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The 7 Most Versatile And Best ASICS Walking Shoes (2023 Review)


Last Updated on October 29, 2023 by Nicole

When you visit a new city or town you want to explore, the best way is usually on foot. If you spend your working life at a computer or sitting down, your feet aren’t usually ready for that kind of mileage. We all know how awful it feels to have achy feet after a long day of walking. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. A decent pair of shoes, like the best ASICS walking shoes, will go a long way in providing relief with cushion and support. Whether you are walking for fitness or on your travels, you will find what you need in ASICS walking shoes.

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Other Walking Shoe Options

As you will see down below, ASICS walking shoes offer a lot of comfort and support so that you can spend an enjoyable day on your feet. However, you could also explore ASICS running shoes. For example, the ASICS Gel Lyte III is designed as a casual running shoe and walking shoe.

Nike is another preeminent shoe manufacturer that is always on the cutting edge of footwear technology and style. Nike offers quite a few walking shoe options that would make a cool alternative to ASICS – 11 Best Nike Walking Shoe Options: Potent And Stylish.

Another option is to take a look at Saucony walking shoes which offers its own unique footwear technology at reasonable prices.

Finally, if you are a woman, you should explore Ryka walking shoes. They offer footwear that is designed for a woman’s foot. Women’s and men’s feet are biologically different. Most footwear companies design footwear to men’s specifications and then, add sizing for women. ASICS is solely changing that and moving toward gender specific footwear. However, Ryka’s sole focus is to design walking shoes that support the unique features of women’s feet.

Best ASICS Walking Shoes

This selection of seven of the best ASICS walking shoes come in both men’s and women’s sizes. The new generation of ASICS shoes is moving towards gender-specific footwear by altering small details like the Trusstic system and upper shape to address physical differences between a man’s and a woman’s foot. Where relevant, I highlight any of these gender-specific features in each shoe. If I don’t mention any, then that ASICS walking shoe is unisex and the only difference is sizes and colors.  

ASICS Gel-Nimbus Range

ASICS Gel Nimbus shoes continue to be very popular for a number of reasons. Most significantly, it has gender specific features that are unique in its class. With each generation of models – ASICS Gel-Nimbus 23, ASICS Gel Nimbus 24 and ASICS Gel Nimbus 25 – ASICS has added even more.

In particular, ASICS Gel Nimbus 25 is loaded with new features and improved environmental technology.

ASICS Gel Nimbus 22 For Men

asics gel nimbus 22

ASICS Gel Nimbus 22 For Women

asics walking shoes for women

Key Walking Shoe Features Of ASICS Gel Nimbus 22

  • Low heel on the same level as the ball of the foot and without a flare.
  • Toe rocker and a slight heel rocker. 
  • Gel cushioning system in the rear and front allows natural foot movement in the walking gait. 
  • Tread pattern provides flexibility in the outersole.
  • Trusstic system to provide extra support and prevent torsion in the midsole. 

Other Useful Features

  • Durable and light rubber sole.
  • FlyteFoam midsole provides cushioning and bounce with half the weight of traditional EVA foam, giving a lighter shoe for walking. 
  • 3D printed upper gives a mesh that adapts and stretches to fit the foot like a glove. 
  • Heel counter improves foot support and stability.
  • Reflective panels improve visibility in bad light.
  • Padded collar for a more comfortable fit. 

Are ASICS Gel Nimbus 22 Good Walking Shoes?

The ASICS Gel Nimbus 22 provides cushioned comfort and all the walking shoe features you need.

ASICS describes the midsole as a “Fluid Ride Midsole” to give you bounce and cushioning in a light shoe. The GEL cushioning in the rear and forefoot provide excellent shock absorption as your foot rolls from the heel to the toe before you push off onto your next step. The fluid fit upper is 3D printed with no seams and stretch reinforcement to effortlessly fit your feet. The lack of seam means you have minimal places where your foot can rub against the upper so you can avoid blisters.

The ASICS Gel Nimbus 22 has many features that classify it as one of the best Asics walking shoes. 

ASICS Gel-Nimbus 23 For Men

asics gel nimbus 23

ASICS Gel-Nimbus 23 For Women

asics gel-nimbus 23

New Features

  • Gender specific support under toe for extra cushion.
  • Ortholite X-55 sockliner for extra comfort.
  • 20% of the shoe’s upper is made from recycled materials.

Are ASICS Gel Nimbus 23 Good Walking Shoes?

The latest upgrade to the ASICS Gel-Nimbus 22, the ASICS Gel-Nimbus 23 offers more specific gender enhancements to acknowledge that men’s and women’s feet are not exactly the same. Together with the Ortholite sockliner, these shoes supply an additional level of comfort while walking. The use of recycled material is an extra bonus, reducing your environmental footprint.

Both ASICS Gel Nimbus 22 and 23 are exceptional walking shoes with excellent comfort, support and stability.

ASICS Gel-Nimbus 24 For Men

asics gel-nimbus 24

ASICS Gel-Nimbus 24 For Women

asics gel-nimbus 24

New Features

  • 10 g (0.35 ounces) lighter than previous version.
  • Addition of FF BLAST+™ cushioning to keep shoe lightweight while increasing shock absorption in each step.
  • More responsive toe push off.

Are ASICS Gel Nimbus 24 Good Walking Shoes?

The latest upgrade, ASICS Gel-Nimbus 24 offers a lighter shoe but with increased shock absorption and a better push off to make walking easier.

All of the ASICS Gel Nimbus range are exceptional walking shoes with excellent comfort, support and stability.

ASICS Gel-Nimbus 25 For Men

asics gel-nimbus 25

ASICS Gel-Nimbus 25 For Women

asics gel-nimbus 25

New Features

  • A new soft and stretchy knit tongue and collar for a more unique fit.
  • Updated PureGEL technology for softer landings on heel.
  • FF Blast PLUS ECO with 20% more foam in the midsole for extra cushion.
  • Environmentally friendly dyeing process.
  • 75% of upper is made from recycled material.

ASICS Gel-Pulse Range

ASICS Gel Pulse range of walking shoes focuses on comfort, breathability and affordability. You get those features in the ASICS Gel-Pulse 11, and you get even more in the next three generation of models – the ASICS Gel Pulse 12, 13 and 14. If you are looking for softness and a flexible fit around your foot shape, then ASICS Gel Pulse is the model for you.

ASICS Gel-Pulse 11 For Men

asics gel pulse 11

ASICS Gel-Pulse 11 For Women

asics walking shoes for women

Key Walking Shoe Features of Asics Gel Pulse 11

  • Low heel drop.
  • Toe rocker.
  • Guidance Line technology – a vertical groove running from heel to toe to improve the flex when transferring weight from heel to toe. 

Other Useful Features

  • Molded blown rubber outsole provides excellent traction on wet and dry ground. 
  • High abrasion rubber heel improves durability as this is the part that hits the ground first.
  • 3D printed mesh upper provides ventilation and cooling. 
  • Ampifoam midsole provides cushioning with neutral arch support and moisture control. 
  • Gel cushioning in the heel provides excellent shock absorption. 
  • Sock liner – Ortholite X40 provides moisture management, breathability, and bounce. 
  • Removable insole.

Is ASICS Gel-Pulse 11 A Good Walking Shoe?

The ASICS Gel Pulse 11 is the best ASICS walking shoe for everyday comfort, affordability, and all the features you need in a walking shoe.

Using higher abrasion-resistant rubber in the heel is a smart move as the heel is the part most people wear down while walking. The combination of the ampifoam midsole and the ortholite X40 sock liner provides a breathable shoe with excellent moisture control giving you comfortable, fresh feet while walking. 

Metal reinforcing on the eyelets is better for durability but missing this detail doesn’t impact the shoe’s performance. You can walk comfortably for long hours with the excellent gel shock absorption and keep the spring in your step.

ASICS Gel-Pulse 12 For Men

asics gel-pulse 12

ASICS Gel-Pulse 12 For Women

asics gel-pulse 12

New Features

  • Engineered mesh is softer and more breathable than Asics Gel-Pulse 11.
  • Fit around heel and over top of foot is also softer.

ASICS Gel-Pulse 13 For Men

men asics gel-pulse 13

ASICS Gel-Pulse 13 For Women

women asics gel-pulse 13

New Features

  • Even more flexibility with the design to accommodate different foot shapes.
  • Jacquard mesh for improved breathability.

ASICS Gel-Pulse 14 For Men

men asics gel-pulse 14

ASICS Gel-Pulse 14 For Women

women asics gel-pulse 14

New Features

  • Environmental additions in production such as better dyeing processes and 20% of upper material is from recycled material.


There are two fundamental differences between the ASICS Gel Quantum 90 and ASICS Gel Quantum 90 2. The Gel-Quantum 90 2 has even more cushion in the heel and the upper has Dynamic mesh for a better fit. This is continued in Gel Quantum 90 3.

You can no longer find ASICS Gel-Quantum 90 in men’s sizes on Amazon. As for women, there are only a couple of sizes left. There are many more shoes sizes in both men and women in ASICS Gel-Quantum 90 2 and ASICS Gel-Quantum 90 3.

ASICS Gel Quantum 90 For Women

asics gel-quantum 90

Key Walking Shoe Features of Asics Gel Quantum 90

  • Low heel drop at 10mm, so at the top end for comfortable walking.
  • Toe rocker. 
  • Flexible groove along the sole.

Other Useful features

  • Gel cushioning in the heel. 
  • Molded EVA midsole provides cushioned support.
  • Ortholite sock liner with moisture control.
  • Breathable synthetic mesh upper for ventilation and comfort.
  • Seamless upper for smooth comfort.
  • Rubber outsole provides excellent traction on pavements. 
  • More durable rubber in high wear areas of the outsole. 
  • Cushioned collar and tongue for comfort while walking. 
  • Reinforced lacing arrangement.
  • Plenty of color choices. 

Is ASICS Gel Quantum 90 A Good Walking Shoe?

The ASICS Gel Quantum 90 is the best ASICS walking shoe for casual comfort. It gets poor reviews for running but excellent reviews for walking because it provides cushioned support, moisture control, and ventilation.

It is an affordable ASICS walking shoe with enough features to provide everything you need for fitness walking, and it is stylish enough for a casual shoe. 

ASICS Gel Quantum 90 2 For Men

mens asics gel quantum 90 2

ASICS Gel-Quantum 90 2 For Women

womens asics walking shoes

New Features

  • More Gel Tech in the heel for a softer heel strike.
  • Dynamic Mesh upper that wraps the forefoot for a better and more comfortable fit.
  • In women’s shoes, upper designed for women by women. Also, Dynamic Mesh upper wraps to fit the specific fit of a woman’s forefoot.

ASICS Gel Quantum 90 3 For Men

mens asics gel quantum 90 3

ASICS Gel-Quantum 90 3 For Women

womens asics walking shoes

New Features

  • There aren’t any new features.

ASICS GT-2000 Range

There have been improvements from the GT-2000 9 model to the GT-2000 11 model. More cushion and stability have been added to the shoe. In addition, improved dying techniques and the use of recycled material in the GT-2000 11 models are making this ASICS shoe more environmentally friendly.

You can no longer find ASICS GT 2000 9 in men’s sizes on Amazon. As for women, there are only a couple of sizes left.

ASICS GT-2000 9 For Women

womens asics walking shoes for women

Key Walking Shoe Features of ASICS GT 2000 9

  • Toe rocker – combined with a slight heel rocker in this shoe. 
  • Low heel drop.
  • Guidance line midsole technology allowing a natural gait. 
  • Trusstic system – rigid plastic in the midsole prevents twisting in the middle part of the shoe.

Other Useful Features

  • Gel cushioning in the rear and forefoot (at the ball of the foot) giving shock absorption. 
  • FlyteFoam technology – all the bounce with less weight.
  • Dual-density midsole providing support and stability.
  • One-piece mesh upper – better fit, no seams, and ventilation.
  • Removable sock liner.
  • Classes as a stability shoe for overpronation.
  • Internal heel counter keeps foot secure and aligned. 
  • Rubber outsole with excellent traction. 

Is ASICS GT 2000 9 A Good Walking Shoe?

If you like a shoe with all the latest technology, then the ASICS GT 2000 9 is a fantastic option because it incorporates all the latest features. 

The addition of a Trusstic plastic panel in the midsole helps to avoid twisting and flex in that area which is ideal for walkers. The outsole contains the right pattern of grooves and a guidance line to promote your foot’s natural flex as you roll from the heel to the toe. 

Combining a slight heel rocker with the toe rocker promotes a smooth roll through the foot, ideal for a brisk fitness walk. Using FlyteFoam gives ample cushioning and makes this one of the lighter walking shoes giving you more energy for walking. 

ASICS GT-2000 10 For Men

mens asics GT-2000 10

ASICS GT-2000 10 For Women

womens asics walking shoes

New Features

  • There are no new features added.

ASICS GT-2000 11 For Men

mens asics GT-2000 11

ASICS GT-2000 11 For Women

womens ASICS GT-2000 11

New Features

  • Midsole now includes FF BLAST™ cushioning to promote softer landings and a responsive rebound.
  • In addition, LITETRUSS™ technology has been added on the inside of the midsole to improve stability. It helps prevent overpronation – your foot from rolling too far inward – setting you up for a smoother stride.
  • Environmental Additions – sockliner is dyed with less water and carbon emissions, and at least 50% of shoe’s upper is made from recycled material.

ASICS Gel-Kayano Range

ASICS Gel-Kayano 27, 28 and 29 are packed with amazing footwear technology to supply a comfortable and smooth walking experience. ASICS took an already exceptional shoe – the ASICS Gel Kayano 27 – and added even more cushion to the midsole for improved stability and responsiveness in the Gel-Kayano 28.

In addition, they changed the shape of the Gel Tech in the outer sole to create a smoother stride and softer impact zone.

For the ASICS Gel-Kayano 29, the shoe has become lighter, more structure has been added to guide foot into neutral pronation, and recycled material has been included.

You can no longer find ASICS Gel Kayano 27 for women but you should be very satisfied with the improvements found in the Gel Kayano 28.

ASICS Gel-Kayano 27 For Men

mens asics walking shoes

Key Walking Shoe Features Of ASICS Gel Kayano 27

  • Toe rocker for smooth walking action.
  • Impact guidance system encouraging a natural gait and reinforcement in the midsole to prevent torsion in this area. 
  • Low heel (compared with the ball of the foot as this is a platform sole) without flaring.

Other Useful Features

  • Full length Speva 45 foam providing a cushioned platform for your feet. 
  • FlyteFoam midsole – cushioning, bounce, and less weight. 
  • Dual-density midsole section to provide stability and support. 
  • GEL technology in front and rear for shock absorption. 
  • Gender-specific Trusstic system in place to control torsion.
  • Overpronation control.
  • Reflective details for visibility when walking after dark.
  • Breathable 3D printed mesh upper.
  • Outsole has soft rubber for traction and a harder abrasion-resistant rubber for areas that wear. 

Is ASICS Gel Kayano 27 A Good Walking Shoe?

The ASICS Gel Kayano 27 range are excellent ASICS walking shoes because they use technology that makes it easier for you to use your feet naturally – you are not fighting against the shoe while you are walking. 

In addition, the ASICS Gel Kayano 27 offers gender-specific features in the Trusstic system – a resin structure that gives the shoe stability by preventing them from twisting during movement. Also, this is an ideal shoe for walkers with a flatter foot arch because of its additional support. 

ASICS Gel-Kayano 28 For Men

mens asics gel-kayano 28

ASICS Gel Kayano 28 For Women

womens asics gel-kayano 28

New Features

  • Added FF Blast Cushion to the midsole for better stability and responsiveness.
  • Changed the Gel Tech shape in the sole to supply a smoother stride and softer heel strike.
  • Added Aharplus heel plug which is made from car tire material to improve durability but continue to supply good cushion and grip.

ASICS Gel-Kayano 29 For Men

mens asics gel-kayano 29

ASICS Gel-Kayano 29 For Women

womens asics gel-kayano 29

New Features

  • It is lighter by approximately 10g (0.35 ounces) compared to Gel-Kayano 28.
  • Added recycled knit upper for improved breathability.
  • Litetruss construction to increase stability and to guide foot into neutral pronation.

ASICS Gel-Cumulus Range

ASICS Gel-Cumulus 22, 23 and 24 focus on long distances, walks, walking for fitness, and of course, running. The improvements to Gel-Cumulus 24 are mostly focused on the outsole.

ASICS Gel-Cumulus 22 For Men

asics gel-cumulus 22 for men

ASICS Gel Cumulus 22 For Women

asics gel-cumulus 22 for women

Key Walking Shoe Features Of ASICS Gel Cumulus 22

  • Toe rocker
  • Low heel with a slight rock designed to minimize impact.
  • Sole design includes a deeper vertical groove to promote a natural gait.

Other Useful Features

  • 3D printed seamless upper with a soft, flexible feel.
  • FlyteFoam propel technology – more bounce and cushioning. 
  • Gel cushioning in front and heel areas.
  • High abrasion rubber in parts of the outsole that wear. 

Is ASICS Gel Cumulus 22 A Good Walking Shoe?

ASICS has taken its excellent running shoe technologies and tweaked the ASICS Gel Cumulus 22 even more.

The vertical groove that helps the natural flex of your foot is a little deeper. The foam in the midsole is their latest elastomer compound. 3D printed mesh uppers for breathability and fit are also included, and this feature provides new and exciting patterns and colors. 

ASICS Gel Cumulus 23 For Men

mens asics gel cumulus 23

ASICS Gel-Cumulus 23 For Women

women asics gel-cumulus 23

New Features

  • Mono-Sock that gently hugs the foot in key support areas.
  • Updated Gel Tech in heel for improved cushion on heel strike when walking.
  • Gender-specific 3D space construction for different compression areas for extra comfort.

ASICS Gel-Cumulus 24 For Men

mens asics gel cumulus 24

ASICS Gel-Cumulus 24 For Women

women asics gel-cumulus 24

New Features

  • FF Blast Cushioning in the midsole to increase softer landings and assist with rebound.
  • Lite Outsole Rubber added. It is lighter and stronger than standard material. It has been added to the forefoot. It helps resist abrasions.
  • AHARPLUS Outsole Rubber added in the heel to improve durability.

ASICS Noosa Tri Range

The ASICS Noosa Tri range of footwear was initially designed for triathletes and lightness was a key feature. You see this with the ASICS Noosa Tri 12 shoes.

In ASICS Noosa Tri 13, ASICS has added features to make these shoes function for a variety of workouts, including long and fitness walks, as well as running and racing.

In ASICS Noosa Tri 14, no new technology was added but it was redesigned and made slightly lighter.

ASICS Noosa Tri 12 For Men

mens best asics walking shoes

ASICS Noosa Tri 12 For Women

womens asics walking shoes for women

Key Walking Shoe Features Of ASICS Gel-Noosa Tri 12

  • Toe rocker.
  • Low flat heel
  • Flexible sole.

Other Useful Features

  • Rearfoot gel technology to minimize road impact.
  • Strategic placement of high abrasion rubber on the outsole. 
  • FlyteFoam Lyte technology giving a complete lightweight cushioned midsole. 
  • Duomax support system in the midsole – support and stability.
  • 3D printed mesh uppers for breathability and drainage

Is ASICS Gel Noosa Tri 12 A Good Walking Shoe?

The ASICS NOOSA Tri 12 is lightweight, and its impact resistance and flexible nature make this shoe one of the best ASICS walking shoes for long-distance walkers.

There is plenty of cushioning in the midsole to provide comfort and bounce over many miles because it is designed for long distances. The high abrasion rubber is strategically placed on the sole to provide durability.  The colors are bright, and the 3D printed mesh upper incorporates better drainage if you go walking in wet areas. 

ASICS Noosa Tri 13 For Men

mens asics noosa tri 13

ASICS Noosa Tri 13 For Women

asics noosa tri 13

New Features

  • Guide Sole Technology to make shoe lighter by creating a curved sole design thereby reducing the use of the ankle and conserving energy.
  • Aharplus material in the outersole to increase its durability while keeping the cushion and the grip.
  • Sustainable efforts – using less resources to color the sockliner.

ASICS Noosa Tri 14 For Men

mens asics noosa tri 14

ASICS Noosa Tri 14 For Women

asics noosa tri 14 for women

New Features

  • It is 0.35 lighter than ASICS Noosa Tri 13 through a revised design.

Buyer’s Guide To The Best ASICS Walking Shoes

History Of ASICS Walking Shoes

ASICS is a company with a long tradition of producing athletic footwear from marathon running to wrestling. The original company was founded in 1945 and has gone through various changes over the years. Still, it remains true to its mission of giving people the best athletic footwear to be active and healthy – running, dancing, jumping, wrestling, and, of course, walking. 

The ASICS name comes from a Latin phrase extolling the virtues of a healthy mind in a healthy body – “Anima Sana In Corpore Sano.” ASICS first dedicated walking shoe launched in 1983 – the all-leather Pedala in plain brown. Today you can choose from a range of bright modern walking shoes, with the best footwear technology to make all your walks comfortable and satisfying.

How Is Walking Different From Running?

Walkers and runners move differently in the way their feet land on the ground, resulting in different demands on their footwear. Both running and walking require a foot to strike down, roll forward and push off – the difference is in the gait (a person’s pattern of walking) and impact. 

Walkers uniformly strike the ground with their heel, roll forward to the ball of their foot, and then push off with their toes. On the other hand, runners have many different ways of striking and pushing off from the ground – from first landing on their toes, their midsoles, or even their heels – and there are ranges of running shoes to meet each need. 

How Can You Tell If A Shoe Is Good for Walking?

The label of walking or running shoes are not the best indicator of a shoe’s fitness for walking. On the contrary, there are three key features of an excellent walking shoe:


The heel is the first part of the foot to hit the ground when you walk. The best walking shoes have a low heel height (less than an inch difference between the heel and the ball of the foot) and no flare. A flared heel is when the width of the heel is wider than the sole of the shoe. Normally, you would find this on trail running shoes as they provide stability on uneven ground. However, they are not necessary for walkers.

There is a bit of a debate over a heel rocker’s value for people with a regular walking gait. A heel rocker is a slight uplift on the heel, so instead of the corners of the heel hitting the ground first, a sloped area hits the ground first. Then, your foot rolls forward onto the flat of the heel with a little extra forward momentum. 

A small heel rocker allows a smoother roll from the heel to the ball of the foot, but it depends on how much stability you need from your footwear as to how much benefit you get from this feature. It is a useful feature for runners, but most walkers prefer a flat stable heel. 


The foot’s forefront needs to bend enough to give you a natural roll through the ball of your foot – but if you can bend the shoe in half, you lose the support you need for long-distance walking. You need the right amount of flex for easy movement and the right amount of support in your arch area or midsole for comfort. 

Accordingly, the flex needs to be at the ball of the foot, not in the arch. You can test this by gently twisting the shoe while you hold the toe and heel, and see where it flexes. 

Some of the best ASICS walking shoes include a plastic insert in the midsole to prevent torsion. This is called the Trusstic system. 


A good walking shoe has a toe section that points upward – a toe rocker. If you put the shoe on the ground and press on the toe, it should rock. This upward tilt prevents excessive stretching of the plantar fascia ligament in the heel.

Accordingly, the best walking shoes are flattish, flexible near the ball of the foot, with a minimal heel drop and a toe rocker. Without these four essential features, it isn’t an optimal walking shoe. 

Types Of Walking Shoes

There are five ways to categorize a walking shoe:

  1. Trainers, sneakers, athletic performance shoes – they are lightweight, give you sport features and style. and are ideal if you don’t need motion control.
  2. Hiking shoes – if your travels take you to rocky terrain and uneven paths, you may need extra durability, support, and traction. Potentially you may want a more waterproof shoe than a lighter walking shoe. 
  3. Cushioned comfort shoes – all about the spring in your step and ideal if you regularly walk over five miles or you are going to spend all day on hard surfaces. 
  4. Stability or motion control shoes – not for people who are unsteady on their feet but for people who benefit from features like arch support and heel counters to keep their feet in alignment. Different feet have different needs, and often these are addressed with orthotic insoles. 
  5. Racewalkers – fitness walking can be competitive and has many fans who demand high-performance footwear to walk faster. 

Most walking enthusiasts like a combination of comfort, support, and style. The best ASICS walking shoes provide this.

Anatomy Of The Best Walking Shoes

All shoes contain the same components, but the features vary depending on the intention behind the design.


The outsole needs to be firm but not too stiff (remember, you need flex in the forefoot). Frequently, it includes durable abrasion-resistant rubber combined with soft rubber for traction. The amount of traction you need depends on your walking preferences (hiking trails or city streets) and the season. 

A too stiff outer sole can give you pain in your ankles and knees because it restricts your natural walking gait. This needs to be balanced out with the need for enough rubber to give you good shock absorption to protect your feet.


Most walking shoes feature laces because they are the best method of ensuring a snug and comfortable fitting shoe. Avoid lacing them too tight because that will give you pain and discomfort in your midfoot area. 

As part of the lacing arrangement, look for a padded tongue as this cushions the upper foot from the shoe lace’s pressure, an annoyance that may turn into discomfort if you spend lots of time on your feet. 


A supportive heel cup keeps your foot in proper alignment and stable while walking. It prevents the foot from slipping inside the shoe and protects it against rubbing and abrasion. In addition, by securing the heel, you help protect your Achilles tendon. 

Toe Area

A wide toe box allows your toes room to spread and flex. An external rubber bumper or toe cap helps prolong the shoe’s life by shielding the toe area from scuffing and excessive wear. 


Ideally, the best walking shoes offer quality insoles that are also removable thereby giving you the option for custom insoles for problems such as flat feet, high arches, or plantar fasciitis. If you do not need to replace the insoles with orthotics, then the original insoles should supply cushioning with arch support, moisture-wicking to keep your feet fresh, and antimicrobial coatings for foot health and odor control.  


The midsole offers extra cushioning and support for your foot along with shock absorption to reduce fatigue and injury. Shoe technology today means that you have choices in your midsole ranging from gel and air pockets to dual-density foams.

Many of the newer models of the best ASICS walking shoes include Flytefoam, an organic fiber, that gives the same bounce and cushioning as EVA (foam-like material traditionally found in midsoles) but with half the weight.  


Traditional leather uppers are breathable and water-resistant with plenty of support and protection for your feet. Other materials often used include mesh for ventilation and membranes that allow water to pass through in one direction giving a waterproof and breathable walking shoe. The best ASICS walking shoes use a 3D printed synthetic mesh material that offers breathability and eliminates seams that could rub and blister your feet. 

How Often Should You Change Your Walking Shoes?

You need to change your walking shoes when the sole begins to wear or after 300 miles of walking. Although a walking shoe may look in good condition at the 300-mile level, you lose the impact resistance and the stiffness in the uppers – everything is a little soft and floppy – whereas the insole becomes flat and compressed. 

Walking shoes wear gradually, so you won’t notice the loss in performance, support or cushion. However, when you swap to a new pair, you immediately feel the difference with increasing energy levels and fewer aches in your feet and calves.

Last Word

ASICS walking shoes are extraordinary in their comfort, support and durability. Whenever you put on a pair, you know that the shoe technology utilized in the shoe is well researched and on the cutting edge of what is available.

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