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Cozumel Electric Bike Tour: An Amazing Shore Excursion With Kids


Last Updated on September 10, 2023 by Nicole

Not too long ago, I cruised on Royal Caribbean Liberty of the Seas with my three kids (ages 15, 13, and 12 years old) into the Caribbean. We stopped in Costa Maya and Cozumel in Mexico, and Belize City in Belize. We ended up very pleasantly surprised by the shore excursions that we did in Mexico. In particular, we loved our Cozumel electric bike tour in Punta Sur Eco Beach Park, the largest ecological reserve in Cozumel.

Cozumel electric bike tour
Getting ready for the start of our tour.

Cozumel Electric Bike Tour

We booked our Cozumel electric bike tour through a local operator Pedego Electric Bikes Cozumel . This tour was not offered by Royal Caribbean. Most of the time,  I prefer to book our own shore excursions with local tour operators than take a cruise sponsored shore excursion. They are normally a lot less expensive and the local tour companies offer more selection than those offered by the cruise line. If you are curious about what your options are when you reach a port on your cruise,  please see my article Shore Excursions: 5 Ways To Escape The Cruise Ship Experience.

Meeting For The Tour

The Port of Cozumel where Royal Caribbean ships docked was a large complex filled with Western-style restaurants, shops and activities. I felt like I was dropped into a massive luxury all inclusive hotel compound where everything Mexican had been sanitized to make a tourist feel like they had barely left home. My initial thought was “Good grief, what have they done to this place?”

However, my fears were unfounded. It took a bit of time, but once we walked through the Cozumel Cruise Port we found ourselves on a busy street filled with more normal type of restaurants, shopping and tour shops one would expect at a busy port welcoming thousands of tourists a day. This is not to say that we had found the authentic side to Cozumel. Not at all! However, I felt like we had taken our first step in seeing the “real” Cozumel.

Our instructions were to leave the port, turn left and walk for around 20 minutes. We did and sure enough we easily found the Pedego Electric Bike Shop for the start of our Cozumel electric bike tour.

What is an Electric Bike?

An electric or e-bike is an environmentally friendly form of transportation which provides all the advantages of a regular bicycle, but with the ability to pedal up the hills as comfortably as riding down. They are a conventional bike, but with a battery and a motor. You decide when and how hard you would like to pedal. When you are tired or need some extra help, the motor kicks in and next thing you know, you find yourself at the top of a hill, having barely broken a sweat.

Cozumel electric bike tour
Juliet on her bike in the middle of the park.

I have to say that I LOVED this bike. Bicycles seem to bring back happy memories of childhood. I remember hopping on my bike and riding all over town at an early age and loving the freedom it gave me. Fast forward 25 years and this bike creates the same feeling. It was fantastic being on this bicycle and not fretting about any hill or the heat and wondering if me or my kids will be able to cope. It allowed us to focus on the beautiful scenery and our time in the park.

Punta Sur Eco Beach Park

They drove us around 25 minutes from the shop to the entrance of Punta Sur Eco Beach Park. There, we met our guides with our bikes.

Punta Sur Ecological Park is spectacularly beautiful and fundamentally untouched. It sits on the southern point of Cozumel and is part of a 247-acre (1.00 km2) ecological park that covers the reefs, beaches, lagoons, and low forest of the surrounding area. It is home to wide open sandy beaches, large crashing waves onto the shore, and wildlife such as sea turtles, iguanas and crocodiles.

Cozumel electric bike tour
Cozumel electric bike tour
A couple of crocodiles near the observation tower.

There is very little development in the park. There is a dirt road accessible to off road vehicles, which is nestled against the shoreline.  In a couple of places along the road, there are observation towers that you can climb to watch wildlife or to look out to sea.  We saw a lighthouse and small museum, a couple of modest beach side restaurants, and a couple of shopping stands selling Mexican crafts, but that was basically it.

Cozumel electric bike tour
Juliet on top of Lighthouse.
Cozumel electric bike tour
Souvenir shopping available

Punta Sur Eco Beach Park was so completely different from the built up Port and the busy streets around it that I had to constantly remind myself that we were still in Cozumel. I felt like I had somehow been transported to a completely different country. The cruise ship and the crowds felt hours away.

The Itinerary For the Cozumel Electric Bike Tour

The total length of the tour was around 5 hours, including transportation to and from the Port.

We started our bike tour gliding along the dirt road following the beach and the surf. The road was basically flat with small hills here and there. About 30 minutes into our tour, we stopped at an observation tour. Here we walked up about 3 stories to look out from an observation deck. On one side, we had a phenomenal view of the pristine beach, the waves and the Caribbean Sea. On the other side, we had a huge swampy pond, and lots of grasses and plants. In and around the swamp, we spotted crocodiles and many species of birds. It was beautiful up there.

Cozumel electric bike tour
The view from the observation tower out to the Caribbean Sea.

We continued for another 30 minutes and ended up at a lighthouse (which you could enter and climb to the top) next to a small building. Inside, there was a museum about the area and some Tequila tasting. We were still next to the beach and the Sea, and iguanas scurried all around us.

Cozumel electric bike tour
Tequila tasting
Cozumel electric bike tour


Lunch and Beach Time

We pedalled (or glided…) another 15 minutes along the road and ended up at El Cielo Beach Cub and Restaurant. This place was a modest hippy outside restaurant right on the beach. Here we had a delicious lunch and cocktails. We spent about 1 1/2 hours hanging out there, swimming and snorkelling in the Caribbean Sea. Apart from the handful of people at the Beach Club, there was barely another person, boat or building as far as the eye could see. It was extraordinary.

Cozumel electric bike tour
The view from the beach restaurant.

After this, we hopped back on our bikes and returned to the entrance to the park. Ultimately, we were dropped off at the Port well before the scheduled departure time of the cruise.


Our Cozumel electric bike tour was fantastic. I loved getting away from the cruise ship, the crowds and the Western-style restaurants, shops and activities found at the Port. Punta Sur Eco Beach Park and its beaches were truly beautiful. It was totally unexpected  that we were able to spot so many animals in their natural surrounds. I highly recommend this tour whether you arrive in Cozumel by cruise ship or otherwise!

And don’t forget! When you are making your Mexico packing list, make sure that you include clothes for biking!

We also did a fantastic shore excursion in Costa Maya on the same cruise. We did a private snorkelling and fishing trip from Mahahual Beach, near the port. For more information about that excursion, please refer to my article Mahahual Beach: The Best Half Day Costa Maya Excursion.

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The Cozumel electric bike tour is an amazing tour exploring Punta Sur Eco Beach near the Port of Cozumel. You walk on pristine beaches, swim and snorkel in the Caribbean Sea, and spot all sorts of wildlife, like crocodiles, iguanas and turtles. #travel #familytravel #travelwithkids #Mexico #Cozemel |biking, Costa Maya, cruise, e-bike, Liberty of the Seas, Pedego, Punta Sur, Royal Caribbean
The Cozumel electric bike tour is an amazing tour exploring the pristine and untouched beaches of Punta Sur Eco Beach near the Port of Cozumel. You bike on deserted roads. swim and snorkel in the Caribbean Sea, and spot wildlife, like crocodiles, iguanas and turtles. #travel #familytravel #Mexico |cruise, e-bike, Liberty of the Seas, Pedego, Royal Caribbean
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  • Very Cool. Would not have thought of taking e-bikes in Mexico. Great idea! I bet it is more fun to use e bikes when you have a wise range of fitness in the group too.

    • That’s exactly right. It allows everyone to keep up with each other regardless of their actual pedalling speed. It also majorly reduces the whining!!!

    • My youngest daughter is a little sketchy on bikes too. But, these bikes had fat tires and we were on a relatively flat road without any traffic. So, it could work. But yes, lunch on a beach is always good!

  • Thanks for sharing this e-bike excursion. I love cycling and would love to do this activity. It’s such a fun way to see Cozumel, get some exercise, and also reduces carbon emissions. Love the wildlife that you saw too.

    • I was totally surprised by how beautiful and untouched the park was. It made me rethink a lot of my preconceptions about what Mexico has to offer – not only beaches and resorts. I would love to go back.

  • The electric bike sounds like a great option. One reason we have stayed away from regular bikes is the amount of energy needed to use to go up a hill. I like that the bike has the electric option to help you up a hill. The tour also looks fantastic with plenty of great options along the way.

    • You are right. This tour had lots of great options for how you wanted to spend your time and the bikes made things very easy.

  • I had no idea they had electric bikes in Mexico. This looks like a fun way of going around and seeing the place. And when it is not tiresome to ride up the hill, then why not. I have done a bit of riding in South East Asia. Would not mind taking this tour.

    • The electric bike was an awesome way to see this beautiful area. Even though the hills weren’t all that bad, it was still nice being a little lazy!

  • That electric bike is a blessing especially if you’re going uphill or just tired of pedaling. We have those in the Philippines as well although they’re not that popular yet. Won’t it conk out if you go over rough or muddy terrain?

    • They are definitely finicky! I don’t think that I would rent one and then, go on a long distance trip without knowing that help is either a phone call away or nearby. We have had a couple of glitches happen. Thankfully, easy to fix but definitely needed to be in contact with bike company.

  • I need an electric bike in my life! I love biking but honestly struggle when it comes to steep hills. My partner always laughs at me as he can just go! I also missed seeing Cozumel when I was in Mexico; will need to go back!

    • I totally understand what you are saying. Since our electric bike trip, I have done another in Whistler and loved it even more. I would definitely seek this out in different spots as an alternative to regular bikes.

  • Punta Sur Beach Park looks lovely! I’ve never driven an electric bike but sounds like a great plan to go exploring the city on one, considering that it doesn’t take as much effort to ride an electric bike as it does the usual, traditional, pedal one. Especially while going on slopes – I shy away from bike tours mostly because of that!

    • Yes, electric bikes are perfect for those type of trips – great for exploring without a lot of sweat and aggravation when there are hills!

  • The place looks great. Mexico is there in my bucked list since long; however I was not aware of this place. Punta Sur Eco Beach Park seems to be very interesting. A shore excursion on a bike would be a splendid idea. Great to see you had a great time with your kids!

    • If you like exploring nature parks then you will love Punta Sur Eco Beach. It sounds like you would really enjoy the bike trip.

  • Hello, It Is a Very Nice Place for bike Climber. Besides I like Electric Bike Tours. Totally Very Charming Place. Thank For your suggestion…

  • Hi there,

    Were there many toilet stops on the bike tour. If someone had a weak bladder would each of the observation towers have a toilet or is the first one only at the restaurant?

    The e-bike idea looks great and it is something we could all enjoy. Good idea thanks for sharing.

    • That’s a very good question. It was a very untouched and pristine setting. There are not a lot of buildings. However, I wasn’t looking for bathrooms and I think that there could easily have been smaller buildings tucked away behind a hill or trees that I just didn’t notice. I would recommend contacting the e-bike company that we used. They were very nice and helpful when we had questions. Have a great time!

  • Love what you are doing, you always come up with amazing ideas of articles Thanks for sharing amazing things with us.
    Keep doing great work.

  • Hi,
    This is awesome! Thanks for sharing with us. We have a small biking group and we are planing for a ride.

    • Fantastic! You will really enjoy this lovely bike ride. The scenario is so gorgeous and the ability to see some wild life was very cool.

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