kingston Coat For Women

Marmot rain jacket

Best Features

  • Marmot MemBrain® technical fabric provides waterproofing (20,000mm water column) and breathability (15,000g MVTR).
  • Durable water repellant finish allows water to bead and roll away, plus this finish is PFC-free.
  • Fully taped seams.
  • Three zipped pockets.
  • Two-way center zip with waterproof features.
  • Attached hood with cord adjustment.
  • Stylish collar.
  • Velcro cuffs.

Why Buy This Marmot Rain Jacket?

  • Exceptional waterproofing.
  • Secure chest pocket.
  • Stylish design suits the daily commute and the weekend trail. 
  • Eco-friendly.
  • Affordable.


This Marmot jacket features the proprietary EVODry technology. The outer shell has a more environmentally friendly waterproof coating to repel water, but crucially it does not use PFCs. Plus, the material uses recycled materials and less water and dyes to create – a Marmot raincoat with excellent green credentials. 

You get the three zippered pockets – the chest pocket is handy for those items (mobile phone, cash, and bank cards) you need to keep in a waterproof, secure pocket. The two spacious hand pockets are handy places to stash your snacks, gloves, and other useful kit. It’s a smart jacket for trails or towns, and it will keep you dry. 

Mens Marmot Phoenix EVODry Jacket

best mens Marmot jacket

Best Features

  • Marmot MemBrain® technical fabric provides waterproofing (10,000mm water column) and breathability.
  • Durable water repellant finish allows water to bead and roll away, plus this finish is PFC-free.
  • Fully taped seams.
  • Two zippered hand pockets
  • Velcro cuffs.
  • Attached hood.


An excellent Marmot rain jacket available at a clearance price with the proprietary Marmot MemBrain® fabric providing waterproofing and breathability. It is a superb rain jacket but is no longer available, so when the stock is gone, it is gone. 

Men’s Marmot Magus Rain Jacket

Marmot rain jacket

Best Features

  • Stretch 2.5 layer Nano-pro fabric – breathable, flexible, and lightweight.
  • Tape on all seams.
  • Pit zips for ventilation.
  • Drawcord adjustment on the hood.
  • Velcro cuff adjustments
  • Three zippered pockets, and you can zip the raincoat into a pocket for transport.
  • Angel wing movement.
  • Waterproof zippers


You get the advantages of a light, breathable Marmot rain jacket with many of the features of the current models at a more budget-friendly price while this stock clears. You’ve got limited color options – red, blue and black – and it is available in men’s sizes and fit. It is a practical jacket for outdoor activities and gives you plenty of freedom of movement along with room for extra layers. 

The best alternative in the new range is the Marmot PreCip Eco Jacket. 

Marmot Bantamweight Jacket For Men

marmot rain jacket

Marmot Bantamweight Jacket For Women

marmot rain jacket

Best Features

  • Pertex Shield® outer shell -waterproofing with stretch for movement.
  • All seams taped to prevent leaks.
  • Attached hood with cord adjustment improving peripheral vision. 
  • Two zipped hand pockets and an interior mesh pocket.
  • Can pack into an internal pocket for easy packing
  • Laser drilled holes in the arm pit for additional ventilation. 

Why Buy This Marmot Coat?

  • Less than 6 oz. – reduces the weight in your pack and stows neatly away.
  • Fabric has stretch and moves with your body.
  • Athletic fit means a shaped waist and shoulders, so more jacket and less sack in appearance.


Often your rain jacket stays stuffed into your pack because you really hope you don’t need it. This Marmot rain jacket folds neatly into an integral pocket, so it occupies less space in your bag and adds a minimal amount of weight. The Pertex Shield is a DWR coating that adds waterproofing and wind resistance, but the microscopic pores still let it breathe. When you need to cool down fast, the strategically positioned laser-cut holes in the armpits help keep the hottest part of your upper body cool. 

A limited color range, but this Marmot coat is the best for being light, stowable, and reasonably priced. 

What Can You Expect From The Best Marmot Rain Jackets?

You can expect sustainable weatherproofing. The essential part of any Marmot raincoat is the quality of the fabric that forms the outer shell. Marmot adopted the revolutionary Gore-Tex membrane (combining waterproofing with breathability) from its arrival on the outdoor clothing scene. This visionary approach continues, and Marmot continues research and development to improve their technical fabrics and coatings. 


Gore-Tex is a membrane that forms one of the layers in the Marmot rain jacket shell. The pores in this membrane are densely packed (nine billion per square inch) and smaller than a water droplet (20,000 times smaller), meaning that water droplets cannot pass through the membrane in any direction. 

These pores are larger than water vapor molecules (700 times larger), so the warm moist air your body generates passes through the membrane and into the air – preventing the condensation inside your jacket.

Gore-Tex continues development to improve its valuable properties, and the current membrane – Gore-Tex® Paclite® is light and easy to pack. You still get waterproofing, breathability, and wind proofing for your comfort and protection but in a more lightweight format. When you are hiking or working outdoors, a lighter jacket reduces the amount of energy expended. Small weight savings add up to more spring in your step at day’s end. 

Marmot Minimalist jacket and the Knife Edge both use Gore-Tex® Paclight® to provide the waterproof and breathable membrane. 

Nano-Pro Eco Fabric

This technology takes a standard rain jacket fabric like nylon and coats it with a microporous coating that acts like a Gore-Tex membrane with pores that are too small for water droplets and large enough for water vapor. 

The specifications are:

  • 10K waterproofing
  • 17K breathability
  • 0.2 CFM air permeability
  • 5.0-5.4 Hohenstein RET.

A hydrostatic head test determines the waterproofing on a raincoat or other product. The fabric held under tension is under a 1-inch diameter tube that fills with water. At some point, the weight of water on top of the material gets through. 10-K waterproofing means 10,000 mm of water is the breakthrough point. This level of waterproofing stands up to heavy rainfall and keeps you drier in extreme weather.

Breathability often conflicts with waterproofing. For a breathable fabric, you want a Hohenstein RET (thermal evaporation resistance) below six. Other breathability tests include moisture vapor transmission, which is the amount of water vapor that passes through a square meter of fabric in 24 hours. Anything over 15K has excellent breathability. 

The CFM permeability rating refers to wind proofing, with 0 CFM being completely windproof (like a pane of glass) and 60 CFM permeability the average non-windproof fleece. Anything below one is considered windproof. 

 The “eco” refers to using recycled materials for the nylon fabric – increasingly standard in a Marmot rain jacket.

Marmot MemBrain™

This Marmot proprietary technology improves on the NanoPro with better abrasion resistance, flexibility, and more comfort next to the skin. The specifications include superior waterproofing:

  • 20K waterproofing.
  • 13.5K breathability.
  • 0.05 CFM permeability.
  • 2.9-4.0 Hohenstein RET.

Hydrophobic Coatings

The way water behaves on the surface of the Marmot rain jacket influences how well it keeps you dry in a field, up a mountain, or on a trail. Durable water-repellent coatings (DWR) encourage the water to form beads and roll off the rain jacket. Marmot uses PFC-free DWR coatings because these are kinder to the environment when the coat reaches the end of its life. 

Addressing the Weak Points of a Marmot Rain Jacket

Like a tent, a Marmot coat is only as waterproof as its weakest points. In a rain jacket, these include the seams (all 100% taped), zips (waterproof with additional protective flaps), pockets (same materials and construction as the Marmot rain jacket.

Additionally, the openings around the neck, waist, and wrists are places where heavy rain can get into the jacket.  All the featured Marmot rain jackets have hoods with appropriate adjustments and Velcro cuffs so you can adjust the fit to your body to keep the rain from getting in. 


Most people want freedom of movement even when wrapped up against the weather. A Marmot rain jacket either has angel wings or articulated elbows to give you the ability to swing your backpack into place and perform all the other upper body movements necessary for physical activity outdoors. 

Angel wing movement means the armholes and sleeves allow a full range of arm movements – necessary if you want to climb, boulder, or simply get in and out of your backpack. This style of Marmot jacket is bulkier around the shoulders and less tailored.

Articulated elbows enhance arm bending by using extra seams or gussets in this area. You gain better arm mobility without increased bulk and loss of tailoring. 

Last Word

Marmot raincoats are stylish, superbly designed for optimum use for outdoor activities, and packed with cutting edge technology that makes them some of the best in the field. In addition to the exceptional water and wind proofing, Marmot is increasingly making their coats more sustainable and eco-friendly giving you even more reason to consider them for your outdoor needs.

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