Whistler Treats: 5 Amazing Places To Wreck Your Diet


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Most of us do not need any help in blowing through our daily calorie count. Each visit to Starbucks for my morning coffee, I am using every ounce of my being not to throw in a donut or a danish to my order. But, normally I resist. How? It certainly isn’t because I have a lot of self control. It’s because I already have my sights on how I’m really going to ruin all of my hard work in watching what I eat and exercising. If I am going to ruin my diet, I’m going to at least be disciplined about how!

Whistler treats
Delicious chocolate chip cookies

Sounds like too much work? It might be if there isn’t some spectacular treats near you. And this is where the focus of this blog starts. I am both happy and terrified to say that there are some spectacular spots in Whistler to find some delicious Whistler treats.

Happy because there aren’t too many places in this world that I know I will be outdoors and staying fit doing what I love than in Whistler.  Whistler is all about the outdoors – skiing, snowboarding, and snowshoeing in the winter and hiking, biking, paddling, swimming, playing tennis and golf and more in the summer.  I know that I am going to “earn” my Whistler treats.

Whistler treats
Candy heaven!

Terrified because the Whistler treats are just too easy to get and only a few dollars to enjoy. Maybe in the winter you can rely on a snow storm or two to stop you from hopping in your car or walking from your hotel to find these Whistler treats. But, then again, that hasn’t worked for me.

Whistler treats
Delicious fudge

Here are my five favourite places to find Whistler treats that are worth the wait. They are all in Whistler Village in geographic order from the Market Place parking lot where the Fresh Street Market and liquor store are found to the base of Whistler Mountain.

If you can’t decide which one to try, then why not try all of them?? It is the perfect way for how to feel better after a breakup or just because!

1. The Great Glass Elevator Candy Shop

Who doesn’t get a thrill going into a candy shop? The smells and the candy on display easily bring back happy childhood memories of getting that special treat from your corner store. This is especially true when a shop is filled with goodies that you might not have seen since your childhood.

The Great Glass Elevator Candy Shop is this shop. Every child who walks in is thrilled with all the candy choices before them. Parents are both horrified by the sugar high that their kids are about to hit and mollified by how happy the store makes them feel. For those of you who are homesick, there is a whole selection of US or British candies to choose from.

Whistler treats
Searching the candy aisles for my favourites

Warning: This store is right next to an enormous playground. The good news is that it is a little tucked away so it is not easy to see. The bad news is that I can normally smell the sugar about 100 ft or 30 m away.

2. Purebread

Within eyesight of the candy shop is Purebread. This place is the ultimate test for me. I congratulate myself every time that I walk by without going inside and buying something.

Purebread is filled with absolutely stunning and delicious baked goods. It is normally very busy at breakfast time with limited indoor seating. An espresso bar is also available for those that want to compliment their Whistler treat with an excellent cup of coffee.

Whistler treats
Photo Courtesy of Mike Crane
Whistler treats
Just some of the amazing baked goods on offer at Purebread

Local’s tip: Counter service for baked goods is very quick. However, the same is not true for the espresso bar. If you want to eat your baked goods with your coffee, I would recommend either purchasing your coffee a couple stores down at Blenz or Starbucks before you order your baked goods, or taking your baked good to Blenz or Starbucks and order coffee from there. Otherwise, you run the risk that you will finish your Whistler treats before your coffee arrives.

3. Rogers’ Chocolate

Rogers’ Chocolate was originally founded in Victoria in the late 19th Century. It’s founder, Charles Rogers, was the first chocolatier in Canada. There are now 10 retail stores in British Columbia, one of which is in Whistler.

If you have a weak spot for boxes of assorted dark or milk chocolate bonbons, then you may wish to stare intently at the ground as you quickly walk through the mid part of the Village.

Whistler treats
Many beautiful chocolates to create your own assorted box of chocolates

If you are looking for gifts to take back home to family and friends, Rogers’ Chocolate is an excellent spot to search. These Whistler treats come in pre-packaged boxes or you may create your own.

4. Cows 

If your weakness is ice cream, then all I can say, on behalf of Whistler, is “I’m sorry”. Cows ice cream is simply some of the best out there. It is worth it to do that extra double black diamond ski run or hike that extra couple of miles/kilometres so that you can stride into Cows with your head held high and ask for your double scoop of ice cream in a chocolate dipped cone. That’s all I’m going to say!

Whistler treats

Whistler treats

Whistler treats
A reminder of how good the ice cream is

5. Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory is, quite frankly, what dreams are made of. When you first enter the store, there is rack upon rack of candied apples on a stick. Some are traditional – an apple coated in cherry candy – but most are not. Instead these Whistler treats are either coated with chocolate or caramel, and loaded up with smarties, nuts and marshmallows. Fudge, assorted chocolates, ice cream and peanut brittle are scattered throughout the rest of the store for those who are capable of walking past the candied apples. Good luck.

Whistler treats
Candy apples and fudge! It doesn’t get much better than this!

My Favourite Whistler Treats

As you can see, there are many ways to blow your diet while enjoying Whistler and the beautiful outdoors. I say just accept that your trip to Whistler will be filled with many amazing outdoor adventures and stunning views of mountains and lakes. Then, I’d just skip the “trying to eat healthy” part of your life and move directly to “you gotta do what you gotta do”. Those Whistler treats will be some of the best calories you have ever had.

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  • Will have to check out the Greatglass Elevator Candy Shop – have never seen or heard of that one…maybe a good thing! My family is addicted to Cows and personally my favourite is Purebread. Love the article!

    • Thanks Anne. The Candy shop is actually super fun to go into because there is so much stuff that is a throwback to our childhood, or treats that I have only ever been able to eat while in England or the US. I’m sure you will be able to find it… no problem!

  • This was really helpful! I love the sound of cows ice cream! I cannot wait until i get to try it!

  • I’ve never thought of Whistler for sweets. Now, I can’t think of Whistler for snow and skiing. I think the Chocolate Factory is my first stop.

    • I understand! The great thing is if you are too tired to spend the day on the mountain skiing, another equally engaging “activity” could be a dessert tour!

  • I struggle with “wrecking my diet” anywhere that I go but I definitely would in Whistler. These all look like admirable – and delicious – places to get some treats!

    • Lol! I hear you. It gets worst when you know something irresistible is close by. I get to the point where I can’t stop thinking about it so it is in everyone’s best interests for me to just go eat it!

  • I think I will dream Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory tonight lol! Calories make people happy, we shouldn’t feel guilty about having them! ;D

  • I can totally spoiled myself in all this places in Whistler. The chocolate factory is a place I would really really love to visit, and injured all the treats there. Also the purebread is giving me carb craving already. Overall this is really great article that is making me very hungry right now.

    • Thanks Shreya. I’m more of a Purebread kind of girl (yay carbs!) versus a chocolate and candy girl, but in a pinch, I’d settle for either!

  • Diet is blown! I didn’t make it to Whistler but I do remember trying Roger’s Chocolates. The best ice cream in the world is surely a must, and I just wouldn’t know which flavour to try. Definitely in need of a sugar fix after reading this.

    • I guess you would have to try each flavour to see which was your favourite. It sounds like you would be up to the challenge!

  • Reading this before bed was not a good idea! Now I’m hungry and want to visit all of these places. I’d say that you are absolutely right – diets would not survive here. I think I’d like to try the chocolatier or some of that ice cream. I’ve never been to Whistler so I’ll have to add it to the list.

    • Lol! I should add a warning at the beginning of the blog to not read it if you are hungry or a sweet lover! Thanks for your comment!

  • Food is a huge part of travel for me. I love reading about places to get tasty treats! I would love the chocolate & ice cream!

    • Good food makes the world better, as far as I’m concerned. You will find lots in Whistler so I hope you get to try some soon.

  • It is really a blessing if you are at a place where you can burn off the calories you intake. With so many outdoor activities, you are surely winning your treats. I would really love to visit Whistler. I would end up hiking and biking and then enjoying the Whistler treats!

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