28 Best Places In Europe For Most Beautiful Sunsets (2023)


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There is something magical about a beautiful sunset. I have never met anyone who didn’t feel it. Moreover, sunsets seem to always be best on vacation and in Europe, that is, without a doubt, the case. Pretty sun sets from gorgeous beaches, rooftop decks, or tops of mountains are all a possibility on a European holiday. In fact, there are so many spectacular spots to watch the sun go down on a trip to Europe that you could spend most of your time traveling to different destinations just to watch them! Here are 28 best places to see the most beautiful sunsets in Europe.

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European Destinations

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Best Places To See Prettiest Sun Sets in Europe

Here are 28 best European destinations to see the prettiest sun sets. They can be seen in cities and small towns, from beaches and the tops of tall hills or mountains, surrounded by other people or practically alone.

In the following article, where to see the most beautiful European sunsets is described as well as any important tips, such as how best to see them, where to park or stand, and when you should arrive. In addition, how best to reach the destination and the expected weather are also included so you can properly plan ahead. Finally, other things to do are set out as well as recommended accommodation if you would like to spend some time exploring that European destination.

best places in Europe to watch a sunset
Barcelona, Spain (Photo courtesy of Nicola from Polka Dot Passport)

Barcelona, Spain

By Nicola from Polka Dot Passport

Barcelona is one of Spain‘s most popular destinations, and it’s easy to see why. This beachside city is full of fabulous architecture, delicious food and lively atmosphere. It is also home to some stunning sunsets.

For the absolute best place to watch the sunset in Barcelona, head up to the Bunkers del Carmel. The Bunkers are located on top of Turo de la Rovira, a hilltop that was once used as a base for anti-aircraft warfare during the Spanish Civil War. Nowadays, it’s a popular spot to bring a picnic and watch the sun setting over the Barcelona skyline. The panoramic views over the city are truly spectacular.

Insider Tip

Sunset is obviously the time the Bunkers get the busiest, so try to arrive as early as possible if you want to nab a seat along the edge. I’d also recommend bringing up some food and drink whether it is to savor the experience with friends and family or share a romantic moment with your partner.

Other Things To Do

Make sure you don’t leave Barcelona without seeing the iconic and rather quirky architecture of Gaudi, particularly Basílica Sagrada Familia and Parc Güell. You will want to spend hours staring at and exploring these whimsical and awe-inspiring structures.

The vibrant nightlife of the city is also definitely worth experiencing. There are many fantastic Barcelona beach clubs and bars to visit whether you want to sip cocktails on patios while people watching or party all night long!

Best Way To Reach Destination

The best airport to fly into Barcelona is the Josep Tarradellas Barcelona-El Prat Airport. It is a 30 minute drive to reach Turo de la Rovira, the hilltop where the Bunkers are located.

To get here by Metro, take metro line L4 (yellow) to station Alfons X. From Alfons X, take exit Ronda de Guinardo, cross the street and turn left. From here, you have to walk up a hill for about 25-30 minutes.

Alternatively, you can catch a bus to Gran Vista, Turo de la Rovira, and walk 10 minutes to get to the destination.

Best Time To Go Or Avoid

You can visit the Bunkers for sunset at anytime of the year. Average highs in the winter months are in the high 50s degree Fahrenheit whereas they are in the mid 80s in summer.

It is most crowded in summer so for a more peaceful experience try to come another time.


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best destination in Europe to watch sunsets
Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon, Iceland (Photo courtesy of Victoria from Iceland Trippers)

Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon, Iceland

By Victoria from Iceland Trippers

If you’re looking for one of the best places in Europe to watch the sun set then you can’t beat Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon. It’s tucked away in the southeastern portion of Iceland and sits on the border of Vatnajökull National Park. 

Because of its location, it’s known to be dotted with small, beautiful blue icebergs, from the nearby Breiðamerkurjökull Glacier and Vatnajökull Glacier. They end up in the water and wash up all along the shore of the black sand beach.

At sundown, you can watch the sun lower behind the glacier and light up the sky with dazzling colors. Simply stand on the beach and prepare to be amazed by a kaleidoscope of colors that light up the sky and bounce off the glaciers. It will take your breath away.

Insider Tip

Try to time your visit for either summer or fall since the lagoon won’t be totally frozen over and there will still be plenty of icebergs for you to see. 

Other Things To Do

Consider taking a boat tour through the area. In fact, the boats used for this scenic tour are the same ones featured in the movie Tomb Raider

For a total unique perspective of the glacial lagoon book a Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon Ice Cave Tour so that you can explore the natural bright blue caves that sit inside the glacier.

Just note that both of these activities are only available in the summer months. You’ll also want to book well in advance since this area is quite popular. 

Best Way To Reach Destination

Fly into Reykjavik and pick up a rental car. It will take around five to six hours to reach Jokulsarlon. It is about 236 miles (380 km) from the capital. 

If you can though, try to devote at least two days to this drive since it’s incredibly beautiful.

Best Time To Go Or Avoid

Iceland is not particularly warm anytime of year. However, in summertime, you can expect average daytime highs at 56 °F, a lovely temperature for exploring.

In the winter months, average daytime highs are around 36 °F. If dressed properly, you can still enjoy watching the sunset in winter.


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best European destinations to watch sun go down
Santorini, Greece (Photo courtesy of Pixabay)

Santorini, Greece

By Megan from Megan Starr

Santorini is widely considered one of the world’s most romantic destinations and for good reason. This Greek island’s gorgeous multicolored beaches, blue water, and iconic white buildings in Oia make it a perfect getaway destination.

Oia is famous for its stunning sunset views. One of the most popular viewpoints to watch sundown is from Oia Castle.

Insider Tip

Oia Castle can get very crowded. To beat the crowds for a spectacular sun set, either arrive early to hold your spot or book a table at a restaurant with a terrace for great views (reserve far in advance in summer).

For something extra special, consider booking a private evening sailing trip to take in the amazing scenes of the island and caldera as the sun goes down.

Other Things To Do

Santorini has so much to explore in the daytime before you enjoy the dazzling sunset. Don’t miss out on the island’s fantastic coastline in spots like Amoudi Bay, Red Sand Beach, or Perissa Beach with its fine black sand.

If the weather is nice, take the short but beautiful hike to Skaros Rock, where you’ll be rewarded with breathtaking views of the Aegean Sea.

A wine tasting at one of the local vineyards, sipping a cocktail or coffee, or sampling the fresh seafood are all great ways to enjoy the delicious Greek cuisine.

Best Way To Reach Destination

To get to this amazing island, you can either fly directly into the Santorini (Thira) International Airport (JTR) or take a ferry from Athens’ Piraeus port.

Best Time To Go Or Avoid

Santorini is a great place to go at any time of the year. In winter it will be cool with average daytime highs at 58 °F. However, it is not crowded.

Summer sees crowds and warm average high temperatures of around 82 °F.

Spring and fall are great times to visit because there are comfortable temperatures (high 60s F and low 70s F) and fewer crowds.


Megan says, “if you’re up for a splurge, you can’t beat staying in one of Oia’s iconic cliffside cave villas, with a private pool overlooking the breathtaking caldera. This is truly the most epic place to witness an Oia sunset!”

best beach destination in Europe for sundown
Dubrovnik, Croatia (Photo courtesy of Pixabay)

Dubrovnik, Croatia

By Chelsea from Adventures of Chefs

Like a sparkling gem sitting along the Adriatic Sea, Dubrovnik, Croatia shines as a favorite European destination of many. Between the stunning architecture, years of history, easy beach access, and close accessibility to Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina, there’s something for most everyone to enjoy.

For a great spot to witness a beautiful sunset at this gem of a place head to Trsteno Arboretum. Before appreciating the sunset, you’ll find a variety of plants and flowers to admire while walking along garden paths.

For the best view of the sunset head to the gazebo-like structure which you may recognize as one of the many Game of Thrones filming locations in Dubrovnik. From this gazebo you’ll see unobstructed views of the Adriatic Sea and sun as it sets behind it. Enjoy the peaceful ambience of this beautiful place.

Other Things To Do

In addition to beautiful sunsets, Dubrovnik has a variety of other activities to enjoy. Go for a stroll along the old town walls and then, get lost wandering the winding streets within the walls.

For an incredible view of the old town and the Adriatic Sea at any time of day, take the Dubrovnik Cable Car to the lookout point.

Spend a beach day at Plaža Banje or Bellevue Beach, or on a boat trip visiting nearby islands with swim stops along the way. 

Best Way To Reach Destination

Getting to Dubrovnik and Trsteno Arboretum is possible by car and bus. There’s also an international airport in Dubrovnik (DBV).

To reach the Arboretum, pick up the bus from Pile Gate which is the main entrance into Dubrovnik’s old town.

Best Time To Go Or Avoid

Note that Dubrovnik is a year round destination so weather wise, any time is a great time to visit. In winter, average highs are 54 °F and in summer, average highs are 85 °F.

As for tourist season, Dubrovnik is now a very popular summer destination. However, you will likely still enjoy a peaceful sunset on top of the Arboretum.


Chelsea says, “As for where to stay on your visit, there’s numerous hostels and lower cost hotels in the area for the budget conscious.

For those who would like to splurge on a little comfort and luxury, consider staying at The Pucic Palace. Rooms offer stunning views of the old town and there’s an upscale onsite restaurant to enjoy.

Note that it’s a special treat to stay within the old town walls so keep that in mind when looking for the best accommodation for you.”

best cities in Europe to watch sun sets
Edinburgh, Scotland (Photo courtesy of Pixabay)

Edinburgh, Scotland

By Taylor from Traverse With Taylor

Edinburgh, the stunning capital city of Scotland, is one of the best cities in Europe to watch a sunset.

This bustling city somehow manages to be a burgeoning tourist destination with plenty of historical, foodie, and nightlife options, and still feel like a sleepy, comfortable old town in many ways. 

The Royal Mile is one of the most popular places to visit in Edinburgh and also the best place to see a magnificent sunset. Either end of the Royal Mile will work!

Once the sun begins setting, you can relax in the grass and heather while you watch with glowing eyes as the world moves by. 

Insider Tip

Edinburgh Castle sits on the top of The Royal Mile and overlooks the entire city of Edinburgh. From here, you can see in all directions, making it an extremely unique place to enjoy a romantic sunset.

Other Things To Do

At one end of the Royal Mile, you can explore Edinburgh Castle and learn all about “The Fort on the Rock” and the history of the Castle as a royal residence and military stronghold.

In addition, behind Holyroodhouse Palace, you’ll find Calton Hill. The most popular hike in Edinburgh, King Arthur’s Seat, takes you up Calton Hill to where King Arthur’s original Camelot supposedly was. 

This 2 hour hike will leave you breathless, not just from exertion, but from the magnificent views to be had of Old Town Edinburgh and beyond. 

In addition, while you’re in Edinburgh, be sure to take in a tasting at the Scotch Whisky Experience or a traditional Scottish tale at the Scottish Storytelling Center. 

Best Way To Reach Destination

You can easily fly into Edinburgh Airport and take the Airlink Bus to Waverley Station, which is directly in the center of New Town and Old Town Edinburgh. This journey will take about 25 minutes.

Best Time To Go Or Avoid

Unless the United Kingdom is suffering through a heat wave, Scotland is relatively cool all year round. Average highs in winter are 43 °F and in summer, 65 °F. On average, there is around 2″ of rain each month.


Taylor says, “One of the best places to stay in Edinburgh is at the Balmoral Hotel. It is a luxurious, centrally-located hotel that hosts many famous visitors!”

most beautiful sunsets in Europe
Sagres, Portugal (Photo courtesy of Natali from She’s Abroad Again)

Sagres, Portugal

By Natali from She’s Abroad Again

If you want to see the sunset from the edge of continental Europe, look no further than Sagres, Portugal. This small town on the Algarve coastline is one of the westernmost points of continental Europe and a popular Algarve day trip for sunset views. It is one of the best beach destinations in Europe to watch the sunset.

While the town itself is rather small, the dramatic coastline lures in visitors. High cliffs lining picturesque white sand beaches turn golden as the sun starts to sink into the sea on the horizon.

While you could watch the sunset from the beach, the place where you really want to reach is the Sagres fortress. If you arrived by car, there’s a lot of space to park in front of the fort. If you’re walking, it’s about a 10-minute walk from the centre of Sagres. 

Insider Tip

You need to buy a ticket to enter the fortress area. Head there at least half an hour before sunset to take advantage of your ticket, discover the area and walk to the edge of the peninsula. 

The best spot to watch the sunset is the benches on the edge of the cliffs, or just the cliffs if the benches are already busy.

Bring a jacket even if you visit in summer as the temperature rapidly drops when the sun is gone, and it tends to get rather windy. 

Other Things To Do

To make the most of your visit to Sagres, consider booking surfing lessons, as the beaches have waves ideal for beginners and advanced surfers. Otherwise, you can just swim in the blend of the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. 

Best Way To Reach Destination

The closest airport to Sagres is Faro Airport on the east coast of the Algarve, about an hour and a half drive. If you’re visiting Sagres on a day trip, you can take a direct bus from Lagos, which you can easily reach from every city along the coastline by bus or train

Best Time To Go Or Avoid

Algarve is the sunniest region in Europe, with over 300 sunny days per year, which makes it a great destination year round.

With its position on the western tip, you will find cooler temperatures in Sagres, although they are pleasant year round. Expect wintertime temperatures to be around 61 °F and summer highs to be 75 °F.

best cities for prettiest sun sets in Europe
Paris, France (Photo courtesy of Amber from Amber Everywhere)

Paris, France

By Amber from Amber Everywhere

The charming and picturesque neighborhood of Montmartre is always worth a visit while in Paris, but it also happens to be the best place in the city to watch one of the most beautiful sunsets in Europe.

Atop Montmatre is the stunning, entirely white Sacré-Cœur basilica, a Paris landmark that offers 360° a view of the city from its dome. The steps of Sacré-Cœur offer a fabulous view over the city to the west, perfect for watching the sunset. 

When the sun starts to set, the entire hillside is filled with people who have joined in for the spectacle. You’ll see couples sipping wine that they bought in a nearby grocery store, bottles of beer for sale by locals trying to make a few euros, and plenty of people taking photos and capturing the moment. It is a wonderful and inexpensive way to spend your time in one of the best European cities to watch the sun go down.

Insider Tip

Given that Montmartre is exposed, you’ll want to bring a jacket unless you’re visiting on a warm summer day.

If you decide to stay in Montmartre for dinner, consider making a reservation because the restaurants nearby can get quite busy

Other Things To Do

Be sure to walk by the infamous Moulin Rouge (and stay for a show if you’re interested!). Across the street you’ll find a great brewery, the Brussels Beer Project, with fabulous local brews and bar snacks. 

Best Way To Reach Destination

Paris is serviced by three international airports, Orly, Charles de Gaulle, and Beauvais. If you’re traveling within Europe, it may also be possible to reach Paris by train.

If you’re visiting Paris for a weekend, you can almost certainly fit a visit to Montmartre into your itinerary. As with most places in Paris, it is accessible by foot, public transit, bicycle, or taxi. Be aware that you’ll need to climb a big hill if you’re traveling by foot or bike, so be prepared with water and comfortable shoes. If you decide to take the Metro, get off at the Anvers stop. 

Best Time To Go Or Avoid

The months of May through September are the best times to visit for a comfortable viewing experience. Winters in Paris are fairly mild, but the area is fully exposed and gets quite chilly. 


Amber says, “Always choose a centrally located hotel within Paris, preferable within a 20 minute walk of the River Seine.”

best places in Europe to see most beautiful sun sets
Bled, Slovenia (Photo courtesy of Fernanda from Mauka Travels)

Bled, Slovenia

By Fernanda from Mauka Travels

Bled is one of the most visited towns in Slovenia, and it is easy to understand why. The town is built around Lake Bled, which looks like it came right out of a fairy tale. The lake has a small island in the middle with a beautiful little church and Bled Castle sits on the top of a tall hill overlooking this entire breathtaking landscape.

With this magical scenery, it is one of the best destinations in Europe to watch the sun set. There are two places where you can go to get the best views. Those are the Ojstrica viewpoint (accessible via a 45min hike) or the wooden path located on the upper part of the lake.

Insider Tip

The wooden path is a better option for seeing the sunset reflection on the lake, but the viewpoint gives a wider view of the mountains. If you choose the latter and visit in summer, make sure to arrive with some time to spare before the sun sets.

Other Things To Do

While in Bled, you should also try their dessert called kremšnita. It is a custard cake typical of this region, and you can find it in most cafes in town.

You should also do the loop walk around the lake. It is very easy and accessible, and you are guaranteed incredible views.

Best Way To Reach Destination

Most people visit Lake Bled as a day trip from Ljubljana, Slovenia’s capital. There are lots of international flights into Ljubljana.

Bled is only a 40min drive away from Ljubljana, but there are also hourly buses that connect both cities. The bus, however, will only take you to the center of Bled, so you will have to walk to the opposite side of the lake for the two sunset spots.

Best Time To Go Or Avoid

Being such a nature-focused destination, Bled is at its full bloom at the end of spring and during the summer. However, summer days can be extremely busy as Lake Bled is one of the main tourist spots in the country. Accordingly, the best time to visit is the end of May/start of June.

In addition to Lake Bled, there are other amazing sites to see nearby. Consider hiking in Vintgar Gorge or descending into a Salt mine. For these and other suggestions, please see Postojna Cave and Lake Bled: An Epic One Day Road Trip.

Ljubljana is the capital of Slovenia and is only a short drive from Lake Bled. It is one of the most underrated destinations in Europe with a gorgeous Old Town and fantastic things to see at reasonable prices. For more information, please see Ljubljana Old Town: 7 Of My Favorite Things.

best European cities for prettiest sundowns
Florence, Italy (Photo courtesy of Pixabay)

Florence, Italy

By Renee from Dream Plan Experience

The beautiful Italian Renaissance city of Florence is for lovers – lovers of art, architecture, and golden sunsets. This undeniably romantic city has hardly changed since the Renaissance. It offers narrow cobbled streets, elegant 15th, and 16th centuries palazzi (palaces), medieval fresco-decorated churches, and world-class art museums. It comes as no surprise that this small historic city has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage site.

After a busy day of exploring the city, the best way to enjoy the evening is to gather on a bridge over the Arno and watch the sunset. It is one of the best cities in Europe for watching sunsets.

Florence has 12 bridges, but there are 5 that are the most popular and close to the historic centre. Those are Ponte Alle Grazie, Vecchio, Santa Trinita, alla Carraia, and Amerigo Vespucci. The oldest and most famous bridge is Ponte Vecchio, known for its jewellery shops built on both sides of the bridge.

For the best sunset-watching vantage point, go to Ponte Santa Trinita. Crowds start to gather here at dusk and line the bridge. Watch as rowers glide up and down the Arno river as they too are waiting for the golden hour.

Another top spot to watch the sunset in Florence is Piazzale Michelangelo. From this vantage point, you will have views of the city rooftops and watch the sky turn pretty shades of pink, yellow, and fiery orange.

Other Things To Do

Spend the day exploring the city’s top landmarks. The cathedrals of Santa Maria del Fiore, Campanile di Giotto, and Basilica Santa Croce, the lively piazzas of della Repubblica, Signoria, and Annunziata, and the palaces of Palazzo Vecchio, Strozzi, and Pitti & Boboli Garden.

Best Way To Reach Destination

The Florence airport (FLR) is called Amerigo Vespucci and is only minutes from the center of the city.

Another option is to fly into Rome’s international airport and take the 90-minute high-speed train to this Tuscan city. This compact and walkable city does not need a car

Best Time To Go Or Avoid

The best time to visit Florence is in the spring and fall when the weather is pleasant and there are far fewer tourists. July and August can be extremely hot with average highs around 88 °F.


Renee says, “To make sure you don’t miss the beautiful Florence sunsets, stay the night. Stay at Mostarda, a large 1 bedroom with a private terrace in a 17th-century palazzo that is extremely close to the Santa Trinita bridge.”

best beaches for most spectacular sunsets in Europe
Amsterdam, Netherlands (Photo courtesy of Jasmine from The Life Of A Social Butterfly)

Amsterdam, Netherlands

By Jasmine from The Life Of A Social Butterfly

Amsterdam is a popular location for a city break in Europe with picturesque canal tours, a collection of museums to visit and numerous brunch spots to dine.

What may come as a surprise is that Amsterdam is also a great place for a beach break.

Even better, you can view the one of the most beautiful sunsets in Europe from Zandvoort Strand or from Zandvoort’s amazing selection of beach bars, including Nius Beach House and Tijn Akersloot, which are both open all year round. 

Other Things To Do

Enjoy beach activities such as kart-racing, paddle-boarding or beach-combing before watching the sunset over Zandvoort.

Best Way To Reach Destination

To visit the Amsterdam Beach area of Zandvoort, home to the Dutch Grand Prix as well as beautiful nature reserves containing The Netherlands’ largest population of fallow deer, simply take a 30-minute train journey from Amsterdam Centraal Station directly to Zandvoort.

Alternatively, if flying into Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, take the train to Amsterdam Sloterdijk Station and change trains to Zandvoort.

Best Time To Go Or Avoid

Being a beach destination, summer is the best time to visit to guarantee good weather.

Zandvoort is popular with both Dutch and German tourists, as well as fans of Formula 1 racing. Accordingly, check ahead for events in the area before travelling.


Jasmine says, “Thalassa Beach House is a great choice for those looking for chalet accommodation directly on the beach. You can enjoy the sunset and best of what the beach has to offer without having to venture far.”

best sunsets in Europe
Malaga, Spain (Photo courtesy of Pixabay)

Malaga, Spain

By Cristina from My Little World of Travelling

Malaga, located in the region of Andalusia in the south of Spain, is a fantastic city for many reasons. It offers beautiful beaches, interesting museums and historic buildings, lively atmosphere, and, of course, breathtaking views.

The city enjoys plenty of sunny and warm days year-round, so it is an excellent place to visit for anyone looking for a winter sun break. 

If you are looking for the best views in Malaga, there are a couple of places you should add to your itinerary.

One of them is the Gibralfaro viewpoint on the Gibralfaro Mount in the city centre. From here you can get breathtaking vistas of Malaga port, bullring and town hall. 

Other great places to enjoy the sunset in Malaga are the Alcazaba palace and the rooftop of the AC Hotel Malaga Palacio.

Insider Tip

Gibralfaro viewpoint is a very popular spot to watch the sunset, so either arrive early or go at sunrise. Due to its location, it is a steep walk to arrive at the viewpoint, and it is worth taking some water with you.

Other Things To Do

During your trip to Malaga, don’t miss out on the opportunity to visit Alcazaba de Málaga, a beautiful Moorish fortress palace rich in history, and go to Picasso Museum if you love art. 

Best Way To Reach Destination

The nearest airport to Malaga is Malaga-Costa del Sol Airport (AGP). It is a well-connected airport with other parts of the world, so you likely find direct flights from your destination of origin. 

You can take the bus or train, or book a taxi to get to Malaga. The journey won’t be longer than 20 minutes if there isn’t any traffic.

Best Time To Go Or Avoid

If you have the choice, avoid visiting the Gibralfaro viewpoint in the summer months, especially during the afternoon, as it can be extremely warm. Average highs in summertime are in around 87 °F with lots of humidity for a tropical feel.

The rest of the year offer beautiful springtime temperatures in the 60s and 70s F.


Cristina says, “If you are looking for accommodation in Malaga, Room Mate Valeria is an excellent choice. It is footsteps from the attractions and offers modern and beautiful rooms. The hotel also has an incredible rooftop terrace where you can enjoy beautiful views of Malaga.”

most beautiful places to see the sun go down in Europe
Dingle Peninsula, Ireland (Photo courtesy of Kelie from Vacations Planned)

Dingle Peninsula, Ireland

By Kelie from Vacations Planned

The Dingle Peninsula is a stunning peninsula off the west coast of Ireland. Since it’s a peninsula with an incredible coastline, there are a myriad of spots ideal for sunset gazing. Literally any beach will offer a beautiful view which is why it is one of the best European beach destinations to watch the sun go down.

Also, if you’re driving along the Slea Head Drive, there are opportunities to stop along the drive for photo ops. Catching the sunset here as the light bounces off the rolling green hills will confirm to you that this is truly heaven on earth.

Check out Dunquin Pier at the tip of the Dingle Peninsula. It’s a gorgeous view anytime of day, but it offers one of the prettiest sunsets in Europe, putting this spot over the edge! There isn’t a parking lot, but you can park along the grassy banks before heading down to the pier.

Insider Tip

Check out Coumeenoole Beach about 5 mins from Dunquin Pier. It’s small but one of the best beaches for sunset viewing on the peninsula.

Other Things To Do

Dingle is known for its eco-adventures. You can hike, bike, kayak and even surf here. Consider taking a boat tour to go dolphin spotting, sea fishing, or head out to the Blasket Islands for a hiking tour.

Best Way To Reach Destination

There are a few ways to get to the Dingle Peninsula. You can fly into either the Dublin or Shannon airport and head on from there.

If you fly into Shannon, you can get a private transfer to Dingle and along the way, you’ll be treated to stunning views of the Irish landscape.

Coming in from Dublin will require a bit more logistical planning. You can book a train ride to whisk you out west, ending in either Tralee or Killarney. From there, you will need to drive to Dingle. Alternatively, you can fly from Dublin airport to the smaller Kerry airport and then drive to Dingle (quicker but more expensive option).

Best Time To Go Or Avoid

The best time to visit Ireland is generally late spring/early summer, with June being the month with the least rain. However, keep in mind, it rains regularly in Ireland regardless!

Nevertheless, with rain comes gorgeous rainbows and sunsets with stunning reflections (also the rain doesn’t usually last too long).


Kelie says, “This is a really lovely destination, so consider staying here a few nights. Book a room at Dingle Benners Hotel. It’s family run, centrally located, and a truly beautiful place to relax and soak up all that Dingle has to offer.”

best beach destinations to watch prettiest sunsets in Europe
Crete, Greece (Photo courtesy of Laura from Wine Travelista)

Crete, Greece

By Laura from Wine Travelista

The Greek Islands are known for the prettiest European sunsets and plenty of romance. While Santorini is most famous, it can also be a very crowded island, especially in the prime sunset-viewing spots. For those seeking a quieter beach destination in Europe with sunsets that are just as epic, head south of Santorini to the island of Crete.

Crete is the largest of the Greek Islands, so there are many options for areas to stay. But for the best sun sets, stay in Chania on the western side of the island. This seaside town has plenty of locations along the waterfront where you can watch the sky turn fiery orange as the sun goes down over the ocean and behind the breathtaking mountains.

The best place to see it is on the pier by Nea Hora Chania Marina or the park at Talos Square.

Insider Tip

If you’re not staying downtown, parking can be tricky in the area just before sunset. Make sure to head down a few hours before and you’ll have no problem finding a space. Plus, there’s plenty to do in the area before sunset.

Other Things To Do

Check out Chania’s Venetian harbor and have a cocktail by the harbor. Then explore the old city with its narrow cobblestoned streets. There are lots of restaurant options in the area with delicious Mediterranean cuisine and seafood.

Outside of Chania, Crete is known for its gorgeous beaches, including Balos Bay, one of the best beaches in the world. Alternatively, head to Elafonissi and Kedrodasos to see the pink sand beaches on the southwestern part of the island.

Crete is also an up-and-coming wine destination, with more than 60 wineries. There are several great Crete wineries near Chania where you can taste wines made from some of Greece’s 300 native grape varieties.

Best Way To Reach Destination

Chania has its own international airport, Daskalogiannis. But you can also fly into Crete’s main city of Heraklion and enjoy a scenic drive out to Chania.

Best Time To Go Or Avoid

September is a great time to visit Crete. The busy season is winding down, and the water has warmed up from the hot summer weather.

Average highs in summer are around 83 °F, around 70 °F in spring and fall, and 60 °F in winter.


Laura says, “For accommodations, check out the Chania Flair Deluxe Boutique Hotel. This adults-only hotel is right on the water, just steps from Nea Chora Beach. Some rooms even have direct sea views where you’ll have the perfect view of the sunset right from your hotel.”

best rooftop decks in Europe to watch best European sun sets
Zagreb, Croatia (Photo courtesy of Kristin from Global Travel Escapades)

Zagreb, Croatia

By Kristin from Global Travel Escapades

If you’re chasing beautiful sunsets across Europe, one destination you won’t want to miss is the Croatian Capital. More specifically, head to Zagreb’s Upper town, which is filled with an abundance of churches, cathedrals, and other historic buildings. This area is also situated on top of a hill so while watching a sunset, you’ll be able to catch beautiful views of the red rooftops of Lower Town which make for an unforgettable experience.

For the absolute best views, make your way to Lotrscak Tower. You can pay to climb up several flights of stairs and admire the colorful cityscape from an observation deck 100 ft above the city.

Other Things To Do

Aside from taking in breathtaking views of Zagreb, there are plenty of other fun activities to do in the city. For example, stroll through Zagreb Botanical Gardens for an affordable and relaxing way to get away from the noise of the city.

If you want to admire some of the most unique and striking architecture, be sure to stop by St. Mark’s Church in Upper town. The roof is a famous symbol of the city and the church itself is one of the oldest monuments in the city.

Best Way To Reach Destination

For visitors interested in coming to Zagreb, you can fly directly into Franjo Tuđman International Airport and take the public buses to reach the city center. Upper town is about a 5-minute walk.

Best Time To Go Or Avoid

The best time to go is between May and August (average highs are between 71 °F – 80 °F) but it rains about 3″ each month in summer. Expect snow in winter.


Kristin says, “For accommodation, consider Hotel Dubrovnik as it is located near Zagreb’s main square.”

best mountains in Europe from which to see prettiest sunsets
Zermatt, Switzerland (Photo courtesy of Pixabay)

Zermatt, Switzerland

By Linda from Hiking The Alps

One of the best places in Europe to watch a sunset is the mountain village of Zermatt, home of the legendary Matterhorn Mountain.   

Zermatt is in the Valais region of southern Switzerland, at 1600m.a.s.l. The popular mountain village is towered over by the world-famous Matterhorn, the landmark of the country.

The best place to watch the sunset is the Matterhorn Glacier Paradise. The highest mountain station in Europe is located at 3883m.a.s.l. and has a panoramic 360-degree viewing platform. From it, an incredible 38 four-thousand-meter (13,000 feet) peaks of the Alps and 14 glaciers can be seen. At sunset, these highest peaks in Europe turn into a wonderful orange color.  

Insider Tip

You can reach the sunset at the Matterhorn Glacier Paradise after a 40-minute gondola ride from the village center.

You can get the best sunrise photo of the Matterhorn at the Riffel lake, where the mountain is reflected in the water and the peak glows red in the morning.  

Other Things To Do

Zermatt is one of the most popular winter destinations for skiers in Europe. It offers the highest ski resort in Europe and 225 miles (360km) of slopes. In 2022, the ski resort was also named “best ski resort in the world” by TripAdvisor.  

In summer, the region around one of the highest mountains in Switzerland is a very popular hiking area. Countless hiking trails lead you past picturesque lakes, always with the iconic mountain in view.  

Best Way To Reach Destination

Zermatt is a car-free village and not easily accessible. From the international airports of Zurich and Basel, car and train journeys take about 3h. By car you have to park 3 miles (5km) away from Zermatt in the village of Täsch and change to the train. 

Best Time To Go Or Avoid

Zermatt and the slopes will be busiest during peak ski season (December – April) and in the height of summer. Accordingly, try and visit in late spring or fall for the fewest crowds.

Sicily, Italy

By Catrina from 24 Hours Layover

Palermo, located on the Italian island of Sicily, is home to perfect year-round weather, beautiful beaches, stunning architecture and delicious food. Plus, it has some stunning spots to watch the sunset!

The best place to watch sundown in Palermo is without a doubt, Monte Pellegrino (‘Pilgrim’s Mountain’). It is located between the city of Palermo and Mondello where you will find Palermo’s local beach.

At a height of 609 metres (2000 feet), you can get incredible panoramas across the bay of Palermo and to the desirable beachside suburb of Mondello. The sunsets are spectacular.

Insider Tip

On Sundays, Monte Pellegrino is full of locals coming for picnics, to pay their respects to Santa Rosalia, or to enjoy the views from atop Monte Pellegrino.

Go on a Sunday if you wish to join the locals to watch the sunset, or go on a weekday if you wish to be there when it is less crowded.

It’s worth bringing a jacket as it can sometimes get windy on top of the mountain.

Other Things To Do

While you are at the top of Monte Pellegrino, you must visit the shrine to Santa Rosalia, who is the patron Saint of Palermo. During her life Santa Rosalia performed several miracles, then went to live in the cave on top of the mountain, where the shrine now lies, until she died. Santa Rosalia is loved across Palermo as she is seen to have saved the city from a deadly plague.

The city of Palermo is compact enough to walk around, so make sure to also visit the Cathedral where you’ll find the bones of Santa Rosalia. You should also make time to see the unique San Cataldo Church, a fine example of Arab-Norman architecture for which Palermo is famous, and the beautiful Teatro Massimo.

Best Way To Reach Destination

Falcone-Borsellino is Palermo’s International Airport – a 35 minute drive will take you from the airport either to Monte Pellegrino or to downtown Palermo.

The top of Monte Pellegrino is 9 miles from the centre of Palermo, and you can reach it by local bus in 30 minutes.

Best Time To Go Or Avoid

Sicily has the warmest weather in Italy. In wintertime, it feels like springtime.

Summer is very hot in Palermo (average highs are 86 °F) in which case you may want to avoid it in the peak summer months.


Catrina says, “Politeama Luxury Suites makes for a convenient and well-priced place to stay. You are in the Old Town, right in the pedestrian zone with countless restaurants, bars and tourists attractions only a short walk away.”

For an excellent 12 day road trip in Sicily that takes you around the whole island visiting beautiful beaches, ancient sites, and bustling cities, please check out the Best 12 Day Itinerary in Sicily.

best beach views in Europe to watch the sun go down
Biarritz, France (Photo courtesy of Melanie from Postcards and Places)

Biarritz, France

By Melanie from Postcards and Places

Biarritz, a surf city on the west coast of France, is a great beach destination in Europe to watch a sunset. The Grand Beach (Grande Plage) is the best place to do so. Located on the Bay of Biscay with the expanse of the Atlantic Ocean, it’s a magnificent sight. 

The Promenade at the Grande Plage has it all: a big sandy beach, surf and souvenir shops, and seafood restaurants with great views.

You could take surfing lessons there in the afternoon, browse the shops before dinner, then relax and enjoy drinks in the evening as the sun sets over the open horizon.

Of course, there are many other beaches in the area, too, and each would provide an impressive viewpoint for some of the prettiest sunsets in Europe.

Insider Tip

Whichever beach you choose, get there early because it’ll get busy at sunset. If you choose to watch the sun go down at a beachside restaurant, also arrive early or make an advanced reservation to secure your spot.

Other Things To Do

Because the ocean is such an important part of Biarritz culture, it’s worth doing a few other seaside activities while you’re there.

The Old Port (Port Vieux) is a charming neighbourhood with a fisher vibe at the south end of the Grande Plage. It also has the popular Virgin’s Rock (Rocher de la Vierge) which is a rock formation that protrudes into the ocean. 

From Port Vieux, you can also walk the covered market (Les Halles) to grab some fresh food. On the north edge of the Grande Plage, the black and white lighthouse (phare) is a noted landmark with more great views of the city. Unfortunately, access to the top is often closed before sunset. 

Best Way To Reach Destination

Biarritz is accessible by high speed train. It’s about 4 hours from Paris. There is also an airport 5 kilometres (3 miles) southeast of the city. From both the train station and the airport, it’s possible to take a direct bus to the Grande Plage to view the sunset. 

Best Time To Go Or Avoid

The city is part of Basque Country and located just 35 kilometres (22 miles) from the border with Spain. Biarritz is a popular tourist destination and is quite animated in the summer months. And in the fall, the city and nearby communities to the north host major surf competitions. 

Average high temperatures range from 54 °F in winter to 76 °F in August. You can expect a lot of rain from November – February.

best places in Europe to watch a sun set
Porto, Portugal (Photo courtesy of Pixabay)

Porto, Portugal

By Melissa from My Beautiful Passport

Porto is a picturesque city along the northwest coast of Portugal and is one of the best places to enjoy a sunset in Europe. Known for its Port wine, six iconic bridges, beautiful blue tiles, and cobblestone-lined streets, Porto is great for a European getaway. 

Within the city, head to the famous Dom Luis I bridge or the Vila Nova da Gaia side of the bridge, including outside the exit of the Teleférico and Jardim do Morro for the best sunset angle.

You don’t want to miss the sky filled with vibrant colours as the sun slowly sets over the river and the dreamy skyline of Porto. It will be one of the most memorable sunsets of your European trip.

Insider Tip

Make sure you arrive early to get your spot, especially if picking Jardim do Morro where you can sit down on the park’s grass and watch the sun go down. People start waiting from these top viewing spots an hour or so before sunset. 

Other Things To Do

It’s best to spend the day at the riverfront, checking out the local shops, indulging in port wine, and going on a Porto boat tour of the six bridges

Best Way To Reach Destination

Fly into Porto Airport or take a train from Lisbon. Porto is a walkable city as most attractions are relatively close together. If you do have a car, parking near these sunset spots won’t be easy.

Best Time To Go Or Avoid

Porto is a lively destination in spring, summer, and fall. It is best to visit during spring or fall if you prefer good weather with fewer crowds, as summer is high season. Outside of winter, the weather is warm and dry.

Average highs range from 56 °F in winter to 75 °F in summer.

However, at any time of year, as the sun sets, the sky fills with vibrant shades of yellow, orange, and red.


Melissa says, “Plan to stay in the Ribeira or Baixa neighbourhoods to be close to the best of what Porto has to offer.”

best places in Europe for beautiful sunsets
Malta (Photo courtesy of Pixabay)

Qawra, Malta

By Samantha from Coco Travels

Qawra is a tourist destination in the northern part of Malta. Situated along the coastline, it neighbours other popular villages of Bugibba and St Paul’s Bay. It’s an inexpensive resort to visit with excellent links to the rest of the island through the local bus system.

The best place to see the sundown in Qawra is from up high as you’ll get great views over the rooftops of the village and the sea. The Mayflower Hotel has a rooftop infinity pool and bar and is one of the best rooftop bars in Europe to watch the sunset.

Insider Tip

Get there before sunset to grab a drink at the bar – their Pina Coladas are the perfect accompaniment. Don’t forget to bring your swimwear too as you can take a dip in the pool as the sun sets. It can get chilly after the the sun goes down so bring a jacket.

Other Things To Do

Qawra is the perfect place for taking a dip in the sea. Although there is no sandy beach, there are plenty of natural swimming pools and rocky shorelines which make for easy entry to the sea. Once you’ve cooled off, grab some lunch at one of the cafes on the coastline.

Best Way To Reach Destination

To reach Qawra, you’ll fly into Malta International Airport. It then takes around an hour by bus or car to reach the resort, depending on the traffic.

Qawra is well connected by Malta’s local bus routes so it’s easy to take public transport from the airport. It’s also a good base from which to explore the other parts of the island as direct buses go to Valletta, Mdina and Mellieha.

Best Time To Go Or Avoid

The resort of Qawra gets very busy during the summer months with tourists and so the shoulder season is the best time to visit. In October, you still get great weather but it’s not as busy. 

Average highs range from 60 °F in winter to 87 °F in summer. There is around 2″ of rain in November, December and January, and very little the rest of the year. There is lots of humidity in July, August and September.

prettiest sunsets from beaches in Europe
Cadiz, Spain (Photo courtesy of Pixabay)

Cadiz, Spain

By Milijana of World Travel Connector 

Cadiz in Andalusia is one of the most beautiful coastal cities in Spain. This stunning ancient port city lies on a scenic peninsula on the Atlantic Ocean in southern Spain. 

The ocean-facing Old City of Cadiz is famous for its history, splendid architecture, great food, fine sandy beaches, and the loveliest seawater promenade in Spain. It is one of the best beach destinations to watch some of the most beautiful sunsets in Europe.

Cadiz is the oldest continuously inhabited city in western Europe. Ancient Phoenicians founded Cadiz 3.000 years ago. Cadiz and Costa de la Luz (the Coast of Light) are also popular beach destinations in Spain for their fine sandy beaches.

The seawater promenade that stretches around the Cadiz peninsula is arguably the most beautiful in Spain. Cadiz’s oceanfront promenade provides some of the most breathtaking ocean sunsets in Spain and Europe. Romantic strolls along the oceanfront walkway at sunset are among the most popular things to do in Cadiz.  

But the promenade is not the only place in Cadiz to witness magical sunsets. Cadiz La Caleta beach and Santa Maria Del Mar beach are also known for their stunning sunsets.

Not less spectacular sunsets are from San Sebastian Castle (a UNESCO site) and Santa Catalina Castle (a National Cultural Monument of Spain).

People in Cadiz usually stroll the promenade or go to La Caleta beach, Santa Maria Del Mar beach, San Sebastian Castle, or Santa Catalina Castle. And from there, they watch the orange sun ball disappearing into the Atlantic Ocean.

The best way to experience Cadiz and Andalusia is to embark on an epic 10-day Andalusia road trip

Insider Tip

As you might notice, the Old City of Cadiz doesn’t have only one sunset viewpoint but several, thanks to the oceanfront position on a long and narrow peninsula. Therefore, there are no sunset crowds in Cadiz, and there is no need to rush to any of those sunset viewpoints to catch a place to view the sunset.

Other Things To Do

Indeed, the beaches of Cadiz, Cadiz Cathedral, the UNESCO site of San Sebastian Castle, Santa Catalina Castle, and the medieval Barrio El Pópulo quarter are the must-see sites in Cadiz. So, don’t miss checking them out!

History buffs, beach lovers, architecture admirers, Andalusian culture fans, and romantic sunsets chasers love Cadiz. If you are among them, you will love Cadiz.

Best Way To Reach Destination

Fly to Seville or Malaga, rent a car at the airport, and head to Cadiz. Cadiz is only an hour and 10 min drive from Seville and 2 hours and 30 min from Malaga. 

You can also reach Cadiz by a 2-hour bus ride from Seville and a 5-hour bus ride from Malaga.

Best Time To Go Or Avoid

Spring and early autumn are the best time to visit Cadiz and Andalusia for pleasant temperatures. Avoid summer in Andalusia if you are not a fan of extreme summer heat. 

Average highs range from 61 °F in wintertime to 83 °F in summertime. November, December and January have the most rain with around 3″ each per month.


Milijana says, “Consider staying at La Posada del Mercado in the Old Town of Cadiz.”

best beaches in Europe to watch sun fall
Vik, Iceland (Photo courtesy of Pixabay)

Vik, Iceland

By Jessica from The Uprooted Traveler

Vik, along the southern coastline of Iceland, is known for its dramatic coastline, rugged sea stacks, and small town vibes. 

For the most epic sunsets in Vik, head to Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach or Dyrhólaey, a promontory that actually overlooks the black sand beach below.

The main attraction in Vik is Reynisfjara, thanks to its dramatic cliffs of columnar basalt, rugged sea stacks, and jet black sand. The beach looks so otherworldly, in fact, that it was used as a shooting location for Game of Thrones. 

Insider Tip

Be sure to bring plenty of layers for your sunset viewing- the weather in Iceland is famously fickle and Vik, in particular, is known for its blustery winds.

Other Things To Do

While most travelers come to Vik for Reynisfjara, there’s tons of other things to keep you busy in Vik, like seeing the world’s only live lava show. During the demonstration, you’ll see the recreation of a volcanic eruption, where actual lave is melted at temperatures up to 2000°F.

Additionally, be sure to carve out some time to visit Skool Beans, a charming coffee shop in a converted school bus, complete with a wood burning fireplace and resident cat.

Best Way To Reach Destination

To reach Vik, fly into Keflavik International Airport, located about 30 miles west of the capital city of Reyjavik. From here, it’s about a three hour drive along the southern coastline to reach Vik.

Best Time To Go Or Avoid

Summer is generally the best time of year to visit Vik, given you’ll get to enjoy unreal sunsets during the Midnight Sun (specifically around June), fields of wildflowers, and more pleasant weather.

If adorable animals are more up your alley than fantasy worlds, be sure to time your visit from May through August, when tons of puffins, who nest above the cliffs, can be seen from the beach. 

Winter can be quite harsh and unpredictable- the winds here have been known to rip open car doors clean off!


Jessica says, “Once you’re here, consider making Hotel Vik i Myrdal your homebase. This cozy hotel perfectly marries the warmth of Nordic design with modern architecture, with balconies overlooking Reynisfjara.”

best places in Europe to watch most beautiful sun sets
Ronvinj, Croatia (Photo courtesy of Pixabay)

Rovinj, Croatia

By Karen from Outdoor Adventure Sampler

The Croatian city of Rovinj is the perfect place to enjoy a stunning sunset in Europe. Rovinj is located on the west shore of the Istrian peninsula with an expansive view of the Adriatic Sea. At sunset, the colors bleed into the gorgeous turquoise water of the ocean horizon. The Old Town of Rovinj is the best vantage point for the evening show because it is on a peninsula jutting out into the Adriatic Sea.

There are numerous places to enjoy the sunset in Rovinj. Reserve a table at one of the terrace restaurants with the water lapping against the foundation. Having dinner or a drink on the terraces gives you a front row seat to a spectacular sunset. Make sure to indulge in the local wines and truffles for which Istria is famous.

On the tip of the Old Town is the Pillbox, an abandoned military structure. The Pillbox is a popular place to watch the setting sun. At the golden hour, you will be able to see the St. Euphemia bell tower awash in brilliant light.

Insider Tip

The best place to see the sun go down is on the rocky beaches below Old Town. Gather a group of friends and a picnic to have an amazing show over the water.

Other Things To Do

Getting out on a boat is a chance to experience the crystal-clear Adriatic Sea up close. Sea kayaking in Rovinj harbor gives you a chance to visit the off shore islands and see dolphins cavorting in the waves.

There are sunset cruises that ply the harbor waters for wonderful views. Some of the boat tours include dinner and drinks to be enjoyed as you watch the sun melt into the sea.

Best Way To Reach Destination

Rovinj is easy to reach by car or public transportation from the Pula or Zagreb airport.

Best Time To Go Or Avoid

It’s an all season destination but is particularly nice in the spring and fall when there are less tourists but still nice weather.

Average highs range from 48 °F in the winter months to 83 °F in the summer months. It rains or snows in the winter with around 3.8″ of rain in November (the wettest month).

Naples, Italy

By Lisa of Waves and Cobblestones

Looking for an amazing place in Europe to watch a sunset? How about watching the sun set into the sea from Naples?

Naples is a large city on Italy’s Mediterranean coast (the west side of ‘the boot’). It’s the capital of Italy’s Campania region, and the third-largest city in Italy. It’s well known for its proximity to Mount Vesuvius and the cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum, which were devastated by the Volcano’s eruption in 79 AD.

Start at the Villa Communale di Napoli, Naples’ city park, and walk eastwards towards the Castell dell’Ovo. This entire area is perfect for watching the sunset. You’ll start off on Via Francesco Caracciolo, which borders the park. 

Insider Tip

The views get better as you walk towards the Lungomare di Napoli (seafront of Naples). The ultimate trifecta is the panoramic view encompassing the sunset reflecting in the waters of the sea, the fortress of Castel Dell’Ovo illuminated by the rays of the setting sun, and Mount Vesuvius in the distance. 

You can also just relax and watch sundown while you enjoy an aperitif from one of the many cafés lining the harbor.

Other Things To Do

Don’t miss out on all the other amazing things to do in Naples. Spend some time exploring the historic city center which is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

See Castel Nuovo (one of Naples’ many fortresses), the Royal Palace of Naples, the stunning San Francesco di Paolo Basilica, and the shopping arcade of Galleria Umberto I.

Best Way To Reach Destination

Fly into Naples International Airport and you are a short drive to the park. If you prefer public transportation, take the shuttle bus from the airport to the main train station. From there, catch a bus to the Morelli stop, which is near the park’s eastern edge.

Best Time To Go Or Avoid

Spring and fall are the best time to visit Naples. This way you avoid the hot and sticky summer temperatures, and the crowds and higher prices in wintertime. 

Average highs range from 55 °F in winter to 85 °F in summer. The most rainfall is around 3.5″ in each of November, December and January. There is lots of humidity in July and August.


Lisa says, “Stay at the Grand Hotel Vesuvio. This five-star hotel is right on the coast with amazing views of the Castel Dell’Ovo and the harbor.”

best places in Europe for best sunsets
Tblisi, Georgia (Photo courtesy of Megan from Traveller’s Elixir)

Tblisi, Georgia

By Megan from Traveller’s Elixir

One of the best sunsets in Europe is in Tbilisi, Georgia. It sits in a valley surrounded by mountains providing a beautiful backdrop for the city. Tbilisi is famous for its sulfur baths, beautiful churches and cathedrals and its unique, delicious food.

The best place to watch sunset in Tbilisi is at the Holy Trinity Cathedral, also commonly known as Sameba Cathedral.

This cathedral is one of the tallest Eastern Orthodox cathedrals in the world and features distinct Georgian domes and towers. The cathedral is located on top of a hill which provides incredible views of the city from above. It is also western-facing making it an ideal spot for watching the sunset.

The sunsets in Tbilisi are just magical as the sky tends to light up with a soft orangey glow and with Tbilisi’s mountainous scenery, it’s hard to beat. Don’t forget your best sunset Instagram captions.

Insider Tip

The best place to see the sunset is right in front of the cathedral itself where you’ll find some benches and viewing spots. It never gets too crowded here, even in peak tourist season, but try to get there a bit early if you want a seat.

Other Things To Do

As well as watching the sunset, there are tons of other amazing things to do in Tbilisi. You can wander around the Old Town for hours exploring the charming cobblestone streets, historical buildings and traditional architecture.

You can also take a cable car up to the impressive Narikala Fortress which is an ancient fortress that offers panoramic views of the city.

Best Way To Reach Destination

You can easily reach the city from all over the globe by flying into Tbilisi International Airport. The city itself is very walkable so if you are staying in the center of the city, then you’ll easily be able to walk to the cathedral. Although it’s an uphill walk, the incline is slow meaning it’s pretty easy for most people. If you’re staying a bit further out then, I’d opt for a taxi instead using the Bolt app.

Best Time To Go Or Avoid

Whilst you can visit Tbilisi at any time of year, spring and fall are the best times to visit as it’s a really comfortable temperature. Due to Tbilisi’s mountainous location, it gets really hot in the summer and really cold in the winter so spring/fall are better.

Average highs range from 44°F in winter to 87 °F in summer. Although it snows in winter, it is a relatively dry spot in Europe all year round.


Megan says, “Tbilisi has a wide range of amazing places to stay including The Biltmore which is located in one of Tbilisi’s only skyscrapers. This hotel is also a perfect place to watch the sunset. Ask for a western-facing room if you can!”

most beautiful places to view European sunset
Cabo Da Roca, Portugal (Photo courtesy of Pixabay)

Cabo Da Roca, Portugal

By Allison from Renovating Life

Cabo da Roca is the most western point in continental Europe, offering one of the most beautiful sunsets in Europe. If you’re trying to get as close to the sunset as possible from mainland Europe, you can’t do any better than Cabo da Roca.

When visiting Cabo da Roca, walk along the cliffside to get better views down to the water. But if your goal is to watch the sun go down, simply stand near the lighthouse along the cliffs. There’s plenty of space, but beware, there is nowhere to sit. Be prepared to stand.

If you’d like to set up a blanket and watch the sunset, you can hike a little more north to the cliffside point overlooking Praia da Ursa. There are some flat areas to lay a blanket and relax for a bit. 

If you’re hungry after the sun goes down, head to Moinho Dom Quixote just down the road for a delicious meal of Brazilian and Portuguese specialties in their beautiful outdoor garden or impeccably designed interior. 

Pro Tip

Depending on the season (Portugal has decent weather year-round), make sure you bring an extra layer. It can get cool after the sun goes down, even during the summer months. Additionally, the winds can whip up in this area and make it feel much colder than it actually is.

Other Things To Do

Before taking in the sunset, don’t miss the hidden beach, Praia da Ursa, only accessible by a 35-minute hike down from the main road that leads to Cabo da Roca. You should also head to Praia da Adraga—a secluded beach surrounded by cliffs and rock formations—just off the road from Cabo da Roca.

If you are hungry, consider eating at Restaurante da Adraga at the beach for an authentic Portuguese seafood experience. 

Best Way To Reach Destination

Only 40 minutes by car or an hour bus ride from Lisbon, this is the perfect escape from the busy capital.

Best Time To Go Or Avoid

Average highs range from 58 °F in winter to 83 °F in summer. You can expect around 3″ of rain in each of the winter months.

best mountaintops to view the most beautiful sunsets in world
Chamonix, France (Photo courtesy of Alice from Travel Creative)

Chamonix, France

By Alice from The Green Adventurers

One of the best mountains in Europe to watch sunsets is in Chamonix in the French Alps. This little mountain town is the perfect place for adventure lovers. It attracts skiers, snowboarders, climbers, paragliders & hikers from around the world who venture to this mountain paradise to get their adrenaline pumping.

Sunset is when the mountains become truly magical as the last of the day’s sun hits the mountain peaks. Enjoying the sunset from the valley is great but for an even more impressive display head to the mountain tops for the full 360-degree experience. 

Brévent is one of the many ski resorts you can visit near Chamonix and is a marvellous place to watch the sunset. To reach the mountain top, you can take the gondola from Chamonix to Planpraz and then proceed to the cable car which will take you to the Brévent peak.

The last ride down from the peak is at 4:45 pm so you want to try to be one of the last down to enjoy the full sunset. Planpraz is also a great sunset spot and there is a bar so you can enjoy a beverage while taking in the scene. 

Insider Tip

As the sun leaves for another day, the temperature really drops. You want to be prepared with appropriate warm clothing including thick socks, winter boots, thermal layers, a warm jacket, gloves and a hat.

Fashion is one of the biggest contributors to carbon emissions so when buying clothing you need, make sure to look for sustainable brands to lower your impact

Other Things To Do

If extreme sports is not your thing don’t worry, there are also amazing restaurants, bars, cafes, spas, shops & sightseeing opportunities to keep you busy. Just staring at the mountains is an activity all in itself! 

Best Way To Reach Destination

Geneva airport is the closest airport and buses & transfers take just over an hour and frequently from the airport. 

Best Time To Go Or Avoid

Average highs range from 43 °F in winter to 78 °F in summer. There is lots of snow in wintertime. There isn’t a lot of rain the rest of the year.


Alice says, “Chamonix is a very popular place to spend Christmas and New Years so get your accommodation booked in advance. Renting a chalet is a great option if you are in a group. For solo travellers, the Auberge de Jeunesse HI Hostel is your best option.”

most beautiful sun sets from European beach destination
Mykonos, Greece (Photo courtesy of Unsplash)

Mykonos, Greece

By Roshni from The Wanderlust Within

The popular Greek Island of Mykonos in the Aegean Sea is one of the most energetic of the Greek Islands. It is next to the island of Delos and attracts party goers and celebrity DJs who love the cosmopolitan vibe, luxury places to stay, and the far reaching sandy beaches.

The island has plenty of traditional Cycladic architecture such as whitewashed houses and distinctive paved alleyways, as well as one of its most unique draws, the Windmills. 

They were initially built by the Venetians in the 16th century to mill wheat. There are 16 in total, although one has now been turned into a museum. The windmills can be seen from anywhere in town.

The windmills are a wonderful place to experience some of the prettiest sunsets in Europe.

Insider Tip

Either get close to the windmills and photograph their silhouettes or head up to slightly higher ground (near the car park) and get a view of the town and yachts in the distance.

Other Things To Do

Some of the best things to do in Mykonos (other than partying until sunrise) include visiting Little Venice and experiencing their balconies that hang over the sea.

Alternatively, relax on Psarou Beach which has some of the clearest water in the region.

Best Way To Reach Destination

Mykonos can be reached from Athens by ferry in 2.5 hours or by plane in 45 minutes.

You can reach the windmills by car, by foot (they are located only 10-15 minutes walk from the port, you just need to follow the shoreline) or by bus, as they are located only 5 minutes walk away from Fabrika central bus station.

Best Time To Go Or Avoid

The best time to visit Mykonos is between June and September when the weather is hot and the water is warm enough to swim in. This is also the period of time when everything is open, in winter most restaurants, clubs, and bars will be closed.

Average highs range from 57 °F in winter to 83 °F in summer. Expect around 2.5″ of rain in the winter months.

best rooftop bars in Europe to watch sunset
Finisterre, Spain (Photo courtesy of Megan from Packing Up The Pieces)

Finisterre, Spain

By Megan from Packing Up The Pieces

One of the best places to watch the sunset in Europe is at the “End of the World,” in Finisterre. The village is positioned with endless views of the vast Atlantic Ocean and is located in the Galicia region of Spain. With rolling lush hills, a climate similar to Ireland, ancient roots tied to the Celtic people, and a dynamic rocky coastline, Galicia is part of the magic that is “Green Spain.”

Back when the Romans controlled this area, it was considered to be the most Western part of Europe. Finis means end and Terrea is Earth, so from Latin, the name literally translates to the End of the Earth.

The best place to watch the sunset is at the Fisterra lighthouse, or Faro de Fisterra. The spot is famous for being one of the final ending stages of the Camino de Santiago. The Camino pilgrimage routes have multiple paths that span across Spain, Portugal, and beyond.

Pilgrims and travelers alike sit on the rocks below the lighthouse and watch the sunset. The sunset often represents a deeper meaning for visitors, many of whom can be seen crying, cheering, and clapping when the sun dips down into the sea.

Insider Tip

Make sure to bring a lightweight jacket, as it can be windy watching the sun go down from Cape Finisterre.

Other Things To Do

There are plenty of hotels, Albergues, pensions, and guesthouses to sleep in Fisterra, so spend a day enjoying the beaches, eating fresh seafood, or walking to the sleepy fishing village of Muxia.

Best Way To Reach Destination

Most people visiting the lighthouse have walked the Camino Finisterre Muxia. Pilgrims stop for a photo at the 0 Kilometer marker before finding a spot to watch the sun go down. From Fisterra, the lighthouse is a 2.2 mile walk. Alternatively, there is a parking lot nearby and frequent taxis pass by.

Those visitors who haven’t walked to the “End of the World” can visit from Santiago de Compostela. There are multiple buses that depart daily, or join a “Death Coast” day tour from Santiago de Compostela.

Best Time To Go Or Avoid

The best time to visit Fisterra is the summer, as it can be very rainy during the winter and spring months.

Average highs range from 57 °F in winter to 68 °F in summer. Lots of rain from November to May, with the winter months each having over 5″ per month.

Last Word

The best places in Europe to watch some of the most beautiful sunsets in the world include exciting cities, charming towns, spectacular sandy beaches and soaring mountains. Choosing where to go will be difficult but regardless of your ultimate destination on your European vacation, you will find some of the prettiest sun sets in the world.

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