Christmas stocking stufferes

46 Best Christmas Stocking Stuffers For Adventure Seekers And Travelers

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Christmas or “the holiday season” (as the retail sector likes to refer to it) is when most people exchange gifts with friends, family, work colleagues, the gals that lunch, club members, and any of your favorite hairdressers, dog walkers, teachers and so on. These days, the generosity of the giving season is a worldwide event that is as much tied to friendship, appreciation and kindness as it is to your religious beliefs. Having said that, figuring out what you should give to someone can make your head hurt! However, it doesn’t have to be that way, especially if you are looking for stocking stuffers for people who love to hike, camp, climb, travel or go on adventures.

What makes a gift a stocking stuffer? Typically, it is relatively small and inexpensive, although some people like to surprise their loved ones with one or two more expensive gifts in their Christmas stocking. 

Stocking fillers are suitable for more than Xmas stockings. They make great “secret” Santa gifts and other heartfelt but budget-friendly presents over the holiday season. It is never too early (or late) to start assembling your supply of versatile, fun, and useful Christmas stocking stuffers. 

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Best Christmas Stocking Stuffers

These 46 Xmas stocking stuffers are for travellers, hikers, and outdoor explorers of all ages and inclinations. They are fun and frivolous to raise a smile, but also practical and sometimes, unconventional. If you are looking for inspiration, you are in the right place!

Christmas stocking stufferes

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Wine To Go

Imagine the scene – you’ve hiked to the highest point, ready to watch the sun go down, or you’ve just pitched your tent for the night. What is the most civilized drink to celebrate? – wine, of course. What stops you from enjoying wine on the trail? – bottles are not backpack friendly and empty ones are a drag carrying back. 

The Platypus PlatyPreserve Wine Bag is a collapsible, reusable wine bottle that is trail-friendly and keeps your wine in perfect condition without taint. It is the perfect stocking stuffer for your wine lover. Purchasers have loved it and given it an average of 4.7* out of 5*.

Prefer your wine chilled or mulled? Consider the insulated travel wine cup, an insulated steel tumbler that transports hot and cold drinks with ease. It is available in plenty of colors and excellent for the office commute and working at your desk for any hot or cold drink (alcohol or otherwise). 

Purchasers have loved both items. They each have 4.7* out of 5*.

Platypus PlatyPreserve Wine Bag

stocking fillers

Maars Bev Stemless Wine Glass with Lid

Christmas stocking fillers

Personal Water Filter 

LifeStraw lets you drink dirty water from a stream, pond or other source without suffering the consequences of ingesting bacteria, parasites, or micro-plastics. You drink the water through the tube filled with a micro-filtration membrane that removes all the potential unpleasant particles. The whole thing weighs less than 2oz and is suitable for a thousand gallons of water. 

LifeStraw lets you drink the water anywhere, including tap water in a hotel with dodgy plumbing, as an alternative to carrying bottled water. Plus, your purchase helps provide clean, safe drinking water for communities that need it. This would be an ideal stocking stuffer for the hiker, camper or traveller in your life.

LifeStraw is a favorite of adventure travelers and campers. On, it has 4.8* out of 5* and has been reviewed over 100,000 times!

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter 

Christmas stocking gifts

Pocket Blanket

This compact picnic blanket opens out to 60″ by 54″ and is waterproof and sand proof. Made from ripstop nylon, it folds into a small pouch that you can pop in a pocket. When you open it up, it accommodates a family of two adults and two children, so you can sit down on damp grass or mud without getting that uncomfortable wet feeling for the rest of your walk. It can double as a lightweight groundsheet for wild campers. For your picnic loving friends or outdoor adventurer, this would be the best stocking stuffer or Christmas gift.

Pike Trail Pocket Blanket

Xmas stocking fillers

Foot Pampering

Burt Bees tips and toes box for hand and foot pampering lets you pamper your feet and hands while adventuring in faraway places. This sample pack has travel-friendly product sizes. You can split it into its components for more unwrapping fun or spread the joy over several stockings. For other pampering or self care ideas, check out this beauty blog.

Burt’s Bees Tips and Toes Kit

stocking fillers

Phone Protection Pouch

You take your mobile phone everywhere on your travels, but what about making sure it stays safe when you are having fun in and around the water? The MoKo Floating Waterproof Phone Pouch Holder lets you wear your phone around your neck or strapped to your arm. It keeps your precious phone safe from water and sand. You can use your touch screen without removing it from the pouch, and if you like, you can take it underwater to take pictures. If you slip and let it go, then it floats to the surface. At under $10, these are superb stocking stuffers for the people that takes their phone everywhere. These days, that’s all of us!

MoKo Floating Waterproof Phone Case

stocking stuffers

Mosquito Repellant Bracelets

If you know someone constantly bitten during hikes, sports, and family barbecues, make these handy bracelets stocking stuffers for Christmas and save them from a world of irritation. 

A one size fits all bracelet, you can put it on and take it off easily without leaving a lasting scent of mosquito repellant on your skin like the traditional sprays and creams.

Mosquito Repellent Bracelets

stocking fillers

Instant Cooling Towel

Christmas is the time when most people start dreaming of a holiday in the heat. This clever microfiber towel is a chemical-free way of cooling down a hot body or drying off after you’ve worked up a sweat. The cooling effect relies on evaporation and is exceptionally effective. If you simply need it as a towel, you can also use it dry. It is machine washable, reusable, and folds up small.

You get a pack of four in a range of colors, and you can either split it into multiple Xmas stocking stuffers or gift it as a pack. It is a helpful product for yoga classes or staying cool in the office in a heatwave. 

4 Pack Cooling Towels

stocking fillers

Fire Starter Kit – Ditch The Wet Matches

Lighting a fire is pretty essential for more extended backpacking adventures, or if you want to enjoy a fresh hot drink at the top of that mountain while you appreciate the view. Matches need to stay dry, and lighters need fuel – what about a Firestarter kit? It’s the same principle as striking a flint (a bit higher tech) and works in all weather conditions. You get a bonus compass embedded in the handle and an emergency whistle – a complete emergency kit. These would be the best stocking stuffers for all outdoor enthusiasts.

If you want a humorous moment, you can stuff that stocking with a more primitive fire starter – the bow drill kit. This device is more challenging and can provide hours of activity for the whole family – who can master the secret of fire? Plus, once you’ve learned the technique, if you do find yourself needing to make fire with only natural elements available, you can do it. 

AOFAR Fire Starter Kit

Xmas stocking stuffers

PSKOOK Bow Drill Kit Fire Starter

Xmas stocking stuffers

Travel Journal

Although you can turn any blank paged books into travel journals, a dedicated travel journal is inexpensive and wonderful memento for an unforgettable trip. It is a fun way to capture fleeting impressions, travel tickets, drawings, photos, and anything else you want to remember from your travels. They are ideal Xmas stocking stuffers for any thoughtful friend or loved one.

Choose from an embossed leather look with a nautical charm journal with vintage appeal, broad color range, and quality blank pages, or spend a few dollars more on a genuine leather journal, refillable with a choice of three different page types. 

Vintage Travel Journal

Christmas gift stocking stuffers

Handmade Leather Journal

Christmas present stocking fillers

Wicking Headbands

Like a buff, but smaller scale, this pack of six sports headbands lets you use them as a bandana, scarf, and face protection. They are neat and compact and useful for sports, sightseeing, cycling, and yoga. Once you have them, you wonder how you managed before as they replace bulkier scarves and hats. Unisex, multicolored, and easy to wear and wash, they are essential for keeping you comfortable on the trail or the beach and superb stocking stuffers for almost everyone. 

Magic Wide Wicking Headbands

stocking fillers

Rechargeable Hand Warmers

Anyone who loves snow sports or any type of outdoor activities when temperatures are cold will appreciate rechargeable hand warmers. They come in lots of different colors and patterns. In addition, they each have a cord so you can easily attach it to a bag or wrap it around your wrist for easy access. Conveniently, these hand warmers also have a LED torch light so you can keep your hands warm while reading or trying to find something in the dark.

Orastone Rechargeable Hand Warmer

stocking fillers

Plasters for Your Gear

There is nothing more irritating than getting a hole, rip or tear in your expensive outdoor gear, especially when you are out on your adventures. These plasters fix the problem. It may not be the most exciting stocking filler, but it is practical. You get a choice of patches, including some featuring a Christmas tree to fit with the holiday season. 

You get a durable repair that stands up to the washing machine and keeps you wearing your favorite stuff for longer. 

Gear Aid Tenacious Tape Gear Patches

stocking fillers

Socks – Cliche But Practical

When you are stuck on what to buy a man at Christmas, the adage that you can always give a pair of socks makes most people shudder. However, if your significant other likes to hit the trails or travel, then socks aren’t dull, they are essential. But not any old socks! You need the best high-performance socks to impress.

If you want the rundown on how to choose the best socks for your adventurer, check out 10 Most Comfy And Best Boot Socks or read about why bunion socks should be on your essential travel packing list.

Surprise them with professional hiking socks or some compression socks in vibrant Christmas designs that will keep you comfortable when flying or for a general reduction of fatigue when busy about your day. Everyone needs socks, and socks don’t have to be boring. They are ideal stocking stuffers for hikers and travellers alike.

Jack Wolfskin Hiking Socks

stocking gifts

Compression Socks For Men And Women

Christmas gifts

Headlamps – Light the Way and Keep Your Hands Free

The headlamp is a popular device for any dedicated walker, giving you light where you need it, and it is fantastic for runners and anyone who needs to be active at night or in low light.

The Foxelli Headlamp is inexpensive (under $10), light, and waterproof. It runs from three AAA batteries and is available in eight colors, including neon pink and neon yellow. After 11,000 reviews, it has 4.7* out of 5*.

If your budget stretches to $25, then consider the HRSEDZ rechargeable headlamp; for the extra cash, you get a variety of lighting options, super waterproofing, an integrated rechargeable battery, and a lifetime guarantee. You don’t get a choice of color, but you get more functions than a simple switch on and off. As any outdoor enthusiast will tell you, you can never have too many head torches, and an upgrade is always welcome. They are perfect as stocking stuffers or a stand alone Christmas gift.

If you want the most affordable brightest headlamps around, see a selection of the best here.

You get these dinosaur headlamps complete with opening jaws and a roaring noise for one of the best camping gifts for kids or even a gift for daycare teacher. If dinosaurs aren’t their thing, you can opt for an owl head with realistic owl noises. They are fully functioning adjustable headlamps (yes, they fit adult heads too) and add a little fun to your nighttime walking and exploring. At under $20, these are a neat gift with a fun factor.

Foxelli Headlamp Flashlight

Christmas presents

HRSEDZ Waterproof Headlamp

Christmas gifts

Dinosaur Headlamp

Xmas gifts

Owl Headlamp

Xmas presents

Pop In A Cookbook

One of the easiest stocking stuffers is a book. Suppose you have a backpacking friend, then why not include a book about making delicious trail food using dehydration techniques and a strategic approach to eating while adventuring. Perhaps your adventurer prefers shorter walks and activities with a refueling energy bar?  In which case, opt for Power Hungry, a recipe book covering fast, healthy, energy-packed trail bars for walkers, travelers, and lunch boxes. 

Trail Food For Backpacking And Paddling

stocking stuffers for Christmas

Power Hungry: The Ultimate Energy Bar Cookbook

stocking stuffers for xmas

Finger Strengthener

Here is a handheld (literally) finger strengthening device under $10 that is an excellent stocking filler for the climber in your life. Any rock climber will explain that it is possible to strengthen your fingers to help you cling to those gravity-defying ledges. Not just for climbers, the finger strengthener is a useful little gadget for musicians and the elderly who may need help maintaining the strength in their grip.

Plenty of people work out in the gym for overall body strength but think how crucial your hands are in everyday life – especially if you are a traveler who has to carry suitcases. This portable work-out for the fingers stows in a bag, and you can use it anywhere.

For other tips for caring for your hands, check out how to make your own homemade cuticle oil.

Oibtech Finger Strengthener

stocking stuffers for camping

Portable Carbon Monoxide Detector

Unfortunately, carbon monoxide is a silent killer. It has no odor, color or taste, and it cannot be detected by our senses. Whether you are traveling in some distant country whose hotels and other types of accommodation may not offer standard safety rules or measures, or you are traveling in the western world where accidents happen, you should consider bringing a portable carbon monoxide detector.

They are lightweight, easily packable and run off of batteries.

Kidde Carbon Monoxide Detector

stocking gift for travelers and outdoor enthrusiasts

Inflatable Travel Pillow

A good night’s sleep or a relaxing nap makes all the difference to how you feel when traveling or camping. If space is at a premium, one of the first items to ditch is the pillow because you can make do with a rolled-up coat or something else. This inflatable travel pillow is quick to expand (3-4 breaths), light, and neatly packs in a travel bag or backpack. If you’ve room for a soda can, you can fit this travel pillow. Many famous people promote the restorative power of a catnap, but you need to be comfortable to nap successfully.

Trekology Ultralight Pillow

stocking stufferes for travelers

Healing Salve That Protects Callouses 

The Joshua Tree Organic Healing Salve is a sweetly smelling healing ointment that deals with chafes, abrasions, scrapes, and cuts without removing your precious callouses. Why does that matter? Plenty of active outdoor activities like climbing and indoor activities like guitar playing depend on the formation of callouses to protect your skin.  

This formulation is popular with cyclists, runners, and climbers. You don’t have to have callouses to use it, but if you don’t want to lose them, this cream relieves everything you want to treat. It is also an excellent moisturizer for hardworking outdoor hands for the gardener or construction worker in your life.

Joshua Tree Organic Salve

stocking stuffers for climbers

Travel Pouch for Cables

Wherever you go, you want to take your electronics with you. A small pouch to organize your headphones, charging cables, and other components is a lovely Xmas stocking stuffing that will see a lot of use. Small and light, available in a choice of colors, it is a useful way to keep track of the accessories that make your phone and other devices working. You can use a waterproof zip lock bag, but a dedicated pouch makes traveling life more civilized. 

A travel pouch acts as a memory list for packing. If the cable isn’t in the pouch; you know to look for it before you finish packing your bags. It saves an unpleasant surprise at your destination or during your travels. It is perfect Christmas present for the perpetually forgetful or disorganized person in your life.

Muyasea Electronic Travel Organizer

stocking stuffers for travellers

Travel Size Games

One of the best things about traveling is hanging out with the people you love most in the world. Gone are the stresses of everyday life, and your busy schedule. Instead, your days and nights open up and offer you the opportunity to turn off your phone, play some games, and laugh.

There are a number of fantastic travel size games that you can play with the whole family like Boggle, Yahtzee, cribbage and chess. Others that should only be played among adults, like Cards Against Humanity and Actually Curious: Happy Hour Edition!

All of them are lightweight and small so they are easily packable. If you ever get stuck at the airport, on a long flight, or even a long road trip, you will have easy entertainment to help pass the time.

Boggle Classic Game

small gifts for travelers


stocking presents for a trip

Lightweight and Foldable Cribbage Game

gifts for stockings for adventure travelers

Magnetic Travel Chess Set

stocking stuffers for campers

Cards Against Humanity

small gifts for travellers

Actually Curious: Happy Hour Edition!

stocking stuffers for adventurers

Protection Jewelry

A runic compass is a sentimental gift to keep your traveler safe on their adventures. Suitable for men or women to wear or as a decorative addition to your backpack. The story is that the Vegvisir, with its eight Viking rune staves, confers protection in rough weather, so the bearer can always come home.

A stocking filler for the love of your life or child traveling away for university or the world of work. 

For alternative protection charms, a St Christopher necklace confers the blessing of the patron saint of travelers and a black tourmaline crystal offers protection for travelers. You can spend a lot more on these items in precious metals, but you can also buy them relatively inexpensively as fun Christmas stocking fillers. 

If you prefer a more practical travel token, consider customizable dog tags where you can engrave useful information like emergency contact information and blood group. Alternatively, the photograph dog tag lets you carry your loved ones with you wherever you go.

Vegvisir Viking Jewelry

stocking stuffers for camping

WJH Saint Christopher Pewter Travel Pendant

stocking stuffers for hikers

Raw Black Tourmaline Crystal

stocking fillers

GoTags Personalized Military Dog Tags

stocking stuffers for backpackers

Personalized Photo Necklace

stocking stuffers for outdoor enthusiasts

Power Pack

Your phone is your communication tool, camera, and navigation aid – but what about when it runs out of charge? Most trees and rocks in the wild don’t come equipped with power outlets. A power bank isn’t the cheapest of stocking fillers, but it is oh so practical. It doesn’t matter where you are; you can recharge your phone – that may save your life or let you capture that stunning once in a lifetime moment.

Bonai Power Bank

stocking fillers

Keep Food Cool On The Trail

This snack bag is a pouch and combined icepack. The gel in the walls of the snack bag allows you to freeze the bag overnight, so it keeps your food cool while on the trail or sightseeing on hot city streets. It’s a brilliant innovation for keeping fresh food, yogurts, berries, and other items that don’t transport well, cool and in peak condition—no more melted chocolate or sweaty cheese when you unpack your snacks after a busy morning or afternoon. 

For the foodie and outdoor adventurer, these are some of the best stocking stuffers. In addition, it is well reviewed at 4.8* out of 5*.

PackIt Reusable Insulated Bag

stocking fillers

Emergency Whistles – Because You Care About Safety

Experienced hikers and outdoor people taking on challenging terrains in the winter mountains routinely carry an emergency whistle. Emergency whistles are inexpensive at under $10, and they are a valuable bit of equipment that you can wear around your neck or clipped to a belt or bag. 

The universal signal for needing assistance is three blasts on the whistle, each lasting around three seconds. Or you can spell out SOS with three short, three long, and three short bursts. A whistle effectively gets attention – whether you are walking along a dark city street or twist your ankle on a trail. Plus, a whistle is handy to recall your errant dog or child. 

An excellent emergency whistle with carabiner and lanyard comes from Michael Josh, and it is available in 12 color options. If your adventurer enjoys water and winter sports, then a better option is this plastic, pea-less whistle that comes as a pack of two. The plastic safety whistle is ideal for kayaking and won’t freeze to your lips in winter. The lack of moving parts means your emergency whistle won’t jam when you need it. 

If you want something a little more decorative, what about a Chinese dragon head whistle? It still functions as a survival whistle but is fancier than the average. It would be an attractive necklace or keychain, and an excellent Christmas gift for those sport enthusiasts that still like to look good on the trail.

Michael Josh Emergency Whistle

No products found.

LuxoGear Emergency Whistles with Lanyard

stocking stuffers for campers

NuObesty Chinese Dragon Head Whistle

stocking stuffers for climbers

Pomchies – Color Balls to Tag Your Bag

The pomchie is a colorful pompom created from swimwear fabric that you can attach to your luggage to give you a quick visual aid to finding your bags on the luggage carousel. Plus, it doesn’t give away your name or address.  They snap on and off, are available in 29 color options, and are machine washable. 

You could make your own luggage identifier tags, but these are bright, fun, and ready to go. Plus, they stuff neatly into the toe of a Christmas stocking.

Pomchies Poms

stocking fillers

Portable Personal Utensil Set

Does anyone like eating with disposable cutlery? Most people are more comfortable eating with regular cutlery, and this personal set is proper cutlery in a handy carry case. You get a knife, fork, and spoon in stainless steel with wooden handles in a travel pouch. Handbag and briefcase friendly, you can take them to work and never worry about the disappearing cutlery syndrome afflicting most offices. 

As a travel kit, it means you know you are eating from utensils that are clean, safe, and functional wherever you choose to dine. These are fantastic stocking stuffers for travelers, backpackers, and even city dwellers.

Stainless Steel Travel Utensils

stocking stuffers for backpackers


A stocking stuffer for travel or outdoor adventures is a perfect accompaniment to a less tangible gift like a hotel booking or plane tickets. Many of these Christmas stocking fillers would be useful for more than one setting, and most are fun to have and use. 

Small parcels wrapped and placed in a Christmas stocking are often more exciting than the big, expected present under the tree. You don’t need to theme the whole stocking around travel and adventure but can include one or two ideal ones for the occasion. 

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