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Best Hoka Hiking Boots And Their Best Competitors

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Hoka One One shook up the world of running shoes with their maximalist approach to create the sensation of walking on air and bouncy pillows. It has bucked the trend again with their new range of Hoka hiking boots and shoes. Hoka One One hiking shoes and boots are light and fast and lovely to walk in. Whether you are an adventurous speedy goat-like creature on the mountains or a casual weekender looking for a walk through gentle trails, you will love Hoka One hiking boots.

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Best Hoka Hiking Boot Technology

The trademark Hoka One oversized platform midsole makes an appearance in Hoka One One hiking shoes along with a few other features. 

Compression Molded EVA Midsole

Hoka One hiking boots give you the same pillowy midsole you can find in their running shoes. It’s light, bouncy, and is super plush. Read any review about Hoka hiking boots, and that is the number one feature – they are super-comfortable. The number two feature is surprise at the lightness of the oversized platform.

Vibram Outsoles On The Best Hoka Hiking Boots

Vibram outsoles are not unique to Hoka One hiking shoes as Vibram produces proprietary rubber compounds and tread patterns for all the best brands of athletic footwear, work boots, and hiking boots.

With Vibram Litebase, the aim is to reduce weight (around 25-30%) without sacrificing traction, and it is relatively new with a launch in 2019. Mainly aiming for trail runners, Hoka hiking boots (Hoka One One Tennine) is one of the first manufacturers to adopt this technology in a boot. In trail runners, you find Vibram Litebase with MegaGrip in the Scarpa Spin Ultra. 

SCARPA Spin Ultra Trail Running Shoes For Men

hoka hiking shoes

SCARPA Spin Ultra Trail Running Shoes For Women

hoka one one hiking shoes

The Scarpa Spin Ultra is a trail running shoe that aims to give you a shoe that can cope with alpine environments without adding extra weight. It has thick lugs for a superior grip and a breathable mesh upper. It is for the serious trail runner who tackles the most challenging terrain at speed. Plus, it’s a comfortable, lightweight hiking shoe for those that enjoy the mountains at a more leisurely pace. 

Vibram MegaGrip gives superior traction for all the featured Hoka One hiking boots and combines it with 5mm multi-directional lugs.

Gore-Tex In The Best Hoka Hiking Boots

When you want a waterproof but breathable boot, Gore-Tex is the technical membrane famous for doing the job to a high standard. Hoka One One hiking boots give you a waterproof boot with Gore-Tex. 

Hubble Heel Technology

This new feature appears in Hoka One One Tennine hiking shoes, and it is a heel that flares, so the material around the boot heel hits the ground before your heel makes contact. The benefit to the wearer is reduced shock to the heel. During normal movement, your entire body weight crashes through your heel, with the additional impact of rapid movement increasing the effective weight. Anything that softens the strike impact helps cushion your body and reduce fatigue. 

The idea of a flared heel gets a mixed reception, as does any innovation or change to the way things are done. The extended heel is gaining popularity with athletes to promote speed and comfort, so you can expect to see this innovation flow through more hiking boots, not just Hoka hiking boots.  

Hoka One One is an innovator leading the way. Just take a look at the early stage meta-rocker that was exclusive to Hoka One. Now it appears widely across competing brands for increasing foot comfort and improving your natural gait. 

Recycled Materials

More and more manufacturers use a high proportion of recycled plastic to improve their green credentials. Some day recycled materials may be standard, but currently, there are only a few trials to check durability and comfort in use. Hoka One Tennine is a Hoka One hiking boot featuring a high proportion of recycled material. For more information about sustainable and eco-friendly hiking boots, please take a look at Eco-Friendly Hiking Boots: How Sustainable Are they?

How These Reviews Are Organized

Cushioned and comfortable Hoka hiking boots are somewhat challenging to get hold off in the size you want, when you want, and at an affordable price. Part of the problem is that Hoka One One is innovative and issues limited edition ranges. Still, even their standard ranges are variable in availability, and that includes when you buy direct from Hoka. 

In these reviews, I’m looking at what makes Hoka hiking boots worth the fuss, then having raised your expectations, I’m pointing you to the next best thing on a feature-by-feature basis. If you can get ahold of Hoka hiking shoes, that’s great; your feet will enjoy the bouncy ride. But, if your preferred shoe is not available and you still want to hit the mountain trails, these comparable manufacturers’ alternatives to Hoka One One hiking boots and shoes will still get you out in superb comfort and support.

Other Options

Hoka One One also has a range of walking shoes with the same incredible footwear technology. Accordingly, if you don’t think you need sophisticated hiking footwear, I’d recommend taking a look at Hoka walking shoes:

10 Best Hoka Walking Shoes For Amazing Comfort

Availability continues to be a challenge so other options are highlighted side-by-side with the Hoka One walking shoes.

If you are looking for other footwear by a manufacturer that only specializes in hiking shoes and boots, then I’d recommend Oboz Footwear. Oboz is led by a designer and innovator of hiking footwear who has been in the industry for decades.

17 Oboz Hiking Boots And Shoes For Men And Women

Hoka Hiking Boots And Their Best Competitiors

Ready to compare the latest Hoka One One hiking boots with the best of the rest?

Hoka One One Speedgoat Mid GTX2 Hiking Boots- For Ultralight Backpackers

These Hoka One hiking boots merge the Hoka One One Speedgoat 3 trail running range with a hiking boot style. 

Best Features

  • Light, breathable Gore-Tex bootie integrated with gusseted tongue.
  • Durable, water-resistant mesh upper with minimal seams avoiding potential rubbing and hotspots. 
  • Support and comfort for the ankle with an anatomically designed collar. 
  • Lightweight foam in the midsole. 
  • Vibram MegaGrip outsole with 5mm lugs. 
  • Strategic rubber placement for support and stability. 
  • Super light compared with other hiking boots.
  • 4mm heel drop.


You can hike slow or fast, depending on your approach to exploring nature’s challenging spaces. The new breed of backpackers aims to cover long distances at breathtaking speeds and pare down their kit to the minimum weight with obsessive attention to detail. These Hoka hiking boots are for traveling fast and light. The downside is that they will never be the best choice for carrying heavy backpacks or mountaineering because the sole is soft and flexible. 

The integrated Gore-Tex bootie gives you waterproofing from outside moisture and breathability from human-generated moisture inside the boots. Your heel locks comfortably in place for stability, and the flat laces lock down the foot without excessive pressure on your upper. The waterproof construction means you can splash through puddles and streams in these Hoka hiking boots (up to 4 inches) and emerge with dry feet. You can expect to hike in comfortable dry feet and experience less fatigue at the end of a fast-hiking day. 

Substituting a light, waterproof and breathable hiking boot for these Hoka One One hiking boots is challenging, but consider Salomon X Ultra 3 or Merrell Moab 2 hiking boots.

Salomon X Ultra 3 Hiking Boots For Men

salomon hiking shoes

Salomon X Ultra 3 Hiking Boots For Women

salomon hiking shoes

Comparable Features

  • Gore-Tex inner lining for fresh, dry feet.
  • Gusseted tongue to keep debris out. 
  • Contragrip® instead of Vibram MegaGrip.
  • EnergyCell – EVA foam provides cushioning and support.
  • Advanced Chassis™ between outsole and midsole for stability, energy management, and motion control. 
  • Waterproofing – coated leather and water repellant treatment. 

Other Useful Features

  • Mudguard or protective rand deflects mud and debris away from the upper. 
  • OrthoLite sock liner replaces the insole – breathable and durable.
  • SensiFit™ means the upper fits securely, which is a plus in downhill hiking. 


These Salomon hiking boots are for technical and challenging trails. The Contragrip® outsole combines a proprietary rubber formation with deep chevron lugs. The combination gives superior traction on soft surfaces (mud and scree slopes), multi-directional grip (useful in bouldering), and enhanced durability. These are lightweight boots but offer plenty of protection against rocks and other hazards. Like the Hoka hiking boots, these are waterproof, breathable, and excellent for speed hiking or a more leisurely approach. 

Merrell Moab 2 Hiking Boots For Men

Merrell Moab hiking shoes

Merrell Moab 2 Hiking Boots For Women

Merrell Moab hiking boots

Comparable Features

  • Gore-Tex waterproof membrane giving breathability.
  • Vibram TC5+ outsole – slip-resistant rubber with 5mm lugs for traction. 
  • Gusseted (bellows) tongue with added foam cushioning for comfort.
  • EVA cushioning in the midsole.

Other Useful Features

  • Removable, contoured footbed giving arch support and with a shock-absorbing heel cup.
  • Protective rubber toe cap.
  • Quality synthetic leather upper. 


The Merrell Moab 2 (“Mother of all boots”) is a light, supportive and waterproof hiking boot similar in performance to the Hoka One One Speedgoat hiking boots. Both boots have waterproofing, but the Merrell comes with a contoured and supportive removable footbed, an ideal feature if you prefer custom insoles for targeted support. The Merrell provides zonal arch support and extra impact resistance in the heel area with air cushion. Merrell is an established and reliable name in hiking boots with the features that help you tackle challenging trails with comfort and confidence. 

Hoka One One Sky Toa Hiking Boots

Best Features

  • Gore-Tex Bootie
  • Technical synthetic upper – breathable, durable, and light. 
  • Rubberized midsole. 
  • Vibram MegaGrip outsole
  • Multi-directional lugs.
  • 4mm heel drop
  • Vegan


Another light but plush Hoka hiking boot for light overnight backpacking and day treks. The Vibram outsole provides plenty of traction, but the depth of the lugs suits non-technical terrains. The low heel drop helps promote a natural gait, and the thick cushioned midsole reduces fatigue when covering miles of trail. In addition, the toe box gives plenty of wriggle room. These Hoka hiking shoes are light, comfortable, waterproof boots for general hiking rather than rugged, challenging endurance trails with heavy gear. 

When these Hoka One hiking boots are unavailable, you can find an excellent alternative with Columbia Newton Ridge and Asolo Falcon GV hiking boots.

Columbia Newton Ridge Hiking Shoes For Men

Columbia Newton Ridge

Columbia Newton Ridge Hiking Shoes For Women

columbia newton ridge

Comparable Features

  • Techlite midsole – cushioning, lightweight and energy return. 
  • Omni-Grip – high traction rubber with deep omni-directional lugs for all-terrain stability and grip. 

Other Useful Features

  • Uppers combine suede, PU-coated leather, and mesh with seam sealing for a waterproof design. The precise combination depends on the boot model.
  • Metal hardware and a comfortable lacing system.
  • Abrasion-resistant rubber at toe and heel. 
  • Non-marking sole. 
  • Dual winter zone tread pattern for all-season wearability.


Columbia produces good hiking boots with high technology midsoles providing superior cushioning and energy return. Reducing the energy backlash in your feet and lower legs makes a massive difference in your fatigue levels at the end of the hike. Most modern hiking boots use high-energy return foam because that is what hikers want. Hoka One One hiking boots take the plush cushioning to the max because the maximalist approach is their unique selling point. Columbia Newton Ridge may not be a maximalist hiking boot, but it is comfortable, lightweight, and supportive. For a full range of Columbia hiking boots and shoes, take a look at 11 Rugged And Best Columbia Hiking Boots And Shoes.

Asolo Falcon GV Hiking Boots For Men

hoka hiking boots

Asolo Falcon GV Hiking Boots For Women

hoka hiking boots

Comparable Features

  • Gore-Tex lining for waterproofing and breathability.
  • Vibram outsole – Asolo’s radiant outsole has aggressive heel cleats and a superior braking system. The tread design meets the needs of trekkers on challenging terrains (not winter alpine). 
  • Molded EVA midsole combined with lightweight, cushioned, removable insole. 
  • Mid-cut for better ankle protection.

Other Useful Features

  • Water and abrasion-resistant upper.
  • TPU toe cap.
  • Heel loop.
  • Gender-specific designs – uses men’s and women’s lasts. 


The Asolo Falcon is a technical hiking boot with superior comfort, which, when you get down to it, is what every hiking enthusiast wants – a boot that stands up to the trails and leaves your feet feeling dry and comfortable at the end. The midsole isn’t as plush as the Hoka One hiking boots, but you can ramp up the cushioning by replacing the insole with a custom one.

For a technical hiking boot with good support, the Falcon is relatively light, which is where most hiking boots are heading to meet a new breed of faster hikers who value nimble feet and don’t want their boots to weigh them down. The Gore-Tex provides the ideal combination of breathability, moisture-wicking, and waterproofing to cope with most terrains.

Hoka One One Sky Kaha Hiking Boots

Best Features

  • Gore-Tex Bootie for dry, fresh feet.
  • Full-grain Nubuck leather upper.
  • EVA top layer for support and comfort on top of a firmer rubberized EVA foam in the midsole. 
  • High traction outsole with Vibram MegaGrip, and 5mm multi-directional lugs. 
  • 6mm heel drop.
  • Adjustable lacing system with an additional eyelet as you transition from the foot to the leg. 


Kaha comes from the Maori – strength, and support. These Hoka One hiking shoes aim to leave you walking on pillowy clouds instead of rugged rocks and branches. The wide footbed platform provides deep, plush comfort with resistance to rolling, helping to protect your ankles. You get superior traction from the amount of rubber in contact with the ground and the lug design. Your feet stay dry in short trips through up to 5 inches of water which is handy if you go backpacking through the odd stream, puddle, or rain shower. These Hoka One One hiking shoes offer outstanding comfort for every mid-weight hiker and backpacker. 

If you can’t get hold of these, the closest rivals for comfort are Salomon Quest 4D and Vasque St. Elias FG hiking boots.

Salomon Quest 4D 3 GTX Hiking Boots For Men

salomon hiking boots

Salomon Quest 4D 3 GTX Hiking Boots For Women

salomon hiking shoes

Comparable Features

  • Gore-Tex for breathability and waterproofing. 
  • Contragrip outsole with improved tread design.
  • Nubuck leather and mesh for a durable upper.
  • Removable Ortholite insoles for cushioned comfort and support. 

Other Useful Features

  • Advanced chassis between outsole and midsole for stability and motion control. 
  • Excellent locking lacing system.
  • Rubber toe cap.


As a relatively light but supportive and comfortable hiking boot for the moderate to serious backpacker and hiker, the Salomon Quest 4D has many supporters. You can splash through up to 4 inches of water, and the sole traction on wet and slippery surfaces is excellent. The Advance Chassis construction helps support and cushion your natural gait to give you less fatiguing day’s walking. The Ortholite insoles are comfortable and replaceable. 

Vasque St. Elias FG GTX Hiking Boots For Men

hoka hiking boots

Vasque St. Elias FG GTX Hiking Boots For Women

hoka hiking shoes

Comparable Features

  • Breathable, waterproof Gore-Tex.
  • Dual-density midsole for comfort and shock absorption.
  • Support provided by EVA pods and thermoplastic shank for stability and flex. 
  • Exclusive Vibram outsole for superior traction.

Other Useful Features

  • Easy maintenance, waterproof, and durable full-grain leather uppers.
  • Comfortable padded collar.
  • Durable D-ring lacing system. 
  • Molded rubber toe cap. 


This modern hiking boot has increased comfort levels comparable (although not quite matching) to Hoka hiking boots. The midsole platform uses an all-terrain compound to supply cushion over smooth and rough surfaces with a comfortable and confident stride. The proprietary sole is Vibram Frontier with XSTrek rubber compound formulated for Vasque specifications. The tread design gives excellent traction on mud and dry powdery surfaces. It’s not a sticky rubber, so if you travel on lots of wet rocks, you may prefer a different hiking shoe.

The upper has the minimum number of seams (less rubbing and hot spots), and the full-grain leather is waterproof and durable. It looks like a traditional hiking boot, but modern materials and construction give you a soft, light, and supportive alternative to the Hoka One One Sky Kaha GTX.

Hoka One One Tennine Gore-Tex Hiking Boots

Best Features

  • Sustainable Gore-Tex leaf technology in the waterproof bootie.
  • Recycled polyester in vamp webbing, laces, heel pull, and collar and uses 100% recycled materials in the lining mesh.
  • Waterproof and uses ripstop textiles. 
  • New proprietary compression-molded EVA foam in the midsole. 
  • Hubble® heel technology – extended heel for stability and transition support. 
  • Vibram® Litebase construction combines with Vibram® Megagrip outsole with 5mm lugs. 


The massive selling points for these Hoka hiking boots are the plush cushioning, superior traction, waterproofing, use of recycled materials, and fresh heel engineering to give you the best transition support for hiking on trails.  Plus, Hoka one hiking boots are lighter than their competitors. 

The styling is a traditional hiking boot – high on the ankles with metal speed lacing hooks on the top portion. Your color options are black with dark gull gray sections, Moroccan blue and saffron with bright pink accents, and finally, an ombre blue with yellow and green accents. The women’s version is not available in black. 

The Hoka One One Tennine hiking boot looks different from the competition because of the extended Hubble heel, but it gives you excellent traction on trails without heaviness. You will not get an exact replacement for this unique and innovative sole, but you can get an excellent hiking shoe with many similar plus points.

If lightness combined with superior traction is your primary desire in your next pair of hiking boots, consider Inov-8 Roclite Pro G 400. If you absolutely must have a Vibram sole, take a look at Lowa Renegade GTX.

Inov-8 Roclite Pro G 400 For Men

Hoka hiking boots

Inov-8 Mens Roclite Pro G 400 For Women

hoka one hiking boots

Comparable Features

  • Instead of Vibram, the Roclite Pro G 400 uses a Graphene enhanced outsole with 6mm cleats known as “Graphene Grip.” You get superior traction; enhanced durability, and it keeps the weight down. 
  • Gore-Tex waterproof lining.
  • Enhanced stack size for cushioned comfort – 20mm EVA foam at the heel and 12 mm in the forefoot.

Other Useful Features

  • Schoeller ceramic-coated fabric upper for exceptional durability and protection.
  • Rubber toe rand keeping grit and dirt away from your foot. 
  • All metal lacing hardware. 
  • Plate in the midsole provides rigidity and underfoot protection.
  • Water dispersion grooves on the outsole preserve the grip in wet conditions. 


The award-winning shoe (Footwear of the year 2020, according to TGO – The Great Outdoors) is a serious hiking boot. It is lighter than the standard with the innovative graphene-enhanced rubber outsole. The Inov-8 company caters to fell and mountain runners, so their focus is on grip and lightness, two qualities they share with Hoka One hiking boots. These are not identical alternatives because Hoka One One Tennine is an innovative Hoka hiking boot with signature technology. On the other hand, the Inov-8 also has its own signature technology and many of the same qualities keeping your feet comfortable on challenging mountain trails with enhanced durability. 

Lowa Renegade GTX For Men

Hoka one one hiking boots

Lowa Renegade GTX For Women

hoka hiking shoes

Comparable Features

  • Vibram sole – non-slip with multi-directional lugs for superior traction. 
  • Gore-Tex lining – breathable and waterproof.
  • Superior cushioning – PU midsole for shock absorption and padded removable anatomical insole that you can use as is, or replace with custom support and cushioning. 

Other Useful Features

  • Leather upper with metal hardware for the laces. 
  • Cushioned ankle collar with a dip at the heel for better movement. 
  • Full-length nylon shank protects against twisting and torsion. 
  • Aggressive front rocker for faster toe-off.


The leather upper means the Lowa Renegade is not as light as the Hoka One Tennine, but it is still a pretty lightweight hiking boot. A bonus point in the Renegades favor compared with Hoka hiking boots is that gender-specific lasts (shoe-forms) mean women’s hiking boots fit a woman’s foot. The uppers are comfortable, form-fitting, and durable. These are traditional hiking boots ideal for more challenging terrains with comfort thrown in.

Last Word

Hoka One One hiking boots are exciting, offering innovative technology to offer a whole new experience in comfort and support. However, they are difficult to find. If you can’t find a pair, there are other options available, supplying similar levels of cushion and traction while using different technology. Regardless of which you ultimately purchase, you will be delighted by the reduced fatigue in your legs and body and excellent traction on your next hike.

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