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24 Best Places To Visit In Europe In November (2024 Review)

Last Updated on March 13, 2024 by Nicole

Visiting Europe in November is the best time of year. It is low season everywhere and that means you will find exceptional accommodation at cheaper prices. In addition, you will be able to experience sites, restaurants, and excursions without crowds. Where you choose to go depends on your personal interests and goals. Do you prefer warm weather or crisp days with beautiful fall foliage? Do you wish to hike and explore the outdoors, sit at the beach, or see world renowned museums and stunning architecture? In this blog, I have highlighted the best places to visit in Europe in November. They include popular destinations with famous landmarks and lesser known European destinations that will amaze and excite you.

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Best Places To Visit In Europe In November

I have asked some of the best travel bloggers and travel experts their opinion about the best European destinations in November. They include cities and towns, both familiar and a little bit off the beaten path. In some cases, they also include national parks or regions that have so much to offer during the colder months, it is impossible to only recommend one spot.

When relevant, annual special events or festivals in November are featured, making a visit at that time of year extra special. For each destination, average temperatures for the month are highlighted. However, it is an average. Expect temperatures at the beginning of the month to be higher than average, and then those days at the end of the month, lower than average. Lastly, if any of the travel bloggers have found amazing accommodation or a favourite hotel, I’ve included those recommendations as well.

best places to visit in the Europe in November
Asturias, Spain (Photo courtesy of Talek Nantes)

Asturias, Spain

By Talek Nantes from Travels With Talek

Asturias, Spain’s northern region, is considered an underrated gem by those that have traveled there. It is a region of delicious regional cuisine, crisp wines and an amazing alcoholic cider known as “sidra” which is served from over 3 feet in the air into a cup without ever spilling a drop! This is done to aerate the drink for maximum taste. Drinking sidra is as much a cultural affirmation as it is a common thirst quencher.

Asturias is one of the best places to visit in Europe and November is the best time to visit. You can take a road trip in mild weather and without tourists.

There are many beautiful and historic sights to see in Asturias. One of the most culturally significant is on the outskirts of the capital city of Oviedo. This is a beautiful town with medieval streets, interesting architecture and a lively nightlife. Oviedo is also an ancient town that was once the home of Asturian royalty. You can still see well-preserved palaces and churches dating back to the 9th Century which are today UNESCO World Heritage sites.   

The cathedral of Oviedo, Catedral Metropolitana Basilica de San Salvador, is a beautiful mishmash of Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque and Romanesque architecture which explodes across a wide plaza in the center of the city.

For an ideal traditional Asturian evening, head to Gascona Street. Here you will find local restaurants lining both sides of the street. Inside, the restaurants vie with each other to offer the best regional cuisine like the Fabada Asturiana, a hearty stew of meats and vegetables. Local musicians will arrive at the restaurants to play their instruments and the waiters will serve sidra. Soon the patrons join in singing the traditional Asturian songs. It is a great way to really experience the Asturian culture.

Weather And Directions

In November, expect average temperatures to reach 15oC or 59oF.

It is easy to get to Asturias. Most international flights will arrive at Madrid or Barcelona. From there, it is a cheap and quick connection to the Asturias airport and a 20-minute ride to Oviedo’s city center. 

Hotel Recommendation

Talek says, “I recommend the SOHO Oviedo because of its old world charm and proximity to the city center.”
Best places to visit in Europe in November
London Christmas Lights (Photo courtesy of Christine Wheeler)

London, England

By Christine Wheeler from Live Love Run Travel

Europe is magical in the winter and London is one of the most magical European cities. By visiting the best destinations in Europe in November, you get the cooler but not too cold weather along with the start of Christmas markets and Christmas decorations.

There are countless things to do in London, but try to arrive in time to watch the streets decorated with Christmas lights. For the best Christmas lights in London, make sure to stop by Oxford Street and Regent Street. Both of these streets are known for their shopping year around, but the Christmas lights turn them into magical spots where you can take some beautiful photos.

Regent Street is known for the angels that make up the Spirit of Christmas display while Oxford Street changes their decor more often. Both places are beautiful but get busy closer to Christmas. If you can visit towards the end of November, you’ll get the best of the Christmas displays without the heavy crowds.

Visiting in November also means you can delight in unique dining experiences like eating in one of the igloo restaurants that pop up during the winter. Coppa Club’s Tower Bridge igloos are among the most famous and give you a wonderful view of Tower Bridge as you dine in the warmth of an igloo.

Weather And Directions

Expect average temperatures in and around 9oC or 48oF so make sure you bring a warm sweater or jacket to leisurely enjoy these displays.

With multiple major airports located in London, it is easy to reach from just about anywhere in the world. From the airports, you can take a train or a taxi into the city. For travel tips, please see 50 Best Travel Tips To London For First Time Visitors.

Hotel Recommendation

Christine says, “Because London is such a large and spread out city, try choosing a hotel that is centrally located or at least near an underground station. We stayed at K+K Hotel George, and the short walk to Earl’s Court Station made it easy to get anywhere in London relatively quickly. We highly recommend the hotel and adding London to your November European bucket list.”
Best places to visit in Europe in November
Lucerne, Switzerland (Photo courtesy of Trijit Mallick)

Lucerne, Switzerland

By Trijit Mallick from Budget Travel Buff

If you love nature and looking for one of the best places to visit in Europe, consider Lucerne. Located at the northern part of Lake Lucerne, this small Swiss city is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Switzerland.

This picturesque town can be visited all year around. However, November is the best time of year when you see less crowds and the weather is perfect to explore the town and its surrounding mountains.

Lucerne is known for its stunning medieval architecture and the iconic Chapel Bridge. This historic wooden construction over the Reuss River makes it an architectural masterpiece and one of the best tourist spots in Lucerne. The purpose of this bridge was to protect the city from a southern attack. You can take some excellent pictures of the Chapel Bridge and the Water Tower from here.

Next visit the Lion Monument which is just a short walk from the Chapel Bridge. This iconic monument was created as a dedication to Swiss soldiers who lost their lives during the French Revolution. 

When you are in Switzerland, you shouldn’t miss the Swiss Alps. Book day trips to Mount Titlis and Mount Pilatus from Lucerne. Both are incredibly beautiful, but if you have time constraints, I would recommend visiting Mount Titlis. The cable car journey to the top will give you a 360-degree view of the Alps. There are amazing activities to do on Mount Titlis, such as the cliff walk and glacier cave.

Weather And Directions

In November, expect temperatures to be an average of 8oC or 46oF.

Zurich international airport is the nearest airport to Lucerne. It is just 55 km away and well connected with Lucerne by road and rail. For a cost efficient way to get around, purchase a “Tell Pass” for travel on all public transportation.

Hotel Recommendation

Trijit says, “If you are looking for a luxurious and comfortable stay, Hotel Schweizerhof Luzern is a great place. This 5-star hotel features beautiful room decor alongside all modern amenities. The helpful staff will make your stay blissful.”

If you are on a budget, Trijit recommends staying in the Youth Hostel of Lucerne.

Best places to visit in Europe in November
Cyclades Islands, Greece (Photo courtesy of Martha)

Cyclades Islands, Greece (Greek Islands)

By Martha from May Cause Wanderlust

The Cyclades Islands in Greece are arguably the most stunning islands in the Mediterranean. Created by volcanic activity, they are dotted around the dreamy blue Aegean sea like confetti. The island landscapes are often craggy and dramatic, and the towns are gorgeous: white-washed houses and car-free paved streets, brought to life with brightly painted doors and glorious Bougainvillea flowers. 

They are amazing to visit at any time of year because they are so naturally beautiful. However, November is a great time to visit because there are no crowds. Hordes of tourists are the number one complaint during peak season in Santorini and Mykonos, the two most popular Greek islands in the Cyclades chain. But if you visit off-season, you will avoid dealing with crowds and also benefit from lower prices.

It is likely the sea may be too cold for a swim, so when you are not sitting by the pool, your activities will most likely be focused on nature and enjoying the picturesque towns and museums. You can marvel at the epic volcanic caldera on Santorini island, enjoy the peaceful towns on Paros island or wander the ancient ruins on Delos island which is reachable by boat. 

Weather And Directions

Temperatures in the Cyclades are around 17-18 degrees Celsius or 68o degrees Fahrenheit in November. 

There are international airports on Santorini and Mykonos. Ferry itineraries between the islands may be reduced in November and some restaurants may be closed. However, you could avoid that by taking a small ship tour and go island-hopping in the Cyclades.

Best places to visit in Europe in November
Turin, Italy (Photo courtesy of Natalie Deduck)

Turin, Italy

By Natalie Deduck and Robson Cadore from The Best Of Turin

Turin is an incredible destination in Northern Italy. The first Italian capital holds so much history, culture, and good food that any traveler would be delighted with its discoveries. In addition, it is one of the best places to visit in Europe in November. 

Autumn is magical in Turin, and in November, the city is still covered in yellow and red leaves. The weather is cool and also great for enjoying outdoor activities. As the Italian Alps surround the city, nature is gorgeous during this time of the year. 

There are easy hiking trails less than 30 minutes from the city center. Experienced hikers can take day trips and venture into the countryside to reach peaks over 2,600 meters above sea level like the Puta Quattro Sorelle in Bardonecchia, just one hour and a half by train.

For culture and art lovers, November is the best time to visit as the city hosts two world-famous contemporary art events. Artissima and Paratissima attract artists and visitors from all over Europe, and Turin breathes arts. Expositions, open-air installations, music, and theater combined create an artistic vibe that takes over the whole city. 

There are also plenty of things to do in Turin, incredible museums and over 20 royal palaces to visit, vintage markets, and delicious food to taste. Turin is the capital of the Piemonte region, famous for its Barolo Wine, Slow Food Movement, truffles, chocolates, and vermouth. There are endless reasons to visit Turin, and the best one is that it’s not packed with tourists like other major Italian destinations. 

Weather And Directions

With an average temperature of 12oC or 54oF, Turin in November gives you the good feeling that winter is around the corner.

Reaching Turin is easy. Torino-Caselle Airport is connected to Turin city center by train and shuttle buses. Another option is to fly to one of the three airports in Milan. Then from Milan to Turin by train is just one hour. Many people do it daily, commuting for work or going for a one-day trip to the cities. 

Hotel Recommendation

Natalie and Robson say, “The Royal Palace Hotel & Spa is located at the heart of the old town and offers a truly royal experience to the guests. Another great option is to stay at DoubleTree by Hilton Turin Lingotto, located at the former FIAT factory.
Best places to visit in Europe in November
Sibenik, Croatia (Photo courtesy of Jurgen Reichenpfader)

Sibenik, Croatia

By Jurgen and Martina from Places of Juma

Sibenik in Croatia is a picturesque coastal town and definitely one of the most beautiful places to visit in Europe in November. Famous because of the television series Game of Thrones, countless tourists from all over the world come here to explore the picturesque old town. However, at the beginning of November, Sibenik becomes very quiet and idyllic. It is a great time to explore the city unencumbered with crowds.

When visiting in November, guests can expect a fabulous selection of activities and attractions in this charming coastal town. The absolute highlight is the medieval old town. A walking tour takes you on a journey back in time, strolling through winding stone streets while discovering beautiful historical attractions.

One of the most important places to see is the Cathedral of St. James, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is the most important Renaissance building in the entire country. It was built entirely of stone and erected between the 15th and 16th centuries. Inside you will find a baptismal font of the cathedral beautifully decorated with the figures of God and angels. Make sure you leave time to stop and visit inside.

Also worth exploring are the 3 fortresses around the city, from which you can enjoy breathtaking views over Sibenik and the beautiful blues of the Adriatic Sea.

Another highlight are the fantastic beaches in Sibenik. You may still get warm enough weather to swim and sunbathe. Perfect if you want to combine sightseeing with a few relaxing days at the beach.

A beautiful place to explore in November is the nature reserve Sv. Ante where visitors will enjoy a grandiose coastal panorama while walking along the canal.

Weather And Directions

The average weather temperature in Sibenik in November is 17oC or 63oF.

Getting to Sibenik is easy. The nearest international airport is in the city of Split, about 90 kilometers away. From there, you can either take a public bus, hire a car or take a taxi.

Hotel Recommendation

Jurgen and Martina say, “For accommodation, we recommend the Heritage Hotel Life Palace, a lovely boutique hotel in the old town.”
best places to visit in Europe in November
Vienna, Austria (Photo courtesy of Or)

Vienna, Austria

By Or from My Path In the World

Vienna, one of the most livable cities in world, is the perfect place to visit in Europe in November to experience the end of fall and the beginning of winter. You’ll still be able to see some fall foliage in places like Burggarten and the gardens of the UNESCO-listed Schönbrunn Palace. Yet, you’ll already be able to enjoy Vienna’s Christmas markets, some of which open in the last 10-12 days of November.

Though you’ll find plenty of small, cozy markets scattered around Vienna, don’t miss the city’s biggest Christmas market, Rathausplatz Christkindlmarkt, held in city hall square. Apart from all the stalls, you’ll find a huge ice skating rink, a Ferris wheel, Christmas-themed displays, and much more.

Beyond that, there’s much more popular destinations to include on your Vienna itinerary. It is home to beautiful sights like the Belvedere Palace, St. Stephen’s Cathedral, Karlskirche, and the Vienna State Opera. It’s also where you can visit world-class museums like the Museum of Art History (Kunsthistorisches Museum) and the Albertina.

If you’re a coffee or dessert addict, you’ll also love the countless coffee and pastry shops found everywhere. They are a huge part of Vienna’s history and culture. With countless cafes some of which are more than 100 years old, there’s no better place to indulge in an espresso and decadent Austrian cakes and strudels. Three amazing cafes to add to your itinerary are Cafe Demel, Cafe Central, Hotel Sacher Cafe.

Weather And Directions

Vienna offers average temperatures in November of 9oC or 48oF.

Fly directly into Vienna’s airport (VIE), located only 18 km outside of the city center. It is about 30 minutes to drive to the center city. Alternatively, you can take an airport bus or train transfer to connect directly with Vienna’s metro line.

Hotel Recommendation

Or says, “As for accommodation, finding hotels outside the city center can save you a lot of money, so check out Ibis Styles Wien City, which offers clean, colorful rooms, a great breakfast, and easy access to public transportation.”
best places to visit in Europe in November
Nice, France (Photo courtesy of Emma)

Nice, France

By Emma from Emma Jane Explores

Nice is the beating heart of the French Riviera and a great place to vacation in southern Europe for anyone looking for a coastal getaway. Even in November, the weather is balmy. It is the perfect weather to explore without having to contend with the heaving throngs of summer crowds.   

Nice has so many charms, but it is certainly hard to pass up a stroll along the city’s famous Promenade des Anglais which is a large walkway running parallel to the twinkling blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea and Nice’s beaches. Cap off the walk with a trip up to the Colline due Château found in the old town at one end of the Promenade to get a bird’s eye view of the spectacular stretch of coast. You won’t want to leave.

Once you’ve lapped up the beauty, stop in at the iconic Negresco Hotel. The pink-domed luxury hotel is a famous sight in the French Riviera. Though accommodation may not suit your budget, it is possible to have a drink at the hotel bar. You then have permission to enter the hotel’s common areas for a sneak peek at this stunning hotel.

Weather And Directions

Nice has an average temperature of 16oC or 61oF (though chillier at night).

You’ll need to fly into Nice Côte d’Azur Airport, which has its own tram line that connects visitors with the centre of the city. Alternatively, it is a 15 minutes drive to Nice’s central square, Place Massena. 

Hotel Recommendation

Emma says, “One of the loveliest parts of Nice in November is to stroll through the Vieille Ville (Old Town) where winding alleyways and cobble stoned lanes form a maze of unique eateries and stores to discover. Stay in the heart of the old town with the perfectly located Mercure MarchéAux Fleurs.”
best places to visit in Europe in November
Venice, Italy (Photo courtesy of Unsplash)

Venice, Italy

By Haley Blackall from Haley Blackall

With the winding cobblestone alleyways, slow curving canals, and baroque architecture, Venice is a picture to behold. It is one of Europe’s most beautiful places and November is the best time visit. The city experiences a mass exodus of tourists, mild temperatures, and an uptick of festivities as the holiday season sets in.

One of the main attractions in Venice in November is the Madonna Della Salute Festival. This is comprised of a large feast and procession of thousands of people to the Salute Church. This festival is held to celebrate the Virgin Mary’s intervention to end the plague in 1630. 

If you miss this, Venice has so much more to offer. Start your Venice itinerary in the famous St. Mark’s Square where the Saint Mark’s Basilica looms in all of its white stone and gold opulence. Check out the four horses inside that were plundered from Constantinople during the crusades in 1204. Move on to the Doge’s Palace, with cavernous rooms with intricate artwork and marbled hallways. Make sure to walk over the Bridge of Sighs, where prisoners would see their last view of the beauty of Venice.

Wander toward the Rialto Bridge, the white stone architectural marvel with enclosed shops lining each side that spans the Grand Canal. It connects the districts of San Marco and San Polo. Take a moment and have a drink or cup of coffee at the Piazza San Marco and people watch.

Weather And Directions

In November, expect mild temperatures of 12oC or 54oF in Venice.

If you are arriving from outside of Italy, you will land at the Marco Polo Airport (VCE). From here you can take a 35-minute water taxi ride towards the historic city centre of Venice. It is one of the best ways to introduce yourself to the romantic capital. 

Hotel Recommendation

Haley says, “Stay at Hotel Ai Reali, with classical Venetian design and a great location to see all of Venice’s attractions.”

Porto, Portugal

By Victoria Heinz from Guide Your Travel

Porto is one of Portugal’s most attractive cities and one of the best places to visit in Europe in November. This is the birthplace and home to the famous Portuguese wine called port which is made in the nearby Duoro valley.

Porto is all about incredible architecture and historic places. There are plenty of things to see and do in this beautiful place so try to allocate several days here. See the famous blue churches which are tiled with the iconic azulejos, elaborate blue tiles which make Porto iconic.

Of course, you have to visit the Dom Luis II bridge which connects the old town of Porto to Vila Nova de Gaia. The best way to reach the top level is to purchase a ticket on the cable car which even includes vouchers for free port tastings. After a quick ride, you’ll reach the top of the bridge where the views are fantastic. Afterwards, come to the Vila Nova de Gaia neighbourhood for a wine tasting or tours of secluded wine cellars.

In the evenings you should have dinner by the river and enjoy the lively atmosphere as boats pass by.

Weather And Directions

In November the weather in Porto is still relatively mild with an average temperature of 17oC or 63oF. You’ll find far fewer tourist crowds making it the perfect time to visit.

The closest international airport is Francisco Sa Carneiro which is 10km from the city center, an easy 20 minute taxi or metro ride.

Hotel Recommendation

Victoria says, “Well-known for its historic setting and proximity to great restaurants and attractions, the Hotel Carris Porto Ribeira is an excellent choice.”
Best Places to visit in Europe in November
Tatra Mountains, Poland (Photo courtesy of Ela and Beata)

Zakopone, Poland

By Ela and Beata from Stunning Outdoors

Zakopane is a unique town located at the edge of Tatra National Park in southern Poland. It is a well known destination in Poland due to its highlander style architecture, traditional specialities and last but not least, its proximity to the mighty Tatra mountains. 

There is so much to see and do when visiting Zakopane. First of all, wander around the town to admire the architecture, including its oldest street Koscieliska. There you will find a small chapel and Pęksowy Brzyzek National Cemetery. This is a real gem and you should not miss it! The graveyard and its tombs are like walking in an art exhibit.

Undoubtedly, the biggest magnet for visitors to Zakopane are the highest mountains in Poland – Tatra. Tatra National Park offers kilometres of paths of varied difficulty. 

In the summer months Zakopane and the park are very busy. However, in the fall, in particular November, the area becomes noticeably quieter. In addition, for those who visit in November, the mountains have a special treat for you. The hilltop grass becomes rusty orange and red providing a feast for the eyes. The most spectacular hikes to take to admire these colors is Czerwone Wierchy and all Western Tatra peaks.

Weather And Directions

Dress properly to enjoy your time as the average temperature in November is 5oC or 41oF.

The best way to get there is to fly to Krakow and then hop on a bus. The bus journey takes about 2h and ends in the centre of town. 

Hotel Recommendation

Ela and Beata say, “Willa Malinowa is a good option.”
best places to visit in Europe in November
Seville, Spain (Photo courtesy of Agnes)

Seville, Spain

By Agnes from The Van Escape

Seville is a great place to visit in southern Europe and November is the best time. The main reason is the weather. Seville is one of the hottest cities in Spain. Summer temperatures can reach 40-45oC (104-114oF) which is sweltering. However, in November, the weather is perfect. It’s great for long walks around the city and sightseeing. It is still very sunny, and you can even sunbathe. What’s more, the city is less crowded, so you can admire the amazing architectural monuments of Seville without standing in long lines. It also offers the perfect light for photos.

There are many exceptional places to see while in Seville. The palace complex Alcázar (Spanish: Reales Alcázares) is one of Seville’s greatest treasures. The Alcázar was the seat of Arab rulers, and after the Reconquest, it was taken over and rebuilt by Christian rulers. To this day, the Spanish Royal Family has its seat on the upper floor, making the Royal Alcázar the longest-functioning royal residence in the world. Alcazar is on the UNESCO World Heritage list.

The Cathedral of Our Lady in Seville (Spanish: Catedral de Santa María de la Sede de Sevilla) is a Gothic cathedral built on the site of a mosque. The cathedral is the largest and one of the greatest Gothic churches in the world. The mosque remains are the Giralda bell tower (a former minaret) and the Patio de Los Naranjos. But the place that attracts the most tourists is the Tomb of Christopher Columbus.

Spain Square (Spanish: The Plaza de España) is a plaza in the Parque de María Luisa (Maria Luisa Park), amazing for walking. It was built in 1928 for the Ibero-American Exposition of 1929. 

After exploring these unique architectural monuments, sit down in one of the many Andalusian bars for delicious tapas and a glass of wine.

Weather And Directions

The average temperature during the day is 20oC or 68oF.

Seville-San Pablo Airport is the closest international airport located 10 kilometers northeast of the city center. Another great choice is Malaga Airport, located 2 hours (200 km) from Seville, if you prefer a road trip.

Hotel Recommendation

Agnes says, “One of the best places to stay is Hotel Casa 1800 Sevilla in the Old town district with a great sun terrace. A perfect choice is also the Terraza Hotel Doña María with an amazing rooftop bar and the best views of La Giralda and the Cathedral.”
best places to visit in Europe in November
Blue Lagoon, Iceland (Photo courtesy of Jessie Moore)

Reykjavik, Iceland

By Jessie Moore from Pocket Wanderings

Reykjavik is the capital of Iceland and one of the best places to visit in Europe in November. It is the perfect base for an Icelandic winter adventure, from chilling in the Blue Lagoon to sampling the local cuisine. November is also one of the best months to see the Northern Lights!

A trip to the Blue Lagoon is on the bucket list of many travellers. Located just 40 minutes from Reykjakvik, the Blue Lagoon is a geothermal hot spring known to have lots of wonderful health benefits, such as improved skin and circulation. There’s something special about visiting in November, where you can escape the cold winter air in the comforting warmth of the lagoon.

Easy to locate from Reykjavik, The Golden Circle consists of Þingvellir National Park, Geysir Geothermal Area, and Gullfoss waterfall. November is a great time to visit the Golden Circle with the fantastic golden hour lighting that reflects off the icy lakes. If you’re lucky, you may even spot rainbows coming out of the Gullfoss Waterfall.

There are a number of Icelandic dishes which you must try while in this unique city – from delicious fresh fish to Reykvajik’s hot dog (pylsur). To warm up on a cold day in November, try Brennivin. An Icelandic favourite, it’s a strong spiced spirit and its name comes from the phrase ‘burning wine’.

Weather And Directions

With an average temperature of 4oC or 39oF, you will need to pack warm clothes to enjoy these amazing experiences.

Almost all international flights land at Keflavík International Airport, 31 miles from Reykjavik (about a 45 minute drive). You can book the Flybus from the airport, which operates everyday all year long. Alternatively, you can hire a taxi.

Hotel Recommendation

Jessie says, “For a trendy boutique hotel located in downtown Reykjavik, stay at 101 Hotel – complete with impossibly chic interiors and an on-site spa.”
November best time to visit Milos
Milos, Greece (Photo courtesy of Pixaby)

Milos, Greece

By Mal from Raw Mal Roams

Milos is one of the most underrated Greek islands situated in the Cyclades. If you’re looking for a perfect destination to visit in Europe for a winter getaway in the sun, Milos ticks all the boxes. 

November in Milos is well past the tourist season, which means you can enjoy this stunning island without the crowds. In addition, you will also be able to catch some great bargains for your accommodation. The weather is still pleasant, perfect for renting a car and exploring the island.

Eat the delicious fresh seafood at one of the seafront restaurants in Adams. Visit the ancient Plaka for some incredible panoramic views of the entire island and to learn more about Milos’ heritage. For the history enthusiasts, there is Plaka Castle and the Archaeological Museum. Check out the traditional fishing village of Klima, and for beachgoers, there is Serakiniko beach with a moon-like landscape. 

Weather And Directions

The temperatures is around 18 degrees Celsius or 64 degrees Fahrenheit.

To get to Milos, fly to Athens International Airport, where you can catch a local connecting flight to Milos or take a direct ferry across to the island.

Hotel Recommendation

Mal says, “One of the best places to stay in Milos in November is Adamas – the island’s biggest town and port. Book a room in Aelia Suites and enjoy a hot tub on a cool November evening!”
best places to visit in Europe in November
Budapest, Hungary (Photo courtesy of Erki)

Budapest, Hungary

By Erki from Genem Travels

Budapest is the capital of Hungary, one of the cheapest places you can visit in Europe, and full of life. It is a great city in Eastern Europe where there are plenty of things to do like exploring the magnificent old town, relaxing in spas, or enjoying the lively nightlife.

As Budapest is full of many interesting sites, you should take a guided tour so that you can easily see the main ones. You can take a paid or free walking tour depending on your personal taste.

Hungarians are known for their thermal spa culture. It’s the central leisure activity for the locals. Luckily, there are a couple of spas around Budapest. Széchenyi is Budapest’s largest thermal bath complex and is located near Budapest’s City Park. Soaking in the warm water in the middle of November is an ideal way to spend an afternoon.

The main landmark in Budapest is the Citadel. It’s located at the top of the hill, right next to the Donau river and city center. It’s relatively easy to walk up to the Citadel and from there, you can enjoy beautiful views of Budapest.

In November, you can also attend festivals like St. Martin’s Day Wine Festival. The country’s finest wineries gather at Gellert Hotel to present their production to visitors. In addition, you can attend St. Martin’s Day Goose Festival. Visitors can taste traditional Hungarian cuisine, including goose dishes. 

November in Budapest is off-season, with fewer crowds, and even more affordable prices. It’s the perfect time of the year to come and explore.

Weather And Directions

The average temperature in Budapest is 9oC or 48oF.

Near to the city is Budapest International airport with several direct flight options. The city center is about 35 minutes away.

Hotel Recommendation

For old world luxury and charm, stay at the Corinthia Hotel. It is walking distance to many Budapest attractions. For an added treat, book a room with executive lounge service. You will have access to complimentary breakfast, wine and cocktails, desserts, and appetizers all day long. The food and service are exceptional.
november is best time to visit Europe
Montepulciano, Italy (Photo courtesy of Pixaby)

Montepulciano, Italy

By Roxanne de Bruyn from Slow Travel

The Tuscan town of Montepulciano is stunning all year round, but it’s particularly beautiful in the fall. The foliage changes colour and there’s a special crispness to the air. The medieval town centre is framed by the Tuscan hills and the vineyards are bustling at harvest time.

Spend your time exploring the streets of the historic town, relaxing in the Piazza Grande with coffee or a glass of wine, or visiting the local churches and museums. If you enjoy red wine, this is the perfect spot for you, with several wineries worth a visit.

Montepulcino’s Fortress is another popular attraction with views over the Val di Chiana, the Val d’Orcia, and up to Lake Trasimeno. In November, time your visit with the Toscana Gustando food and wine festival, which focuses on a different Italian region each year.

If you can, take your time to relax in the small town and use it as a base for day trips to the surrounding countryside. Montepulciano is a great place for slow travel. With fewer visitors and the harvest just about finished, November is a good time to immerse yourself in the local way of life. 

Weather And Directions

With average temperatures at 13oC or 55oF, it is lovely weather to walk and explore.

Montepulciano’s closest international airport is in Florence, where you can pick up your Italian rental car. It which takes about an hour and a half by car.

Hotel Recommendation

Roxanne says, “Make the most of your stay by booking rooms at the Palazzo Carletti, an 18th century noble palace in the centre of town.”
best places to visit in Europe in November
Dublin, Ireland (Photo courtesy of Nicole Hunter)

Dublin, Ireland

By Cynthia and Alexander from Travel Your Memories

Dublin is the charming and historic capital of Ireland and one of the best cities to visit in Europe in November. The trees are beautifully colored into fall foliage and prices are much lower compared to the summer high season. For whiskey lovers, there is the annual Whiskey Live event where you can try lots of different whiskeys.

Most people take a weekend and visit Dublin. If you want a weekend itinerary, you can read this Dublin travel guide.

There are some fun and interesting things to do in Dublin. First, consider visiting Trinity College to see Kells’ book, a 9th century manuscript that documents the four Gospels of the life of Jesus Christ. It is considered Ireland’s greatest cultural treasure and the world’s most famous medieval manuscript. While there, you can also visit the long room. This is considered one of the most beautiful libraries in the world with towering bookcases that are amazing to see.

At St. Patrick Cathedral, you can enjoy a beautiful square and admire the inside of the cathedral. Make sure you take a look at the intricacies of the benches where important decisions used to be made by the priests.

One of the best things that you can do is go on a musical pub tour. This two hour event is fun and appropriate for all family members. You visit 3-4 pubs with two or three exceptionally talented musicians who sing beautiful Irish songs on traditional Irish instruments (many of which you will have never seen before) and tell lovely Irish stories.

Weather And Directions

In November, the average temperature is 9oC or 48oF.

Dublin can be reached by flying to Dublin airport. Next, you travel to the center of Dublin by bus or taxi. For the bus, you need to go to Terminal 1’s exit where you will see bus stops on your left. You can use Airlink and Aircoach for a return ticket. Normally, a bus ride takes 40 minutes. Airlink is slightly faster than Aircoach during traffic jams, as it can use a tunnel in certain areas.

Hotel Recommendation

For central accommodation walking distance to most Dublin attractions, find something near Temple Bar.
best places to visit in Europe in November
Puerto de la Cruz, Spain (Photo courtesy of Bridget)

Puerto De La Cruz, Spain (Canary Islands)

By Bridget from The Flashpacker

The Canary Islands are well known for the sun-and-sangria resorts lining its southern shores. For a more traditional Spanish base, choose the northern town of Puerto de la Cruz. Visit in November to avoid the busy and hot summer months.

One of the best things to do in Puerto de la Cruz is to visit the small but perfectly formed Jardín Botánico. Conceived as a temporary resting place for exotic plant species on their journey between the Americas and the Far East, this now permanent sub-tropical wonderland is perfect for a stroll.

Puerto de la Cruz has a burgeoning street art scene. Thanks to a programme to improve the urban environment, the streets of the old town have been transformed into an open-air art gallery. Pick up a street art map from the Tourist Information Office and spend a couple of hours exploring and finding some hidden gems.

For an afternoon of sun and leisure, spend some time at the black beaches of Playa Jardin or the swimming pool complex of Lago Martianez.

Weather And Directions

In November, enjoy average temperatures of 25oC or 77oF.

International flights land at Tenerife South Airport, also known as Tenerife South-Reina Sofia Airport. From here, it’s under an hour’s drive to Puerto de la Cruz.

Hotel Recommendation

Bridget says, “Stay in the old town to be close to the majority of the main sights. The comfortable Central PENTHOUSE with TERRACE and SEA views with a terrace overlooking the ocean is highly recommended.”
best places to visit in Europe in November
Ljubljana, Slovenia (Photo courtesy of Nicole Hunter)

Ljubljana, Slovenia

By Tom & Zi from Craving Adventure

Ljubljana is a small, charming city and the capital of Slovenia. This is a lively student city with a lot of history, impressive architecture, a bustling bar and restaurant scene. There is also lots of greenery, so much so that it won the Green Capital of Europe award in 2016.

Lbjubljana is one of the best places to visit in Europe in November because it offers beautiful walks and superb art galleries and museums. Most importantly, every November, it hosts a wide range of culinary and gastronomic events as part of the November Gourmet Ljubljana Food and Wine Festival.

The historic centre of Ljubljana is a pedestrian only zone which only adds to the charm. One of the best things to do is stroll through the old town. Walking alongside the river Ljubljanica, you’ll be able to admire the many beautiful bridges and colorful baroque facades. Make sure to find Preseren square and the Tripple bridge.

The Ljubljana castle, perched atop a hill in the middle of the city, is a fabulous sight from all direction. It is an easy 15 minute walk up, or quick gondola ride.

Another interesting activity is to take a street art tour where you will see some fantastic crazy art in the walking zone and across the river in Metelkova. You will also learn about Slovenia’s more recent history including the war in the 1990s.

If you prefer to avoid outside, there are plenty of art galleries and museums to visit. Plecnik House will give you an introduction to Slovenia’s most famous architect and the man behind some of the most prominent buildings in Ljubljana.

The Modern Art Gallery showcases Slovene artworks from the 20th and 21st century, including photography, videography and digital art. Then there’s the National Gallery and the Slovenian Etnographic Museum which are also fabulous if you’d like to dive deeper into Slovene history and culture.

If you’d like to enjoy some milder weather, a day trip to the charming coastal town of Piran should be on your itinerary. The Slovene coast enjoys beautiful weather all the way into late fall.

Weather And Directions

The average temperature in Ljubljana in November is 9oC or 48oF.

When you fly to Ljubljana, you will actually fly into the countryside. From there, you have to catch a bus or a shuttle which will take you into the city centre in about 20-30 minutes.

Hotel Recommendation

Tom & Zi say, “If you want to stay in the very heart of the city, then the Grand Hotel Union is the perfect place. This is one of the oldest and most beautiful hotels in Ljubljana and has a fabulous location just off the main square. For a slightly cheaper alternative, check out the U-hotel just behind it.”
best places to visit in Europe in November
Lisbon, Portugal (Photo courtesy of Bec Wyld)

Lisbon, Portugal

By Bec from Wyld Family Travel

Lisbon is a magnificent city to visit in any season but it would have to be one of the best places to visit in Europe in November. In November, the weather is still beautiful with lots of sunny days. It is also quieter than most months with many people waiting until December to visit for the Christmas markets.

There are so many things to do in Lisbon that you are spoilt for choice. From castles that overlook the city to amazing food, you will definitely find your days filled.

If you love museums the Maritime Museum is a must. Set in a large building, you will discover many wonderful artifacts leftover from Portuguese fleets that discovered much of the world. In the last building, you will see replicas of some of these ships in all of their glory.

If you love sea life, then the Oceanarium should also be at the top of your list. This amazing aquarium boasts some of the most stunning exhibits from all over the world. The otters really do steal the show though!

History is in abundance in the city with the ruins of the Carmo Convent and the magnificent Igreja de Sao Roque church with its chapel that was blessed by a Pope.

Day trips from Lisbon should also be high on your Lisbon itinerary. Evora is one of the best. You can visit the fascinating yet dark Bone Chapel as well as a Spanish Inquisition Museum before having a rest in the shadows of an ancient Roman temple, the Temple of Diana.

Sintra, the summer playground for the Portuguese elite, is another amazing day trip. Royal palaces like Pena Palace (one of the brightest castles you will ever see) and the ruins of the Moorish Castle are highlights of a trip there.

Weather And Directions

The average temperature in Lisbon in November is 18oC or 64oF.

You can easily fly into Lisbon Airport and catch a train into the city. Just remember that Lisbon is a very hilly city and you don’t want to be carrying a lot of luggage with you.

best places to visit in Europe in November
Prague, Czech Republic (Photo courtesy of Monique)

Prague, Czech Republic

By Monique from Trip Anthropologist

Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic. A city of squares, towers and bridges, it is a delight to stroll along the medieval cobblestoned lanes of Prague’s Old Town in November. Occasionally dusted by snow, its’ Gothic, Baroque and medieval buildings and churches have an otherworldly air. In November, the throngs of tourists are largely gone and you can finally spend a few days enjoying this magnificent city.

Within the main square of the Old Town are medieval attractions, such as the Church of Our Lady Before Týnn and the Old Town Hall. It’s possible to wander into several parts of the majestic Town Hall that was built in 1338 and dominates the square. On one side of the building is the Astrological Clock where you can easily watch beautiful figures dance upon the hour.

Prague Castle and Charles Bridge are also important central attractions. The mighty Castle is 1000 years old. It takes up a whole district with churches, palaces and museums.

The Charles Bridge provides one of the greatest ‘wow’ moments in travel. Built between 1357 and 1400 across the Vltava River, it is lined with life-size statues and monuments and has the feel of an epic Harry Potter landscape. In the summer, you are literally elbow to elbow with tourists. In November, you should be able to spend as much time as you want comfortably exploring this beautiful bridge. There are wonderful views and wonderful photos to take.

At the end of the Charles Bridge is the sprawling Strahov monastery and the impossibly stunning Strahov Library. It is the best of the Prague libraries and considered to be one of the world’s most beautiful.

Weather And Directions

The average temperature in November is 8oC or 46oF. There are still 8 or 9 hours of daylight and the middle of the day is often clear and sunny.

Prague is serviced by Vaclav Havel International airport, about 20 kilometers away.

Hotel Recommendation

For a decadent treat, stay at the Four Seasons Hotel Prague. It exudes old world charm and luxury, and has an exceptional location.

Staffordshire, England

By Kerry Hanson From VeggTravel

One of the best places to visit in Europe in November is Staffordshire, England. Staffordshire itself is a county in the West Midlands with several towns worthy of a visit. The most famous is Stratford-upon-Avon as this is the birthplace of Sir William Shakespeare.

Stratford-upon-Avon is a medieval market town. It has many different tributes, statues and museums dedicated to the famous play writer, so you’ll be able to immerse yourself in Shakespearean history. If you visit in November, you will also have the added bonus of the Christmas markets that have started to light up the town.

However, if you’re looking for some adrenaline activities, then Staffordshire is the perfect base to visit Alton Towers Amusement Park. While the park is open for most of the year, November is particularly special as the first weekend hosts Guy Fawkes Day with the ultimate firework spectacular.

If you’re not familiar with this celebration, the Bonfire night originates from 1605 where a man named Guy Fawkes was found to have hidden explosives under the House of Lords. His intent was to assassinate the king. However, the king survived. Every year, this event is celebrated on the 5th of November all over England by a succession of fireworks and bonfires illuminating the sky.

Alton Towers has massive grounds, woodlands and natural lakes and the fireworks are truly spectacular. There are also extreme thrill rides such as the infamous ‘smiler’, and plenty of family friendly rides and entertainment.

Weather And Directions

Average temperatures are 9oC or 48oF so dress warmly.

The closet international airport is Birmingham, a 25 mile or so drive from there. 

Hotel Recommendation

Kerry says, “While you can choose to stay at a hotel in the park, its much cheaper to stay in Stratford upon Avon and enjoy this pretty historical town while you’re there.”
best places to visit in Europe in November
Bratislava, Slovakia (Photo courtesy of Nadine)

Bratislava, Slovakia

By Nadine from Le Long Weekend

Bratislava is one of the best places to visit in Europe in November as you get to see the best of both worlds. You still have the last of the beautiful Autumn foliage and the Christmas festivities are starting to take place. You can visit the Xmas markets during the second half of the month before most of the tourists arrive in December. 

When visiting Bratislava, make your way into the old town first. Here, you’ll find a myriad of attractions clustered around the cobblestone streets. Scale the stairs in the Old Town Hall for some of the best views in town. Browse the tiny medieval museum housed within the tower at Michael’s Gate. Then, see how many quirky statues you can spot as you stroll around the streets.

Overlooking the old town, you’ll find Bratislava Castle. Take a walk up through the steep streets opposite the old city walls, and venture up to the castle grounds. Here you can admire the gardens and take in the view, or pay to visit the museum & treasury contained within it.

Opposite the castle, it’s impossible to miss the UFO Tower on the other side of the river. You can take a rickety elevator to the top for a small entrance fee, or make a reservation at the UFO restaurant for free access. The views from the top of the tower are sublime, especially at sunset. Make sure you look for the contrasting landscapes on both sides of the Danube.

Weather And Directions

Average temperature in November is 8oC or 46oF.

The capital city of Slovakia has its own international airport which is located around 7km from the city centre. However, many visitors choose to visit Bratislava via Vienna airport, which is only 40km away. Vienna often has more flight options and is well connected via public transport. 

November is best time to visit Copenhagen
Copenhagen, Denmark (Photo courtesy of Pixaby)

Copenhagen, Denmark

By Danny From Danny Explores

Copenhagen is one of the most beautiful destinations to visit during the winter months. The Danish capital truly comes to life in the winter and November is one of the best times to visit. It is quieter and easier to explore, with shorter queues for attractions. In addition, accommodation is a lot cheaper. 

Don’t let the colder weather and reduced tourism fool you though, there are lots things to do in Copenhagen during this time.

Visit Freetown Christiana – A small suburb of Copenhagen set up in the early 70’s by hippies. The area is well known for its cannabis trade and its own laws. Around 850 people still live there today. The area is free to visit and one of the most interesting areas of Copenhagen. However, make sure you read up on the rules before visiting.

Get lost in Tivoli Gardens – Ever wondered where Walt Disney dreamt up Disney Land? Tucked away in the city centre you’ll find the second oldest theme park in the world! From early November you can visit the gardens during their ‘Christmas season’. There’s lots to do for people of all ages, including riding the rollercoasters, viewing the amazing light shows and meeting Santa. Get ready for the magic!

Beyond that, make sure you grab some food and drink in the Christmas markets, relax in the outdoor spaces and gardens.

Weather And Directions

The average temperature in November is 7oC or 44oF.

When you visit, you have to fly into Copenhagen international Airport. The airport is only 7 km from the city centre with lots of fantastic transportation options. Taxi, bus and metro are the most popular, but you can also get a private transfer if you prefer. 

Last Word

There are plenty of amazing places to visit in Europe in November. Whether you hope to feel warm temperatures and the sun, or the cool air of an autumn day, there is an amazing destination for you. It is also the best time to go for lower prices in hotels, and quiet moments away from tourist crowds.

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